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All jumbled up

IN HIS last book, Apocalypse, D. H. Lawrence writes of the “oriental” mind-set “whose image-thinking often followed no plan whatsoever . . . flitting from image to image with no essential connection at all”. It is the mind-set of the Psalmist, and of whoever was responsible for the book of Revelation

Promised land?

REFUGEES from the post-Brexit, Trump-ruled world are seeking better worlds to live in. But, if the Canadian immigration website crashes on you, then look no further than Liberland: a state of 7km² that welcomes citizens — from any country — who love liberty

The mask of laïcité

THE debate in France over immigration has become “hysterical”. This was how the editor of Charlie Hebdo described the situation, one year on from the attack on the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. And he should know what “hysterical” looks like

What was that?

ALL of us, at one time or another, have misheard song lyrics and thought the absurd to be authentic. Take two of the Beach Boys’ lines from “Cabinessence”, a song from their late period: “Over and over the crow cries uncover the cornfield / Over and over the thresher and hovers the wheatfield."

Only skin-deep?

BEAUTY is not so much in the eye of the beholder as in the lips of the speaker. For all the passionate and sincere and rhetoric invested through­­out Radio 2’s Faith in the World Week, in the notion that outer beauty is entirely contingent on inner beauty, few saw fit to un­pick what we mean by the dis­tinction between these two forms

Bully for you

Edward Wickham listens to The Essay: All my presidents

Cry from the heart

SO OFTEN, nowadays, are we re­­minded of forgotten histories, that we are prone to forget what we already knew. Britain’s Black Past (Radio 4, weekdays) has presented us with profiles of late-18th- and early-19th-century char­acters whose ethnicity and careers appar­ently force us to reconfigure our views of British history

Busy doing nothing

AS I write this, the news is all about internet trolls and new legal powers to curb derogatory hash­tags. It has all the hallmarks of “Something must be done” legislation: recent stories of online bully­ing have provoked a media furore, and somebody in Government has decided that this is a great opp...

Divided by faith

AT THE conclusion of his ex­­cellent two-part survey Sunni-Shia: Islam divided (Radio 4, Monday of last week), Tarek Osman delivered a judgement that might have sounded chilling had it not come from such a level-headed commen­tator

Wireless music

WHEN televisions began to colonise the living rooms of the modestly waged, the prognosis for radio was held to be dire. By the mid-1960s, it was thought, it would be only the blind who would be engaged by the wireless

Signs of busyness

YOU have locked yourself out of your house. You call a locksmith, who sweats over the job for two hours, and charges you £200. But he’s worked hard, and you can get into your house; so you give him a cup of tea and a tip. But what if you got a locksmith who managed to get the job done in ten minutes...

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Heeding the voices of the popular revolution

Heeding the voices of the popular revolution

”WE NEED to hear the voices of the poor.” It is an...


ADAM. The Revd Dr William Adam, Vicar of St Paul’s,...

Letters to the Editor

Multi-faith unity and Christian witness to Christ From...

Resignations and retirements

ANTHONY. The Revd Ian An­­thony, Diocesan Officer for...

Concerns for Dean Taylor raised in Parliament

Concerns for Dean Taylor raised in Parliament

CONCERNS about the treatment of the Very Revd Charles...

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The word of God grew and multiplied

The word of God grew and multiplied

Huw Spanner looks at the array of versions of the Bible  Subscribe to read more

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Heeding the voices of the popular revolution

The C of E must dismount its middle-class bandwagon and reconnect with the dispossessed working class, says Philip North  Read More

Sun 4 Dec 16 @ 15:49
Priest mourns new­born baby boy who died shortly after he was found in a plastic bag outside the vicarage last week

Sun 4 Dec 16 @ 13:39
Nottingham launches plan for young leaders