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World news

Italian earthquake: death toll continues to rise

TOWNS and villages in central Italy have been reduced to rubble as the result of a 6.2 Magnitude earthquake which struck in the early hours on Wednesday. Government officials on Thursday morning said that at least 274 people had been killed.

Emergency? Pastoral help is rapidly at hand

Emergency chaplains in blue polo shirts are seen increasingly after natural disasters and terror attacks around the world. Tim Wyatt found out more

‘No one is safe’ in Aleppo battle

THE battle for control of Syria’s second city, Aleppo, is becoming “one of the most devastating urban conflicts in modern times,” the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, has said

Turn waste into energy says Tearfund, after sewage row in Rio's Olympic waters

A REPORT from the charity Tearfund, in the wake of the latest controversy over untreated sewage in the water around Rio de Janeiro, urges governments to invest in schemes to turn waste into energy

New polio cases spark fears in Nigeria

AN OUTBREAK of polio has struck parts of Nigeria largely inaccessible to the outside world because of fighting between Islamist militants and the military, where thousands of children are already suffering from severe malnutrition

Giving thanks

The United States swimmer Simone Manuel points to the skies in celebration after an astonishing 100-metre freestyle race ended in a tie, with both her and her Canadian opponent Penny Oleksiak winning gold medals after finishing the race in a new Olympic-Record time of 52.70 seconds. “All I can say i...

Parents’ torment as Boko Haram release video claiming to show captured Chibok girls

POPE FRANCIS has expressed hope that women enslaved by the “arrogance of the powerful” might be freed to “begin a life of peace, justice, and love” after the Islamist militant group Boko Haram released a video showing a group of Nigerian girls, thought to be those captured in Chibok in 2014, being held at gunpoint

US report highlights countries that curtail religious freedom

THE world is still gripped by a lack of freedom of religion, particularly in countries where the crime of blasphemy remains a legal and social flashpoint, the latest International Religious Freedom Report from the United States concludes

World news in brief

Communiqué laments lack of peace in Africa; Another church in Chile destroyed by arson; Baptist pastor ‘living in fear’ flees Zimbabwe

Christian campaigners get behind Marshall Islanders' case

CHRISTIAN campaigners against nuclear weapons used the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima on Saturday to draw attention to an ongoing legal battle waged by the tiny Pacific Marshall Islands against the UK’s nuclear programme

Obesity or starvation: summit warns of extremes

CHRONIC hunger affects 800 million people in the world, and yet there are countries in which more than 70 per cent of the adult population is obese or overweight, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned at a global summit to address malnutrition

Australian Primate challenges government after abuse claims at Nauru detention centre

THE Australian Primate, The Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Philip Freier, has called on the Australian government to move asylum-seekers detained on the island of Nauru to Australia, in the wake of reports of abuse and cruelty in the detention centre

Displaced Iraqis' way home ‘blocked by many obstacles’

MINORITY communities in Iraq are “on the verge of disappearance”, is the finding of a report from the charity Minorities Rights Group International (MRG). The report cites an estimate that the Christian population may have fallen to just 250,000

World Vision rebuts Hamas link after senior Gaza manager arrested by Israelis 

THE manager of World Vision’s Gaza programmes, Mohammad El Halabi, has been arrested by Israel’s security service and accused of channelling donations to Hamas, the Islamist group that runs the Gaza Strip

Carrying the cross

A boy grips a crucifix, next to a mudslide, in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Earl, in Huachinango, Puebla State, in central Mexico, on Tuesday. At least 40 people have been killed by the storm

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Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

DISCIPLESHIP, as the title of this book indicates,...

Letters to the Editor

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Resignations and retirements

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13th Sunday after Trinity

13th Sunday after Trinity

Proper 16: Isaiah 58.9b-end; Psalm 103.1-8; Hebrews...

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Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

‘Discipleship’ has been much maligned of late. In a new book, Rowan Williams explains why it’s important, and what it involves  Subscribe to read more

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Embodying love and hope

Health-care chaplains are called to represent values from a place of vulnerability and equality, argues Jeremy Pemberton  Read More

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