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Don’t rest yet

WHAT does the Government think it is doing? When the Chancellor announced in his Budget speech that local councils might be given the power to relax Sunday-trading laws, the argument put forward was so weak as to be insulting 

A soul for Europe

WHEN, in 1973, politicians were seeking to sell the ideas of the Common Market to UK voters, there were appeals to noble ideals — as well as hints about cheap wine. The wine lake never made it across the Channel, and the ideals appear to have dried up, too. Just to recap, the reason that a pro-Europ...

Primates: a verdict

SEVERAL narratives have emerged about what happened in Canterbury last week. The most prominent is that, although there has been a stay of execution, the Episcopal Church in the United States is being eased out of the Communion in a reassertion of heterosexual orthodoxy

The ties that bind

“THE world does not see the spiritual Church but a divided and wounded body” — Archbishop Welby, talking to the Primates this week. Well, up to a point

Making manifest

"The Word was made flesh whether the world wanted him or not. Anxiety cannot manifest him"

Into the new year

2015 will be remembered as the year of the refugee crisis — although in reality it was the year that a crisis that began in 2011 forced itself on European attention

Certainly not little

WE HAVE nothing against Judy Garland, but her 1944 song “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”, written by Hugh Martin, encapsulates in its first line all that is wrong with the modern Christmas

Lost causes?

WHEN problems present themselves, the temptation is always to tackle the effects, not the causes

Judging the dead

THE latest story from an abuse survivor, recounted on the news pages this week, raises again the question how to proceed when the accused is dead, and cannot answer for himself. There is still widespread disquiet about the shadow cast over Bishop George Bell, who died in 1958, after...

Ad wars

DARTH VADER’s quotation from the first Star Wars film, "I find your lack of faith disturbing", is now being printed on a mug

After Paris

"The season of Christ the King is an opportunity to reflect on the nature of the kingdom inaugurated by Jesus"

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New Wine leader under investigation

New Wine leader under investigation

THE leader of the Evangelical network New Wine, the...

Visits to Bell’s palace were my girlhood ordeal, paper told

Visits to Bell’s palace were my girlhood ordeal, paper told

THE survivor who raised allegations of sexual abuse...

Mission targets C of E barriers to gay clergy

Mission targets C of E barriers to gay clergy

SAME-SEX marriage in churches, and full access to all...


AUDIBERT. The Revd Janice Audibert, Team Vicar in the...

Resignations and retirements

ATLING. The Revd Brian Atling, Rector of Hartford and...

Job of the week


South West

DIOCESE OF TRURO Vicar of St Austell parish,Cornwall we are looking for a vicar who will be excited by the way that God has led us so far and feel called to help us achieve our vision for the f...  Read More

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Not only dancing in the aisles

Not only dancing in the aisles

From skateboarding to real ale, churches are being used to engage with their localities in ever more imaginative ways. Pat Ashworth reports  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should churchpeople resist the proposed liberalisation of Sunday trading laws?

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Listen to the Spirit - on the bus

A new initiative offers an appealing means of encouraging prayer, says Richard Chartres  Subscribe to read more

Mon 8 Feb 16 @ 11:39
Church in Calais 'Jungle' demolished

Mon 8 Feb 16 @ 11:19
The decision to pay compensation was based on civil test of balance of probabilities, not criminal test of beyond all reasonable doubt.