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Island in the sun

Island in the sun

EPISCOPAL ministry is clearly enhanced when your bishop begins each day with an invigorating swim; but it is obviously a bonus if that means, rather than shivering at the local municipal baths, plunging instead into the warm clear waters of the Caribbean

Fooling around

Fooling around

WHAT is Christmas really about? The festive season’s TV sought to answer this in a range of ways, with the Yuletide myth most whole­heartedly undermined by Cunk on Christmas (BBC2, Thursday of last week), in which Diane Morgan’s splendid Philomena Cunk, the world’s most inept presenter, pur­ported to explore the story of Christmas

TV review of the year

TV review of the year

THIS year, there have been an unprecedented number of events — some national, many international — that have changed, or are surely going to change, the big picture. Television is central to all this, bringing the events right into our homes. It is a two-way process: viewers worldwide se...

No improvement

No improvement

HAVING a wholly inadequate home in which to bring up your children should, of course, be a Christmastide rather than an Advent theme; but we know that, once 25 December has come and gone, our national con­sciousness will put to one side its annual explosion of compassion, and focus rather on somewhe...

Mining memorial

Mining memorial

LAST week’s TV portrayed a series of transformations from old to new. Regret at the passing of former things, and eagerness to embrace that which lies ahead were there in equal measure — sometimes within the same breast

Motive for murder

Motive for murder

SERIOUS Christian concerns appear to be more than mere window-dressing in the latest BBC4 Scandinavian crime-thriller, broadcast in double doses on Saturday evening to capsize that final rewriting of the morrow’s sermon

In black and white

RECYCLING is the key activity of our day: instead of using up scarce resources for the first time, let us comb through the waste-paper basket to see what can be salvaged. Not only does it use up less stuff, it is also cheaper and, alas, employs fewer people. The BBC has been around long enough to ha...

Unexpected ancestors

WHEN did the first black person come to live in our land of the Anglo-Saxons? Actually, long before any Anglos-Saxons did

Birth pains

HOW did it all begin? Eighty years to the day, BBC4 did its best to reproduce Television’s Opening Night: How the box was born (Wednesday of last week). In 1936, this was not just BBC TV’s launch: it was the first regular domestic service in the world

An artificial life

WHO needs human beings? A slew of programmes last week invited us to consider this significant issue, which I saw as clustered around the launch of the second series of Humans (Channel 4, Sundays), the drama that posits the successful creation of synths: robotic humanoids de­­signed to take over most of the drudgery of life

Tales of the spooky

Gillean Craig espies "the incoherent hand of TV wisdom"

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Deans defend cathedrals’ independence

Deans defend cathedrals’ independence

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Resignations and retirements

Archdeacon retires THE Ven. Martin Webster, Archdeacon...

Letters to the Editor

The sectarian spirit and the memorialising of Reformation-era...

2nd Sunday of Epiphany

Isaiah 49.1-7; Psalm 40.1-12; 1 Corinthians 1.1-9;...

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Extending a ministry of welcome

Extending a ministry of welcome

One of London’s hidden treasures is about to be opened to the public. Leigh Hatts reports  Subscribe to read more

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The local and the global cannot be separated

The PM’s criticism of ‘global citizens’ does not provide an excuse to neglect people beyond our borders, argues Rowan Williams  Read More

Thu 19 Jan 17 @ 12:06
Both sides take heart from PM’s Brexit speech

Thu 19 Jan 17 @ 11:12
Anne Summers on the uncelebrated interfaith initiatives of Christian and Jewish women at the turn of the century