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Nuclear realpolitik

THE axiom that a week is a long time in politics has been demonstrated repeatedly to the point of extravagance over the past month

A new PM; an old CT

A new PM THE only person who appeared not to be surprised by Theresa May’s move to Downing Street was Mrs May herself. Her understated, unruffled exterior really does seem to disguise an unruffled interior. There are few more reliable indicators of character than the testimonies of co-workers, espec...

Chilcot’s lessons

THE contents of Sir John Chilcot’s report on Iraq are still being digested. But its very existence suggests, if nothing else, that momentous and fatal decisions by government will, eventually, be held up to scrutiny

Unintended consequences

ONE of the most poignant parables told by Jesus is that of Dives and Lazarus. The rich man is tormented in hell for neglecting Lazarus when he used to beg at his gate. He asks Abraham to send someone to warn his brothers to amend their ways

The aftermath

IT IS perhaps a good thing that the timing of the referendum on EU membership means that we can write little on the subject. By the time this is being read, the result will have been announced. The electorate will have chosen, many of them despite all that has been written and said rather than havin...

The impact of Orlando

IN 1993, when he was introducing a new tranche of anti-crime measures, John Major, then Prime Minister, remarked: “Society needs to condemn a little more and understand a little less.” It was not long before this statement was itself condemned. It is brought to mind, however, by the first reactions ...

Saved by God

FOR all its many faults, the National Anthem seems to have worked. God has saved our gracious Queen; our noble Queen is long-lived. The service in St Paul’s Cathedral today, a prelude to the Queen’s official birthday, celebrates her 90th birthday

This referendum serves no one

"The very holding of the referendum is causing damage to the economy, weakening the UK’s standing in Europe and the world, and driving a wedge between the Government and the governed"

Not healthy yet

CHURCHGOERS are used, these days, to hearing that they are a dying breed. Seldom a month goes by without another poll or survey that plots some aspect of the Church’s decline

Heaven in ordinary

THOSE who attend weekday services may have observed that the liturgical colour green quietly returned last Monday. There are two flashes of gold to come

God’s will be done

MANY Anglicans have joined in the Archbishops’ Pentecost prayer initiative “Thy kingdom come”. Many did not — the trickle-down of information about the initiative was patchy. But since all are enjoined regularly to pray for the Church and the

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9th Sunday after Trinity

Proper 12: Genesis 18.20-32; Psalm 138; Colossians...


New archdeacon THE next Archdeacon of Gower, in Swansea...

<span>Rochester diocese resorts to emergency cost-control measures</span>

Rochester diocese resorts to emergency cost-control measures

THE diocese of Rochester has cancelled all optional...

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

The Chilcot report and the morality of the Iraq War:...

Resignations and retirements

BELL. The Revd Shena Bell, Rector of Raunds, Hargrave,...

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Ebola virus: ‘impact is still real’

Ebola virus: ‘impact is still real’

Sierra Leone is officially free of the Ebola virus, but the devastation caused by the disease has left lasting scars. Molly Hodson visited the country to see how it is coping  Subscribe to read more

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It's both hands together

Christianity needs political visibility on both Left and Right if it is to remain untainted by partisan associations, says Nick Spencer  Subscribe to read more

Mon 25 Jul 16 @ 8:22
Grave used by thieves to be relocated

Sun 24 Jul 16 @ 20:44
Christianity needs visibility on both Left and Right if it is to remain untainted by party politics | Nick Spencer