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The long-lasting fruits of 'planting a seed and embedding an idea'

Newly released archive material reveals the origins of Thomas Barnardo’s foster-care scheme, which continues to meet a need. Pat Ashworth reports

Where the track leads from Rio

As the Olympic participants head home from Rio, Nick Watson explores the growing relationship between sport and the Churches

Bringer of the best medicine

Comedian, ‘cult optimist’, and aspiring Quaker, Josie Long is appearing for the first time at the Greenbelt Festival. She talks to Jemima Thackray

Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

‘Discipleship’ has been much maligned of late. In a new book, Rowan Williams explains why it’s important, and what it involves

The Michael Ramsey Prize 2016

Our reviewers introduce the shortlist of contenders for this year’s prize

Sharing the stage

This year, Greenbelt is handing over two main events to the public. George Luke reports on past successes and this year’s plans

Blessed are they that dwell in thy house

Fresh challenges about inclusivity for English cathedral choirs also present new opportunities, David Knowles hears

The poetry of patois

Jo Wroe meets the poet Valerie Bloom who will be performing at Greenbelt this month

Where cleanliness and godliness converge

Jacqui Thornton reports from Brazil on how the churches are helping to combat the Zika virus

Where prevention may be better than cure

There are measures that can be taken to prevent child abuse, argues Donald Findlater, and the Church should be giving them consideration

A new type of monasticism for the C of E

The Society of the Sisters of Bethany celebrates the 150th anniversary of its foundation today. Katy Hounsell-Robert visits the community in Portsmouth

Divine service with a sense of style

In the final instalment of our series on ecclesiastical and vesture, Joanna Jepson argues that vocation and style are not incompatible — for men or women

Ebola virus: ‘impact is still real’

Sierra Leone is officially free of the Ebola virus, but the devastation caused by the disease has left lasting scars. Molly Hodson visited the country to see how it is coping

An echo of the spheres in the shires

The 301st Three Choirs Festival, in Gloucester, starts tomorrow. Jonathan Arnold, a former participant, explores the festival’s influence on the English musical tradition

Have we got news for you

This is the 8000th edition of the Church Times. To celebrate, we’re opening up the CT archive free to everyone until the end of this month: you can explore every issue from 1863 to four weeks ago. Glyn Paflin provides a taster to whet your

A journey of the feet and heart

Sarah Meyrick’s new novel unfolds against the backdrop of a pilgrimage. She explains why

Learning how to draw the line

Pat Ashworth explores resources aimed at improving clerical well-being, and finds a new emphasis on self-awareness and mutual support

‘Even God rested on the seventh day’

It is essential for the clergy to take enough time off, argue Jamie Harrison and Robert Innes

Money matters

Michael Wright advises clergy about a change in the way rental profit is assessed

The new normal

The Church has fewer stipendiary priests than ever, and they are getting older. Canon Alison Adams tells Simon Jones of unfolding possibilities for her as an SSM

When a curacy clicks

The relationship between curate and training incumbent is a crucial one. Rebecca Paveley asks what makes it work

Finding hope in Hillsborough

Jean Flood recounts the challenges that faced the chaplains at the Hillsborough inquest in Warrington

Planting a range of personalities

Leslie J. Francis and Greg Smith apply psychological theory to the Church of England’s selection process

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Tue 30 Aug 16 @ 18:58
A Broadway guide to the narrow way | @RevRachelMann on @HamiltonMusical

Tue 30 Aug 16 @ 13:32
GAFCON welcomes "shadow synod" in CofE