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Out of the question

Out of the question

Can your readers suggest a book for children aged about seven, on dying and bereavement?  

Liturgical use of the iPad

'I have noticed priests using iPads to read the Offices, services, and also the Gospel at the eucharist. Is raising the iPad after the reading and kissing it now an accepted norm?'

Female ‘My Lord’

How to address the first woman Bishop in the House of Lords?

Out of the question

What is the correct order for an Act of Remembrance? 

C. H. Dodd and his view of the parables

Your answers Is C. H. Dodd’s approach to the parables of Christ still relevant?   C. H. Dodd’s The Parables of the Kingdom, first published in 1935, opened a new era in the study of the parables of Jesus. Dodd endeavoured to put the parables back into their original historical...

Out of the question

Is there really much point in reading Hebrews 10 to a non-Jewish congregation? 

Out of the question

Why cannot the wine remaining in the chalice after the holy communion service be poured down the drain?

More on preachers

"Preaching is a vital part of the ministry of the church, but some clergy treat their sermons as their private possession"

No preacher warning

Was a Vicar right to refuse to tell a parishoner who was preaching at evensong? 

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New Wine leader under investigation

New Wine leader under investigation

THE leader of the Evangelical network New Wine, the...

Resignations and retirements

Dean resigns THE Very Revd Dr John Marsden, Dean of...


New Acting Archdeacons THE Revd Nicholas Cornell, Vicar...

Visits to Bell’s palace were my girlhood ordeal, paper told

Visits to Bell’s palace were my girlhood ordeal, paper told

THE survivor who raised allegations of sexual abuse...

‘It’s difficult’ says accused Helen House founder

‘It’s difficult’ says accused Helen House founder

SISTER Frances Dominica ASSP fears that she will never...

Job of the week

Priest / Entrepreneur

North East

DIOCESE OF DURHAM We are currently looking to fill the following vacancy. Please visit us online and on twitter for details. Come and help us focus our energies on Church growth. Priest / Entre...  Read More

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Top feature

We need to talk about God

Immortal, invisible: the doctrine of God

David Bentley Hart tackles the limitations of language in defining the infinite and indefinable  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should funding for ordinands be age-related?

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Top comment

Called, collared, and confident in co-working

The Church needs a more flexible approach to vocation and training for ministry, says Andrew Watson  Subscribe to read more

Sat 13 Feb 16 @ 11:03
This week we launch our 2016 Lent appeal for the Church Times Train-A-Priest Fund

Fri 12 Feb 16 @ 21:30
Japan's great 2011 disaster remembered