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The long-lasting fruits of 'planting a seed and embedding an idea'

Newly released archive material reveals the origins of Thomas Barnardo’s foster-care scheme, which continues to meet a need. Pat Ashworth reports

Where the track leads from Rio

As the Olympic participants head home from Rio, Nick Watson explores the growing relationship between sport and the Churches

St Gargoyles

Bishop Ruth recognised the maternal instinct whrn she saw it

Dave Walker 

Age a Reader could be ordained

Your answers - At what age is it considered that an experienced Reader (or LLM) is too old to be ordained?


DID City workers, I wonder, break earlier for lunch in 1916?

Back to work?

FOR many of us, the holiday season is ending. Pottering in a garden, as the light grows softer and the morn­ing dews grow heavier, can help us to ease back to our normal schedule without making too many de­mands on us

Crossword 1382

Across 7 Pope struggled with Right Reverend’s concise edition, and got on well (9) 8 Ape cavorting to a new hymn of praise (5) 10 The can never speak ill of the dead (8) 11 Enjoy good taste (6) 12 Hot time for one of the immortal females (4) 13 Judgement defined in a few words...

Bringer of the best medicine

Comedian, ‘cult optimist’, and aspiring Quaker, Josie Long is appearing for the first time at the Greenbelt Festival. She talks to Jemima Thackray

Rehabilitating the ‘D’ word

‘Discipleship’ has been much maligned of late. In a new book, Rowan Williams explains why it’s important, and what it involves

The Michael Ramsey Prize 2016

Our reviewers introduce the shortlist of contenders for this year’s prize

Caption competition

IT WAS the Olympics this week, in case anyone missed it, and the achievements in Rio inspired more than just sporting prowess. “Clergy were brought in to calm waves on Rio Olympic lake” (Richard Barnes); “The Vatican’s rowers arrived at Rio a little unprepared for their inten...

Dave Walker

St Gargoyles

The theme for the holiday club was “at the seaside”


Exchange of views; Literal believer; Religious ferment; Lost references

Monsters in church

HOW do you get Pikachu on to a bus? You Pokémon! OK, it’s an old joke; but the good news is that the children of today who might be amused by it were not around when Pokémon first hit the streets 20 years ago

Crossword 1381

Across 1 Fellow English-speaking? That’s a blessing (11) 9 The last order — time to retreat (5) 10 One from northern Europe exceptionally valiant (7) 11 Hard task for Zulu monks? (4,5) 12 Time to meet nymph (5) 13 One of less than dozen in holy orders (11) 14 Person who might...

Sharing the stage

This year, Greenbelt is handing over two main events to the public. George Luke reports on past successes and this year’s plans

Blessed are they that dwell in thy house

Fresh challenges about inclusivity for English cathedral choirs also present new opportunities, David Knowles hears

Interview: Anne Richards, National Adviser for Mission Theology for the Church of England

‘You have to do a kind of audit of all your congregation’s needs’

St Gargoyles

The Thurifer was followed by the Boat Boy and the One Who Pokes the Smoke Detector

Dave Walker 


It’s all in the game; Cornish reverie; One more step. . . ; Rare sighting

Eggplant medley

IF YOU are lucky enough to eat at my friend Jenny’s table, you know that you will taste nothing better anywhere else. We sat down to a rich spinach, date, and almond salad recently, followed by a dish of lentils and al dente vegetables, complemented by a simple au­­bergine purée and Gre...

Crossword 1380

Clockwise round the perimeter, from bottom right, runs a quotation from a Psalm   Across 8 Priest leaves to deliver sermon on remote community work (8) 9 Italian city’s motorway network (5) 10 Patriarch’s denial leads to ancient heresy (4) 11 Fancy bedroom with girl shortly...

The poetry of patois

Jo Wroe meets the poet Valerie Bloom who will be performing at Greenbelt this month

Where cleanliness and godliness converge

Jacqui Thornton reports from Brazil on how the churches are helping to combat the Zika virus

Where prevention may be better than cure

There are measures that can be taken to prevent child abuse, argues Donald Findlater, and the Church should be giving them consideration

Top comment

A Broadway guide to the narrow way

Christians could learn much from a revolutionary musical sensation, argues Rachel Mann  Subscribe to read more

Fri 26 Aug 16 @ 12:29
Lutherans tie the knot for Anglican in Copenhagen

Fri 26 Aug 16 @ 11:39
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