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Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe recalls a religious experience involving coffee

Doubts on the Social Trinity

Angela Tilby expresses misgivings about the Social Trinity

Blu-Rays on the silver screen

Maggie Durran examines the various rules about showing films in public

Corruption is not a foreign problem

Paul Vallely laments the lack of political will to reform offshore tax havens

Clues found on an ancient silk road

New evidence may revolutionise understanding of Jewish history, says David Keys

A wave that may turn to a trickle

WE ARE just at the end of the period of prayer for the renewal of the Church urged by our two Archbishops. When I first heard about the initiative “Thy Kingdom Come”, in a letter to all clergy, I was mildly sceptical, although inclined to be obedient.

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

How many of us could live up to high ideals, Ronald Blythe wonders

Three reasons the Right hates the BBC

Paul Vallely looks behind what he sees as the Government’s sniping

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

A young man reminds Ronald Blythe of Dickens’s Marley

Getting on, yes - getting out, no

Society should involve respectability for all classes, argues Paul Vallely

A paranoid search for a scapegoat

Angela Tilby explores the age-old hatred of the "other" which leads to anti-Semitism

The Victoria Wood way: a trail for others, too

I WAS getting ready for morning prayer on Thursday of last week, when I heard that Victoria Wood had died. Instinctively, I lit a candle for her at the shrine of St Frideswide in Christ Church Cathedral

The unacceptable face of capitalism

The demise of BHS reveals a wider problem in big business, says Paul Vallely


Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe reflects on St Paul’s words on loving and giving

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Listening to the sounds of nature, Ronald Blythe is never lonely

Deadly twin of avarice

DEADLY sins go in and out of fashion, as recent news events demonstrate. Gluttony is serious — see the obesity epidemic. Lust is apparently no longer much of a problem — the Culture Secretary’s liaison with a dominatrix produced sniggers rather than censure

A polemic with facts to fit prejudices

C4’s What British Muslims Really Think was alarmist nonsense, says Paul Vallely

No volunteers — get a professional

We are about to get started on a building project. Should we appoint one of our number — such as a churchwarden — as project manager?

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Like St Francis, Ronald Blythe finds delight in Nature’s gifts

Dependent on grace, not perfection

I DID NOT know whether I would be able to cope with the family drama The A Word (BBC1, Tuesdays). The “A” is for autism — and my fear was that we would be subjected to a weird mixture of special effects and sentimental overacting. But I was wrong

Not a judge or a fudge, but a nudge

Pope Francis has become the first true Vatican II pontiff, says Paul Vallely

‘This above all: to thine own self be true’

The playwright’s spirituality is complex and difficult to discern, says Paul Vallely

Check, check — and check again

After your description of the steps necessary in working with the church’s architect (26 February), we realised that we would like to know how the stages of our building project would unfold. BUILDING projects on churches usually begin with the realisation, based on the quinquennial inspection repor...

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe recalls seeing plough horses drink from his pond

Give thanks for gender difference

"If there is no maleness or femaleness to measure ourselves against, even the mildest form of gender-bending becomes meaningless"


Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe finds delight in the writings of Julian of Norwich

Confronting atrocities in Pakistan

The West must keep up the pressure over blasphemy laws, says Paul Vallely

An Easter struggle for the soul of Europe

EASTER poses a question about whether there can be a winner without a loser; a victory without a vanquished foe. Of course, in the traditional language, it is the “dark forces” of sin and death that are defeated

Music, dancing, and drinking

What community activities can we, or can’t we, use our church for? Is a yoga class allowed?

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Are we enjoying God’s world as we should, asks Ronald Blythe

If we’re not all in this together . . .

The IDS of March reveals a residual need for fair play, says Paul Vallely

Holy Week faith in food

RABBI Lionel Blue has often said that he absorbs his faith through food. I think I do, too. Perhaps we should not be thinking too much about eating as Holy Week begins, but the liturgical rhythms of the week require some creative thinking in the kitchen department

It’s about compassion for migrants

Archbishop Welby’s views have been misrepresented, says Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Will the old farmhouse survive the wild wind, wonders Ronald Blythe

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Prayer Wave brings ‘Purple Wonders’ to St Paul’s

Prayer Wave brings ‘Purple Wonders’ to St Paul’s

THE congregation at St Paul’s Ca­­thedral on Saturday...

Resignations and retirements

BEVINGTON. The Revd David Bevington, Vicar of Calbourne...

Letters to the Editor

Mental health: the importance of challenging stigma...

Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday

Proverbs 8.1-4, 22-31; Psalm 8; Romans 5.1-5; John...

Job of the week

Team Rector Designate

London and Home Counties

DIOCESE OF ST ALBANS The Bishop of St Albans with the Patrons wish to appoint a Team Rector Designate We seek someone who will work in partnership with a Team Vicar Designate (who they will help ...  Read More

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The great polar survival

The great polar survival

One hundred years ago today, Lionel Greenstreet, a member of Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, was stranded on an island in the Antarctic, unaware that a rescue mission had just begun. Jemima Thackray reports  Subscribe to read more

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A bold but difficult step closer to the Kirk

The Columba Declaration raises tough questions, but is more of a problem for Scottish Episcopalians, argues Andrew Hayes  Read More

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