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Children must learn to live in the online world


Don't see the internet as merely dangerous to them, urges Vicky Beeching. Engage with it, and help them to use it responsibly

What gets me out of bed on Sunday


Despite, or maybe because of, the Church's cultural irrelevance, Vicky Beeching  continues to sit in the pews

Christian feminism is not an oxymoron


"THAT is totally untenable!" my friend yelled over the party music. "You can't be a feminist and a Christian." She was a staunch atheist, and spent the evening telling me, as many have done before, that Christianity is unavoidably and embarrassingly patriarchal. She urged me...

A return to ancient barbarism


Press: IT IS one of those weeks when the disparity between foreign and domestic news is more grotesque than usual. In Iraq, all kinds of horrors continue unabated. In England, Professor Richard Dawkins gets teased, and Vicky Beeching comes out

We’re all of a Twitter


“MY NEPHEW and nieces are incredulous when I explain to them that texting, Google, and online gaming didn’t feature in my childhood,” the musician and theologian Vicky Beeching says, as she muses on being a member of the last generation to experience society without the existence...

Dr Beeching model for church closures a mistake, Synod told


A “DR BEECHING-style” approach to closing churches would be a mistake, the Bishop of Worcester, Dr John Inge, said this week

Tragedy and a test of nobility


Angela Tilby: It is easy for commentators to gloat over the downfall of Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce. But there is a tragic dimension to what has happened, and we should allow that tragedy to have its dignity.

EDUCATION: Village schools start the fight for survival


TALK TO anyone fighting the closure of village schools, and the name that crops up without fail is that of Dr Beeching. Parents, teachers, and governors bitterly draw parallels with the short-term thinking that closed hundreds of railway branch-lines in the 1960s, both in the haste...

Secularist defends report on NHS chaplaincy


From Mr Robert Stovold Sir, — I would refer you to a more detailed critique published by the National Secular Society (NSS), at, of the letter from Lucy Selman, the Revd Peter Speck, and Vicky Simms (18 March), and will confine myself here to the first charge...

Secularists’ report on NHS chaplaincy


From Lucy Selman, the Revd Peter Speck, and Vicky Simms Sir, — On 28 February, the National Secular Society published a report on the funding of hospital chaplains in the NHS (Costing the heavens: Chaplaincy services in English NHS provider trusts 2009/10). We believe the report...



Pre-Beeching boon I START this diary while stuck on Leeds station. The recent torrents have washed away the line to Manchester, my destination. But on Platform 12¾, I discover an ancient train that scales the Pennines, high above the floods, stopping at every halt to get its breath...

Experienced responses to God


Illusions of Grandeur: Rethinking success in the light of the story of Joseph Vicky Calver Scripture Union £6.99 (978-1-84427-168-9)Church Times Bookshop £6.30 reviewed with Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be Gabriel Alonso New Wine Press £5.99 (978-1-903725-52-8) and Christianity...

NHS chaplaincy and its effectiveness


From Lucy Selman, the Revd Peter Speck, and Vicky Simms Sir, — We thank Robert Stovold for his response (Letters, 8 April) to our letter of 18 March regarding the National Secular Society’s (NSS’s) report on chaplaincy. We welcome interest in the important area of spiritual care...

Promise of sunshine for Greenbelt


THOUSANDS are expected to descend on Cheltenham Racecourse today for the start of the 40th annual Greenbelt Festival, which takes place over the Bank Holiday weekend. Forecasts suggest that revellers will be spared the torrential rain that tested the organisers last year.

Songs of Praise has makeover


THE BBC's flagship worship programme, Songs of Praise, is to drop its traditional format of a service recorded usually in a cathedral, parish, or other church

Tweeting seen as a vice and a virtue


CHOCOLATE and alcohol have traditionally been two of the main vices people give up for Lent. But new research suggests that more people are fasting from Twitter this year. An analysis of about 300,000 tweets from 19-25 February, carried out by Stephen Smith, a blogger for Christianity...

Propaganda of bloody fantasies


Press: The Foley video, simply considered as an act of propaganda, makes clear, as nothing else could, one of the things that makes young men into Jihadis. It is the fantasy of power

Is tweeting in church bad manners?


Virtual reality can show disrespect to those around, says Paul Vallely

Synod women-bishops vote appears too close to call


THE possibility that the women-bishops Measure could fall at the final vote in November appeared substantial this week, after members of the General Synod on both sides of the debate voiced their opposition to it. 

Urban vibe at Norfolk showground


The organisers of the Newday youth festival wanted to widen its appeal. Madeleine Davies reports on their progress

Church Health Check: readers respond to the first two instalments


From the Revd Dr Ian Paul; From Mr Alan Bartley; From the Revd Richard Tetlow; From Mr Norman Ivison; From Mr A. Turner QC; From Mr Ron Jeffries; From Mr Hugh James; From the Revd Nicholas Varnon

If your face doesn’t fit . . .


Joanna Jepson was unhappy with her face, her Church, and God; so she decided to make some changes. She talks to Madeleine Davies

Looking for the main event


SPRING HARVEST 9-14 April; 14-19 April; 19-24 April Butlins, Minehead 9-14 April; 14-19 April Butlins, Skegness Theme: “Route 66: Biblical direction for the road we travel” How many? About 30,000 people. What’s happening? Spring Harvest is both holiday and conference. Morning...

Greenbelt: Talks


Broadcasting Any Questions from Greenbelt seemed fitting, as the festival heads for its 40th birthday. The programme is 64, and Jonathan Dimbleby is celebrating 25 years as its chairman.

The first ‘hot totty’ since Augustine?


Archbishop by Michele Guinness 

Photo: Ring out the old


Ring out the old: the tradition of swans' ringing a bell for food at the Bishop's Palace in Wells is under threat, after the resident male swan flew off and left his mate.

Durham: under-30s’ ‘amazing’ turnout


MORE than 50 under-30s took part in the Step Forward conference at Cranmer Hall, Durham, earlier this month, for young people considering ordination. They came from as far afield as Saltash in Cornwall and the Isle of Man. They were addressed by the Bishop of Durham, Dr Tom Wright...

Television: The end of the line


WHAT SENTIMENT most unites the clergy of the Church of Eng­land: a shared enthusiasm for the Thirty-Nine Articles? an attach­ment to the principle of Establish­ment? No: what really binds us together is a love of railways: most especially steam trains; ideally, chugging...

Career encouragement


TWO APPRENTICES at Salisbury Cathedral have received a £600 grant, with which they have bought a laptop computer and a digital camera to document their coursework and to keep photographic records of their practical work. Andrew Kirby (left) is an apprentice mason almost halfway...



Celebration of success MOST of the time, I live a fairly quiet life. As a middle-aged team rector, I spend most of my days cheerfully running round in small circles with varying degrees of desperation, dealing with diocesan strategy, ministerial vision, management issues, away days,...

Wed 1 Mar 17 @ 11:56
Balloons and seeds: Pentecost initiative launches new resources @thykingdom_come

Wed 1 Mar 17 @ 10:13
Martin Wright urges the Justice Secretary to take a more effective approach to the prisons crisis