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Flight from horror

WHAT TV programme could better fit the Church Times reader­ship profile than Trainspotting Live (BBC4, Monday, Tuesday, Wed­nes­day of last week)? That would surely be my column’s main topic. But such innocent pleasures were hijacked by a more sobering, more urgent concern. It is a clerical commonpl...

Turning a page

”AS EASY as ABC” would make more sense if recast as “as near-impossible as ABC”. The terrific B Is For Book (BBC4, Tuesday of last week) followed the trials and tribulations of reception-year chil­dren at Kingsmead School, Hack­ney, as they learned their letters. Expectations are now far higher than...

Marx in context

DESTROYING religion would be an essential first step towards creat­ing an equitable world order. This was a central tenet of the Hegelian stu­dent drinking-club whose mem­bers included the hero of Bettany Hughes’s Marx: Genius of the mod­ern world (BBC4, Thurs­day of last week)

Behind the scenes

AS FAR as producing this column is concerned, the climax of my year is the annual Sandford St Martin Awards for Religious Broadcasting

Bard and fascism

A THOROUGHLY miserable Bank Holiday Monday (except for those of you with the wit to live in the north) brightened into something like glorious Technicolor with the screening of BBC1’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This was a partnership

Houses and skips

David Winter watches some "well-made and judiciously balanced" documentaries 

Eternal struggle

HISTORY is not what it used to be — or, at least, Shakespeare’s his­tory plays aren’t. In my youth, with their succession of usurpa­­tion, be­­heading, and murder, they were fascinating as works of drama, but they were essentially about times other than our own

Brain tangles

“OUR memories are who we are.” As Horizon: Curing Alzheimer’s (BBC2, Wednesday of last week) progressed, I felt more and more inclined to agree with the likely subjective truth of the presenter’s bald statement

Tree and stone

ARE WE essentially just one element of the natural world, or, by reason of our God-given intellect and immortal souls, do we stand, in contrast, over against it? This theological conundrum was explored in purely secular terms by Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of

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<span>Rochester diocese resorts to emergency cost-control measures</span>

Rochester diocese resorts to emergency cost-control measures

THE diocese of Rochester has cancelled all optional...

9th Sunday after Trinity

Proper 12: Genesis 18.20-32; Psalm 138; Colossians...


New archdeacon THE next Archdeacon of Gower, in Swansea...

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

The Chilcot report and the morality of the Iraq War:...

Resignations and retirements

BELL. The Revd Shena Bell, Rector of Raunds, Hargrave,...

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Ebola virus: ‘impact is still real’

Ebola virus: ‘impact is still real’

Sierra Leone is officially free of the Ebola virus, but the devastation caused by the disease has left lasting scars. Molly Hodson visited the country to see how it is coping  Subscribe to read more

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It's both hands together

Christianity needs political visibility on both Left and Right if it is to remain untainted by partisan associations, says Nick Spencer  Subscribe to read more

Sat 23 Jul 16 @ 14:34
Turkish government cracks down after failed coup

Sat 23 Jul 16 @ 13:24
Cloudy skies for C of E Pensions Board, but legacies up