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Quotes of the week

13 May 2022


Looks like whoever picked the hotel for the House of Bishops residential didn’t inspect the branding on the shower curtains. Or did they think this the perfect summary for three days of episcopal conversations?

David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, Twitter post accompanied by a photo of the shower-curtain label: “Mitre . . . Waffle”, 11 May


I feel joy and relief, but it is kind of like the joy and relief one feels in getting into college, being cast in the school play or making the varsity team. The conditions for the possibility of achieving the goal have been met, but there’s so much more hard work to do

Pro-life activist in the United States on the prospect of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, quoted in the New York Times, 8 May


Posh schools like to curry favour with influential parents but it can go too far. Jonathan Aitken told the Old Etonian Association this week that one of his classmates was Crown Prince Birendra of Nepal, who was listed in the directory with all his family’s royal titles. The last of these upset the grand official who had accompanied him. “This can’t be published,” he said. “It means ‘son of God’.” The boy’s housemaster did not bat an eyelid at this blasphemy. “My dear fellow, don’t worry,” he said. “We have the sons of many distinguished fathers at Eton”

Diary, The Times, 30 April


Lovely to discover that my successor as Bishop of Hertford will be my Diocesan bishop here in @BathWells. You wait ages for an ex-bishop of Hertford, and then two arrive on the same day

Paul Bayes, (Bishop of Hertford 2010-14) now retired in Bath, after Michael Beasley was nominated for Bath & Wells, Twitter, 29 April


Traditional is not being broken, it’s being developed. The cathedral music tradition has always moved and changed and developed. So we want to move it forward, but also to preserve, so the boys and the girls will have their own identity, their own traditions, their own style within what we do

Andrew Carwood, Director of Music of St Paul’s Cathedral, after it was announced that the choir is to admit girls, The Guardian, 5 May,


I unashamedly follow a Jesus who constantly crossed borders to be where people actually stood. And he never seduced anyone to go with him. Rather he told them that if they walked with him — edgily — things might get rough and they might lose everything. But, he also made it clear that “loving my neighbour as myself” means living on the edge of my comfort in order actively to love those whose own edge is too sharp

The Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, Thought for the Day, 9 May


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