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Royal family in focus

WE HAVE all been part of group photographs at family gatherings; we have all experienced the fun and frustration of trying to find where Great Aunt Agatha has wandered off to, or of encouraging the children to face the right way. But, usually, one of us is not wearing the imperial state crown

Choices, choices

IS IT better to belong, with all the compromise and time-consuming negotiation that comes with that territory, or is it better to be separate, to make your moral choices unfettered, to allow your God-given particularity to develop in isolation?

This is, of course,

Dance trumps gym

"How To Stay Young was one of the scariest programmes I have ever watched"

Life in the Army

THE age-old argument between faith and works is being played out in BBC1’s Sunday-evening series Paul O’Grady: The Sally Army and me. O’Grady is expressing a life­time’s admiration for the Army by sharing in its life, tasting its officers’ training, and, above all, taki...

Contrite sinner?

Gillean Craig reviews Kate Bottley's In The Footsteps of Judas and Robert Beckford’s The Battle for Christianity

Lost opportunity

THE Archbishop of Canterbury was asked: what is your favourite moment of Easter? Would it be, I wondered, the first flickering into flame of the Easter fire? Or the moment when, after the six weeks of Lenten famine, the first Alleluia! rings out in glory?

On the streets

ORAL tradition in the Church of England relishes the occasion, in the 1970s, when a certain seminary set deep in the Oxfordshire countryside abandoned its students on the streets of London with only a ten-shilling note apiece to see them through the weekend, so that they might glimpse for themselves the bitter experience of destitution

Shrinks in conflict

ONCE upon a time, it was all about the potty-training. Then it was the social and cultural status of parents. Recently, we have been blaming it on our genes. But now?

Look to the north

HOW do you secure your place in heaven? In last week’s episode of BBC4’s The Renaissance Unchained (Mondays), Waldemar Januszczak, the Cheeky Chappie of art historians, reminded us of one of the more agreeable methods: commission a devotional picture

Rattling skeletons

HOW exactly ought a saint to live? The Secret Letters of Pope John Paul II (BBC1, Monday of last week) was clear that it had found a scandal that ought at least to have delayed the fast-tracking that raised him to the altars in super-quick time

Ovine family life

WHO would have expected, in today’s climate, to hear young children being encouraged on TV to explain the minutiae of sexual congress? Clearly, different rules apply in the high Pennines and when you are talking about sheep. Addicted To Sheep (BBC4, Monday of last week) was a deceptively simple acco...

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New interim archdeacon THE Ven. Christopher Sims, Archdeacon...

Resignations and retirements

Assistant bishop to retire THE Rt Revd Francis (Frank)...

Abuse victim accuses C of E of cover-up

Abuse victim accuses C of E of cover-up

A PRIEST who was abused by the former bishop Peter...

The last post: a gift for priest and parish

The last post: a gift for priest and parish

IN THEIR first post, clerics get a great deal of attention....

Letters to the Editor

Electronic communications for today’s Church   From...

Top feature

Keeping the Bard cool

Keeping the Bard cool

One of our greatest Shakespearean actors, Judi Dench, took time out from the 400th-anniversary celebrations to talk to Sarah Meyrick  Subscribe to read more

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Is it right to try to avoid paying tax?

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Use what power you have to help the poor

Christians can take a lead to promote practical action for those suffering in the housing crisis, says Phil Hemsley  Subscribe to read more

Sun 1 May 16 @ 13:22
Should the Church take on the delivery of public services in an age of austerity?

Sun 1 May 16 @ 12:16
.@bishopmikehill: 'It is about justice, and the safety of the public'