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Stainer sequel and glorious Hummel  

Roderic Dunnett enjoys two concerts in Maidstone

An echo of Venetian glories in Malvern

Roderic Dunnett enjoys a Gabrieli evening with the Armonico Consort

Festivity with rare Respighi

Festivity with rare Respighi

Garry Humphreys on a Christmastide feast in a St Albans church

Out with the old year and in with the new

Roderic Dunnett looks both ways at music in late 2015 and treats in store for this year

A pleasure to meet Zelenka, in a barn

Roderic Dunnett hears Baroque music by a still-neglected master

Patrick and All Saints’

Roderic Dunnett on new works by Jonathan Rathbone

Nurse’s understated memorial

Garry Humphreys attends the London première of Eventide

A Viennese take on Gerontius

A Viennese take on Gerontius

Richard Lawrence finds highlights and lowlights in this year’s BBC Proms

Great Berlioz and Beethoven nights

Great Berlioz and Beethoven nights

William Dundas took his pick from the Edinburgh Festival

Three Choirs: superb at 300

Three Choirs: superb at 300

Roderic Dunnett on a feast of great classics and new commissions

The trumpets and pipers

Richard Lawrence on a varied Proms season with some oddities

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New interim archdeacon THE Ven. Christopher Sims, Archdeacon...

Abuse victim accuses C of E of cover-up

Abuse victim accuses C of E of cover-up

A PRIEST who was abused by the former bishop Peter...

Resignations and retirements

Assistant bishop to retire THE Rt Revd Francis (Frank)...

Letters to the Editor

Electronic communications for today’s Church   From...

The last post: a gift for priest and parish

The last post: a gift for priest and parish

IN THEIR first post, clerics get a great deal of attention....

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Keeping the Bard cool

Keeping the Bard cool

One of our greatest Shakespearean actors, Judi Dench, took time out from the 400th-anniversary celebrations to talk to Sarah Meyrick  Subscribe to read more

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Use what power you have to help the poor

Christians can take a lead to promote practical action for those suffering in the housing crisis, says Phil Hemsley  Subscribe to read more

Sun 1 May 16 @ 21:08

Sun 1 May 16 @ 19:01
Hereford Cathedral's Mrs Shakespair probably not the Bard's wife, sadly