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Pride of Poland

I AM still exploring A Village Cookbook, a fund-raiser for St Wulfran’s, Ovingdean. Bernadette Skinner contributed a recipe in memory of her father, a Polish airman, who died when she was 19. It is Bigos, the Polish national dish

Festive legacy

Simon Walsh makes Sprout and Stilton risotto and Cranberry and chocolate trifle

Recipes from a small village

Recipes from a small village

ST WULFRAN’s, Ovingdean, must have convivial parish gatherings, judging by A Village Cookbook, put together by Shirley Ross, Jay Butler, and many of the congregation. Most of the recipes are for puddings, cakes, and biscuits, and there are some wonderful Christmas recipes

Kitchen rhythms

Simon Walsh makes mince pies, Advent biscuits, and brandy butter

Vintage, or retro?

I HAVE spent half of my life hoarding stuff, and the second half (so far) bemoaning this habit. But keep things for long enough, and they become “retro”, “vintage”, or even “antique”. Rummaging through old magazines recently, I discovered a single-page leaflet from the Ministry of...

Trick of the treat

Simon Walsh makes Soul cakes and Mackerel and apple salad

A few core recipes

IT IS apple season again, and Jeff sends me some cake recipes from the United States, which evoke the beautiful New England illustrations of childhood books

A toast to barley!

Simon Walsh makes Lemon barley water and Michaelmas-style turkey drumsticks

Eggs and peaches

Terence Handley MacMath whips up Eggs Benedict

Sweet saints

Simon Walsh makes gazpacho and coconut ice

Roses in a stew

Terence Handley McMath cooks chickpea tagine with rose harissa paste followed by almond and pistachio cake with rose water

Most popular
New Wine leader under investigation

New Wine leader under investigation

THE leader of the Evangelical network New Wine, the...

Visits to Bell’s palace were my girlhood ordeal, paper told

Visits to Bell’s palace were my girlhood ordeal, paper told

THE survivor who raised allegations of sexual abuse...

Mission targets C of E barriers to gay clergy

Mission targets C of E barriers to gay clergy

SAME-SEX marriage in churches, and full access to all...


AUDIBERT. The Revd Janice Audibert, Team Vicar in the...

Resignations and retirements

ATLING. The Revd Brian Atling, Rector of Hartford and...

Job of the week


South West

DIOCESE OF TRURO Vicar of St Austell parish,Cornwall we are looking for a vicar who will be excited by the way that God has led us so far and feel called to help us achieve our vision for the f...  Read More

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Not only dancing in the aisles

Not only dancing in the aisles

From skateboarding to real ale, churches are being used to engage with their localities in ever more imaginative ways. Pat Ashworth reports  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should churchpeople resist the proposed liberalisation of Sunday trading laws?

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Listen to the Spirit - on the bus

A new initiative offers an appealing means of encouraging prayer, says Richard Chartres  Subscribe to read more

Mon 8 Feb 16 @ 21:15
Our reporter @MadsDavies is in Lebanon & Jordan this week meeting refugees. Send her questions you would like to ask

Mon 8 Feb 16 @ 19:41
Church research advises smiling to bring in visitors