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Store it, drink it

A QUESTION that is frequently asked is: “How long can you keep a bottle of wine?” It is a question with a multitude of answers: “It depends on the wine”; “How well has it been stored?”; “What are your expecta­tions?” Some collectors buy old bottles of wine as trophies, to be shown off and never drunk

Tempted by offers

RECENTLY, I received a press re­­lease from the body in Beaune responsible for promoting the wines of Burgundy around the world, giving details of the material that they distribute to primary schools, explaining the part played by wine in the world — and, I suppose, in that of many of their families

An ideal companion for Christmas desserts

FOR a number of years now, I have suggested that the ideal wine to have with mince pies and Christmas pud­ding is the ultra-sweet sherry Pedro Ximenez, and I am pleased to see that this now is stocked by most of the main retailers. My favourites have been Hid­algo’s Triana (Majes­tic, £14.99, 75cl.*...

Read the label

IT MAY not be totally true to say that the tighter the source for a wine given on the label, the higher the quality, but it is a fair generalisation. Thus, a Chilean wine that says that it comes from the Colchagua Valley is likely to be better than one that claims to be

German rivals

AS I write, there is much heart-searching going on within the wine-trade; for here, too, Brexit has taken its toll. The collapse in the value of the pound means that the cost of nearly all the wine that we drink will have to rise

Waisted shapes

PACKAGING plays an ever-increasing part in today’s world, and this is just as true of wine as of any other product. While you can now purchase it in cans, tetrapacks, and bag-in-boxes, by far the largest amount still comes in glass bottles

Going for gold

SOME years ago, a book I had written received an award as “World Wine Book of the Year” at a cere­mony in Beijing. This week, I received a list of winners in one of the main wine competitions. In the past, there have been gold, silver, and bronze medals awarded; this year, they also incl...

Horses for courses

AS FAR as I am aware, the Church Times has never had a racing correspondent, and in no way am I qualified to take on such a position; but, at the end of this month, there is one occasion when wine and horse-racing come close together. The place for this is the town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in south...

Ports of quality

I WAS fortunate recently to spend a week in Porto and the Douro Valley. For British drinkers, it is some­times difficult to apprec­iate that, in port-wine production, there are almost parallel styles of wine made: those produced by the tradi­tional British-owned comp­anies, and those by their Portug...

The lunar influence

Christopher Fielden on reliance on the moon

Spanish gems

IN THEIR book Wine Grapes (Allen Lane, 2012), Jancis Robinson and her co-authors have identified 1368 different grape varieties used around the world for producing wine — and yet how many of these do we drink regularly?

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Archbishops propose new way forward on sexuality after Synod reject Bishops’ report

Archbishops propose new way forward on sexuality after Synod reject Bishops’ report

THE Archbishops have sketched out how they hope to...

How Smyth justified the abuse

How Smyth justified the abuse

AS THE extent of the physical abuse of young men allegedly...

Letters to the Editor

Outcome of the take-note debate on the Bishops’ report...

Dave Walker

Dave Walker ...



ATKINSON. The Revd Simon At­­kinson, Hon. Assistant...

Job of the week

Archdeacon of Tonbridge

South East

Diocese of Rochester OUR ARCHDEACONS: SHAPING THE CHURCH FOR MISSION The Bishop of Rochester seeks an ARCHDEACON OF TONBRIDGE to serve an Archdeaconry comprising the towns and villages o...  Read More

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Rather more than a hosepipe ban

Rather more than a hosepipe ban

The international links between dioceses are raising awareness of the effects of climate change overseas, says Huw Spanner  Subscribe to read more

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No longer content to pray, pay, and obey

The Synod’s rejection of the Bishops’ report was the result of shifting power dynamics, says John Saxbee  Subscribe to read more

Sat 25 Feb 17 @ 19:10
The @Synod’s rejection of the Bishops’ report was the result of shifting power dynamics, says John Saxbee

Sat 25 Feb 17 @ 18:47
No disciplinary proceedings to follow Timothy Storey rapist ordinand case