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Radio conversion

BY MY reckoning, this is the 1000th piece I have written for the Church Times. I cannot be sure, thanks to a catastrophic meltdown of my hard drive in the early millennium; but it started for me back in the days of cassette tapes and those fax machines with the curly paper

Exchange of views

THE award for last week’s best joke about same-sex marriage goes to Down the Line (Radio 4, Thursday), during which a fictional Mr Khan rings the spoof phone-in show to complain that he and Mrs Khan have been enduring the same sex for the entirety of their 24-year-long marriage

Data and tomatoes

"The assumption that music is always therapeutic was undermined by the account in last week’s Book of the Week"

Seen in a vision

MIRACLES are a mixed blessing: one poor shepherd-girl’s apparition can become an episcopal headache. And thus it has proved in the case of the visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as experienced at Medjugorje. Mary began appearing to a select few in the Bosnian town in 1981; and she continues t...

Answers, please

It is hard to imagine now a BBC prepared to commission a radio play such as Beckett’s All That Fall

Mind how you go

THERE is plenty in the news at the moment to make you squirm, but the award for creating the most uncomfortable moment on radio last week goes to Jolyon Jenkins

Scientific Jenga

YOU cannot get a title much more blunt than this: “Why most published research findings are false.”

Two-minute wonder

IT IS a curious vocation, my watching TV for the Church of England so that none of you has to bother; but now there is a secular version. Too Much TV is a new BBC2 programme, broadcast each weekday evening at 6.30

Love and kisses

IT IS not exactly the way we were taught it at Sunday school: the disciples, Professor Joan Taylor said, had a “touchy-feely, kissy” relationship. Thus Jesus is betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane by a kiss; and it explains why there is so much canoodling going on in the Gnostic gospels

Mud and faith

THE wisdom of the Bedu, of the psychotherapist, and of the medievals: so much to choose from, as the tone of early Lenten broadcasting turns introspective and penitential

Grinding of axes

THE aphorism is credited to the Brazilian Archbishop Hélder Câmara, but it is the sort of thing that any number of clerics might have said: “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist.” And, as a polemical knock...

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New interim archdeacon THE Ven. Christopher Sims, Archdeacon...

Abuse victim accuses C of E of cover-up

Abuse victim accuses C of E of cover-up

A PRIEST who was abused by the former bishop Peter...

Resignations and retirements

Assistant bishop to retire THE Rt Revd Francis (Frank)...

Vicar issued threats to organist

Vicar issued threats to organist's boy victim

THE diocese of Leeds has apologised after a former...

Letters to the Editor

Electronic communications for today’s Church   From...

Job of the week

Team Rector Designate

London and Home Counties

DIOCESE OF ST ALBANS The Bishop of St Albans with the Patrons wish to appoint a Team Rector Designate We seek someone who will work in partnership with a Team Vicar Designate (who they will help ...  Read More

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Keeping the Bard cool

Keeping the Bard cool

One of our greatest Shakespearean actors, Judi Dench, took time out from the 400th-anniversary celebrations to talk to Sarah Meyrick  Subscribe to read more

Top comment

Use what power you have to help the poor

Christians can take a lead to promote practical action for those suffering in the housing crisis, says Phil Hemsley  Read More

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