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Norman Jackson

NORMAN JACKSON, who died suddenly on 29 February, aged 68, at his home in the Isle of Wight, was one of only two Europeans to be awarded the Centenary Medal of Khartoum Cathedral, after his service, in the early 1990s, leading the Save the Children Fund relief work in Sudan

Liz Russell

Robin Baird-Smith writes: ELIZABETH Ann Cecilia Russell (universally known as Liz), long-serving Sales and Marketing Director of the publishers Darton, Longman & Todd, died on 27 February. Born on 9 April 1921, she served as a Wren during the War, and subsequently found a job with the publishers...

Canon Terry Palmer

I often referred to him as the “Church Times agony uncle”

Fr Ralph Martin SSM

Fr Ralph Martin SSM

Canon Vincent Strudwick writes: IT WAS in 1957 that the Revd Donald Martin, who died on 24 March, aged 85, arrived at Kelham, the mother house and theological college of the Society of the Sacred Mission, the religious community founded by Fr Herbert Kelly. A Canadian, one of a family of four brothe...

The Revd Thomas William Boulcott

THE Revd Thomas William Boulcott, who died on 12 January, at the great age of 99 years, was a wise and faithful priest, who served in three dioceses for more than 65 years

Juliet O’Connor

Juliet O’Connor

The Revd Dr David L. Gosling writes: AT THE age of 21, Juliet O’Connor set sail for India with her husband, Dan, to begin a life-changing decade at St Stephen’s College in Delhi. Dan was to be lecturer and chaplain there; Juliet was to teach at the British School, and also to assume collegiate posts...

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

TO CALL Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, who died on 14 March, aged 81, one of the world’s greatest composers might seem a truism.

Jacques Van Oortmerssen

A PIONEERING spirit in the application of historically informed performances, Jacques van Oortmerssen, who died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage on 21 November, aged 65, was widely regarded as one of the finest organists of his of his generation

Ronald Frost

AS ORGANIST of the historic Ann’s, Manchester, for 37 years, Ronald Frost, who died on 1 October, aged 82, remained at the forefront of the city’s music-making throughout the second half of the 20th century

Christopher Tambling

Christopher Tambling

Christopher Tambling, who died on 3 October 2015, aged 51, and had enjoyed an international reputation, was one of English sacred music’s most popular and productive composers

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Abuse victim accuses C of E of cover-up

Abuse victim accuses C of E of cover-up

A PRIEST who was abused by the former bishop Peter...

Resignations and retirements

Assistant bishop to retire THE Rt Revd Francis (Frank)...

The last post: a gift for priest and parish

The last post: a gift for priest and parish

IN THEIR first post, clerics get a great deal of attention....

Letters to the Editor

Electronic communications for today’s Church   From...

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Keeping the Bard cool

Keeping the Bard cool

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Use what power you have to help the poor

Christians can take a lead to promote practical action for those suffering in the housing crisis, says Phil Hemsley  Subscribe to read more

Sun 1 May 16 @ 21:08

Sun 1 May 16 @ 19:01
Hereford Cathedral's Mrs Shakespair probably not the Bard's wife, sadly