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Improvisatory wisdom

John Inge considers essays on current ethical discussions

More than mindful

Rachel Giles reviews a book that moves a spiritual practice on

Battles long ago

Anthony McRoy looks at the acts and motives of the Crusading era

NT writers chewing the fat

Jeremy Crossley on a conversation about the Good News

In Laqueur’s melting-pot

Robin Gill considers a theory about gender

Making hearts glad

Anthony Phillips reads a reflection on wine

An education in clue-placing

Nicolas Goulding on an ingenious mystery

Notice board

AMONG recent booklets from Grove Books is EV114 Hosting Mary and Joseph: Posada: An Advent experience for your community, by Jacqui Horton and Susanna Gunner, in the Evangelism series. The authors, a Methodist and an Anglican, explain the tradition of bringing figures of the Holy Family into the pub...

New titles just published

The Seeds of Heaven: Preaching the Gospel of Matthew by Barbara Brown Taylor (Canterbury Press, £10.99 (£9.90); 978-1-84825-854-9).   Jail Bird: The inside story of the Glam Vicar by Sharon Grenham-Thompson (Lion, £9.99 (£9); 978-0-7459-6877-3).   A Splendid Wickedness and Other...

War and peace in Gloucester

Roderic Dunnett hears works old and new at the Three Choirs

A Peale of attitudes over facts

HOWEVER hard the Religious Right in the United States tries, it is difficult to make Donald Trump — the man who has been known to refer to taking communion as “having my little cracker” — bear even the appearance of a man of faith

Front-line report

IT WOULD have made a splendid TV comedy programme — except that it was real life, with real consequences. The almost unbelievable events of the referendum campaign and its aftermath contradicted the idea that politics is boring

Low-quality work

ON AN occasion which is usually fuelled by the most indulgent and hyperbolic rhetoric, David McCullough’s graduation speech to the Class of 2012 at a Boston high school must have seemed especially bracing: “You are not special. You are not exceptional"

Week ahead

HIGHLIGHT: What Point Prison? The Debate In front of an invited audience in Nottingham, Stephen Sackur chairs a debate about the role of prison in the 21st century. 8pm Radio 4 FM, Wednesday TELEVISION: Sunday 4.25pm (BBC2) Songs of Praise Robert Beckford reports on the Notting Hill Carnival&rsq...

A Victorian might-have-been

Geoffrey Rowell on the man Manning pipped to Westminster and a cardinal’s hat

Russian priest’s insights abide

Xenia Dennen reads a study of Fr Men

Accompanying a people’s march

Michael Bourdeaux is surprised by early Soviet repertoire


One of the icons by Ruta and Kaspars Poikans which add a new dimension to praying with 20 Gospel passages in Stephen J. Binz’s Transformed by God’s Word: Discovering the power of Lectio and Visio Divina (Ave Maria Press, £11.99)

Bearer of the Word

John Binns considers early developments in Marian thinking

An invitation, but not from the pulpit

Jeremy Morris looks at the contested part played by the arts

Pastor’s path down from the mountain

Andrew Moughtin-Mumby on memoirs from an ecumenist

Top feature

Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

‘Discipleship’ has been much maligned of late. In a new book, Rowan Williams explains why it’s important, and what it involves  Subscribe to read more

The 100 Best Christian Books
100 Best Christian Books

How many have you read?

Visit the 100 Best Christian Books website to see which books made our list, read the judges' notes and add your own comments.

Tue 23 Aug 16 @ 9:39
Health-care chaplains are called to serve from a place of vulnerability & equality, argues @canonjpemberton

Tue 23 Aug 16 @ 4:28
US report highlights countries that curtail religious freedom