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Power to the people

WHEN your parents are already Communists, whither might a teenager direct his or her own revolutionary tendencies? 

The 'Wow!' factor

IN ANY typical discourse on the physics of the universe — on the Big Bang, for instance, or multiple dimensions — there comes a moment when one gives up following the argument and resolves one’s lower jaw into the shape of a half-articulated “Wow!” In the first of The Reith Lectures (Radio 4, Tuesda...

More of a game

IT IS a nice example of etymological slippage. Utopia was intended by its inventor, Thomas More, to be a not-place: Ou-topia. Over time, and as the result of a tradition of mis-reading — or, more likely, not reading — the original, the assumed linguistic ancestry is Eu-topia, a place whe...

Double dose

THE people whom we are most wont to despise are those who are most similar to us. It is, as Freud termed it, the narcissism of minor difference

Doom and gloom

"It is hard to say whether God had a more or less prolific year in 2015 than any other"

A role for life?

Edward Wickham believes that religious broadcasting should welcome all the support it can get

The tortoise question

"So disciplined, consensual, and courteous was this programme that one occasionally longed for a tortoise lady to pipe up"

Time to care

ASHLEIGH is 24 and loves her job. She works for the charity Leonard Cheshire, which provides care services for the elderly. In most of the reports about social care in Britain, however, Ashleigh would be designated as apathetic and unmotivated. Why? Because care workers lack status...

Zola and Hobnobs

A CENTURY before EastEnders and the heavy drum-riff beating out another histrionic cliffhanger, there was Emile Zola. The Rougon-Macquart novels have more lust, violence, and dynastic rivalry than Dirty Den could wave a fist at; which is probably why Radio 4 has

It’s not funny

Gillean Craig finds Monty Don a "first rate guide" to the history of the British garden

Most popular
New Wine leader under investigation

New Wine leader under investigation

THE leader of the Evangelical network New Wine, the...

Resignations and retirements

Dean resigns THE Very Revd Dr John Marsden, Dean of...

Visits to Bell’s palace were my girlhood ordeal, paper told

Visits to Bell’s palace were my girlhood ordeal, paper told

THE survivor who raised allegations of sexual abuse...


New Acting Archdeacons THE Revd Nicholas Cornell, Vicar...

‘It’s difficult’ says accused Helen House founder

‘It’s difficult’ says accused Helen House founder

SISTER Frances Dominica ASSP fears that she will never...

Job of the week

Priest / Entrepreneur

North East

DIOCESE OF DURHAM We are currently looking to fill the following vacancy. Please visit us online and on twitter for details. Come and help us focus our energies on Church growth. Priest / Entre...  Read More

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We need to talk about God

Immortal, invisible: the doctrine of God

David Bentley Hart tackles the limitations of language in defining the infinite and indefinable  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should funding for ordinands be age-related?

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Called, collared, and confident in co-working

The Church needs a more flexible approach to vocation and training for ministry, says Andrew Watson  Subscribe to read more

Fri 12 Feb 16 @ 21:30
Japan's great 2011 disaster remembered

Fri 12 Feb 16 @ 21:00
Helen House hospice founder: 'It is hard to accept that your name will never be cleared'