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Comic censorship

IN A list compiled by the Amer­ican Library Association of the top ten books most complained about last year, the Bible made it to number six. It is a relief that Fifty Shades of Grey was ranked second, but bewildering to see that Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time...

Sensible giving

IF THERE is anybody out there thinking of a sensational way to raise money for charity, you might first like to do a proper cost-benefit analysis. Take all those foolhardy sky-divers who throw themselves out of a plane for the benefit of their dearest cause. A recent study, quoted in Analysis: The c...

Punch of language

EVEN among the more temperate mem­bers of the social-media com­munity, there has been an outbreak of immoderate language after last week’s referendum result

A word in private

WE ALL carry them around with us: good voices, bad voices, the sensible, the impish. In cartoons, they are embodied as angels and demons, sitting on opposite shoul­ders, whispering contrary advice; but to only a few of us do these voices seem as if they are coming from a source other than our own internalised talking-shop

Mysterious forces

TO THOSE of us who still regard wireless telephony as a kind of benign voodoo, the response of late-19th-century spiritualists to technological advance seems perfectly appropriate


A far cry from tears

THERE are plenty of dyslexia jokes out there, but few of them are properly funny. Fewer still are those that one might feel comfortable telling publicly. This one, though, comes from Michael Fabbri, a dyslexic comic: “How many dyslexic light bulbs does it change to

Beatle or Bard?

Edward Wickham finds that Paul McCartney still has the "charm of the enthusiast"

Phone in on Israel

IN THE long and complex history of alliances and bust-ups in Israeli politics, the resignation recently of Moshe Yaalon as Defence Minister appears to be one of the more significant

‘Nul points’ for us

IT ALL seems so impossibly innocent, now; but, in 1990, the winning song at the Eurovision Song Contest, “Insieme: 1992”, was a love song to the Maastricht Treaty. The thought of Australia ever participating in the contest would have been laughable; and Britain’s receiving “nul points” inconceivable

Incidental titbits

THERE was something ironically, perhaps deliberately, downbeat about the first episode of Radio 4’s new series From Our Home Correspondent (Tuesday of last week, although the series will, from now on, air monthly on Sundays). As the name suggests, this is, like the international version, a pro...

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9th Sunday after Trinity

Proper 12: Genesis 18.20-32; Psalm 138; Colossians...


New archdeacon THE next Archdeacon of Gower, in Swansea...

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

The Chilcot report and the morality of the Iraq War:...

Resignations and retirements

BELL. The Revd Shena Bell, Rector of Raunds, Hargrave,...

<span>Rochester diocese resorts to emergency cost-control measures</span>

Rochester diocese resorts to emergency cost-control measures

THE diocese of Rochester has cancelled all optional...

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Ebola virus: ‘impact is still real’

Ebola virus: ‘impact is still real’

Sierra Leone is officially free of the Ebola virus, but the devastation caused by the disease has left lasting scars. Molly Hodson visited the country to see how it is coping  Subscribe to read more

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It's both hands together

Christianity needs political visibility on both Left and Right if it is to remain untainted by partisan associations, says Nick Spencer  Subscribe to read more

Wed 27 Jul 16 @ 14:14
.@c_of_e welcomes Goddard Inquiry into child abuse as it begins to look into Anglican Churches

Wed 27 Jul 16 @ 14:12
.@JustinWelby has appointed his new advisor for reconciliation