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Book reviews

Autobiographers and pilgrims  

Anne Spalding looks at books on life as a spiritual journey

Reasonable and fresh discourse about God

This author has much in common with his subject, declares Cally Hammond

Taking their prayer beyond the pews

David Chillingworth reflects on those people who choose a churchless faith

The houses of the Lord made with hands

Nicholas Cranfield commends this book to DACs everywhere

Improvisatory wisdom

John Inge considers essays on current ethical discussions

More than mindful

Rachel Giles reviews a book that moves a spiritual practice on

Battles long ago

Anthony McRoy looks at the acts and motives of the Crusading era

NT writers chewing the fat

Jeremy Crossley on a conversation about the Good News

In Laqueur’s melting-pot

Robin Gill considers a theory about gender

Making hearts glad

Anthony Phillips reads a reflection on wine

An education in clue-placing

Nicolas Goulding on an ingenious mystery

Top feature

Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

‘Discipleship’ has been much maligned of late. In a new book, Rowan Williams explains why it’s important, and what it involves  Subscribe to read more

The 100 Best Christian Books
100 Best Christian Books

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Tue 23 Aug 16 @ 9:39
Health-care chaplains are called to serve from a place of vulnerability & equality, argues @canonjpemberton

Tue 23 Aug 16 @ 4:28
US report highlights countries that curtail religious freedom