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Across the border

SCOTLAND and the Battle for Britain (BBC2, Sundays) heralded its serious intent by refraining from extending its title with its celebrity presenter’s name — “With Andrew Marr”. This two-parter was his account of the rise of Scottish nationalism, the inde­pendence referendum, the Brexit debate, and t...

River of fire

SPEAKING as a member of its Greater Chapter, it was with some distress that I saw St Paul’s Cathedral go up in flames last week

Outdoor disasters

”YOU are nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth,” is the old saying. Garden Nightmares (ITV, Tuesday of last week) implied something more sinister than that. Witness after witness was summoned to recall disasters of varying seriousness

Village dilemma

A COUPLE of years ago, the brothers Harry and Jack Williams wrote a memorable thriller, Missing, about a child who was abducted. Now they return with a new four-part drama, One of Us (BBC1 Tuesday of last week), set in a remote Highlands village

Solutions needed

IT WOULD be hard to review the past week’s television without re­­ferring to the Olympics. They have dominated the news, certainly at the BBC, which has the broad­casting rights for them. A GB bronze medal for syn­chronised hop-scotch would pro­­b­­ably make the ten-o’clock news, and the winner — so...

Front-line report

IT WOULD have made a splendid TV comedy programme — except that it was real life, with real consequences. The almost unbelievable events of the referendum campaign and its aftermath contradicted the idea that politics is boring

Between the lines

THE first battle of the Somme resolves, ideologically speaking, into the expected national stereo­typical conflict between, on the one hand, grim adherence to a theoret­ical concept, and, on the other, a prag­­matic flexibility to deal with the actual situation

Our earthly home

NO LASTING habitation. Wander­ing Arameans. Strangers and pil­grims. The concept of our having on this earth no permanent home is shot through the scriptures, helping us to empathise with our neigh­bours for whom this is no mere theological model, but the lived day-to-day reality. And if anyone coul...

The way you say it

WHAT is it that really communicates? Surely it is the matter, the material, and the arguments adduced. This is why you spend a day and a half preparing each sermon, researching commentaries and theological expositions, presenting an unassailable case. This seems to me essentially misguided — and, even worse, an attitude largely Protestant

Flight from horror

WHAT TV programme could better fit the Church Times reader­ship profile than Trainspotting Live (BBC4, Monday, Tuesday, Wed­nes­day of last week)? That would surely be my column’s main topic. But such innocent pleasures were hijacked by a more sobering, more urgent concern. It is a clerical commonpl...

Turning a page

”AS EASY as ABC” would make more sense if recast as “as near-impossible as ABC”. The terrific B Is For Book (BBC4, Tuesday of last week) followed the trials and tribulations of reception-year chil­dren at Kingsmead School, Hack­ney, as they learned their letters. Expectations are now far higher than...

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Resignations and retirements

ALLCOCK. The Revd Jeremy Allcock, Area Dean of Paddington:...


ADAMS. The Revd John Adams, Assistant Curate of Emmanuel...

Ten bishops chosen to reflect on sex 

Ten bishops chosen to reflect on sex 

THE next stage of the Church of England’s debate on...

18th Sunday after Trinity

18th Sunday after Trinity

Almighty and everlasting God, increase in us your gift...

Bishops’ group lacks gay voices, say activists

Bishops’ group lacks gay voices, say activists

THE “Bishops’ reflection group on sexuality” which...

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Anglican Chaplain

North West

EVERYONE DESERVES THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A FRESH STARTWITH YOUR HELP THEY CAN ANGLICAN CHAPLAIN HMP Altcourse, Liverpool £29,000 - £30,700 per annum Full time (35 hours per week) HMP Altcou...  Read More

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Suppression, secrecy, and survival: the Hidden Christians of Japan

Suppression, secrecy, and survival: the Hidden Christians of Japan

A new book explores Christianity in Japan. Its author, John Dougill, talks to Malcolm Doney  Subscribe to read more

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One Church’s mission, but many opportunities

The Renewal and Reform programme needs a wide range of approaches to be successful, argues Andrew Lightbown  Subscribe to read more

Sat 24 Sep 16 @ 21:23
Young care-leavers ‘affected most by benefit sanctions’

Sat 24 Sep 16 @ 18:52
Rector to undertake 100-mile Everest trek to raise funds