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Eternal struggle

HISTORY is not what it used to be — or, at least, Shakespeare’s his­tory plays aren’t. In my youth, with their succession of usurpa­­tion, be­­heading, and murder, they were fascinating as works of drama, but they were essentially about times other than our own

Brain tangles

“OUR memories are who we are.” As Horizon: Curing Alzheimer’s (BBC2, Wednesday of last week) progressed, I felt more and more inclined to agree with the likely subjective truth of the presenter’s bald statement

Tree and stone

ARE WE essentially just one element of the natural world, or, by reason of our God-given intellect and immortal souls, do we stand, in contrast, over against it? This theological conundrum was explored in purely secular terms by Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of

Real-life betrayal

“THIS is God’s gift; it would be wrong to refuse it.” A generally admirable sentiment, but hardly when offered as theological justification for an act of adultery

Royal family in focus

WE HAVE all been part of group photographs at family gatherings; we have all experienced the fun and frustration of trying to find where Great Aunt Agatha has wandered off to, or of encouraging the children to face the right way. But, usually, one of us is not wearing the imperial state crown

Choices, choices

IS IT better to belong, with all the compromise and time-consuming negotiation that comes with that territory, or is it better to be separate, to make your moral choices unfettered, to allow your God-given particularity to develop in isolation?

This is, of course,

Dance trumps gym

"How To Stay Young was one of the scariest programmes I have ever watched"

Life in the Army

THE age-old argument between faith and works is being played out in BBC1’s Sunday-evening series Paul O’Grady: The Sally Army and me. O’Grady is expressing a life­time’s admiration for the Army by sharing in its life, tasting its officers’ training, and, above all, taki...

Contrite sinner?

Gillean Craig reviews Kate Bottley's In The Footsteps of Judas and Robert Beckford’s The Battle for Christianity

Lost opportunity

THE Archbishop of Canterbury was asked: what is your favourite moment of Easter? Would it be, I wondered, the first flickering into flame of the Easter fire? Or the moment when, after the six weeks of Lenten famine, the first Alleluia! rings out in glory?

On the streets

ORAL tradition in the Church of England relishes the occasion, in the 1970s, when a certain seminary set deep in the Oxfordshire countryside abandoned its students on the streets of London with only a ten-shilling note apiece to see them through the weekend, so that they might glimpse for themselves the bitter experience of destitution

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Church contains hardly any converts, report suggests

Church contains hardly any converts, report suggests

ONLY two per cent of Anglicans in England and Wales...


New acting archdeacon   THE Revd Dr Andrew Tatham,...

Evangelicals object to bishops’ appointment

Evangelicals object to bishops’ appointment

THE appointment of a bishop from the Episcopal Church...

Resignations and retirements

BAILEY. The Revd Mark Bailey, Team Rector in the Holy...

Letters to the Editor

Permanent deacons, Readers, and ministry needs in the...

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Associate Rector

London and Home Counties

Diocese of Oxford ASSOCIATE RECTOR St James Gerrards Cross with St James Fulmer Growing spiritually and numerically for the sake of the nations By God's grace we are a church on the move. We...  Read More

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The Flying Scotsman and the far-from-sporting Olympics

The Flying Scotsman and the far-from-sporting Olympics

As the world prepares for Rio, a new biography of Eric Liddell (whose story inspired Chariots of Fire) reveals that the spirit of sportsmanship was conspicuously absent from earlier Games  Subscribe to read more

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Voyeurism is not the public interest

The Supreme Court’s decision upholds rights to privacy, and might even raise standards, says Shiranikha Herbert  Subscribe to read more

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