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Have a go at the Church Times caption competition, and read the latest winner and top entries

03 September 2021


Have a go at our next caption competition (above) and win a prize of Fairtrade chocolate! 

Send entries by email only to captioncompetition@churchtimes.co.uk by 9 a.m., Monday 13 September.

Here is the winning entry for last week: 


The next time I tell you what to print on our jackets, ignore it when I hit my thumb with a hammer
(Valerie Ganne) 

WHO is the Prime Minister looking out for? One answer could be a senior Cabinet minister:

  • Has the Foreign Secretary been spotted yet? (John Appleby)
  • I can’t see the Foreign Secretary anywhere! (Mervyn Cox)
  • My goodness — is that Dominic Raab sunbathing? (Brian Stevenson)
  • That’s Raab treading water (Janet Stockton)
  • The PM waits patiently for Raab to apply the suntan lotion before calling him back home (Philip Lickley)
  • I think that’s Dominic Raab paddling in the sea (Richard Hough)
  • Good grief, Raab, you could have changed out of your swimming shorts before you boarded the plane! (Linda Moulding).


Or a former senior adviser:

  • Ah — I see Dominic Cummings 1000 metres south-west. Fire torpedo!” (Peter Sebbage); “Is that Barnard Castle? (Simon Leaver)
  • And if these don’t help, I’ll try the Barnard Castle test (Alison Rollin).


The sea prompts some soul-searching from Mr Johnson:

  • . . . and that is how far I am now from Christian principles (John Jones)
  • No one could deny that Boris had tried hard to see sense (Fiona Drinkell)
  • I can just see my credibility sailing away (Angela Norton-Kelly)
  • Don’t worry. I’m just looking for my competence (Katrina Adams)
  • Someone told Boris he needed to find Jesus (Joanna Smith)
  • I still can’t see the woods for the trees (Sharisse de Silva)
  • Boris looking for salvation (Samantha McGinty)
  • Nope, can’t find my values anywhere (Geoff Crawford).


Some other entries that we enjoyed:

  • . . . Um, Prime Minister, you won’t see the virus that way. You’ll need a microscope to see it, not binoculars. . . (Roly Cobbett)
  • In extremis, Boris reaches, as ever, for his rose-tinted binoculars (Ian Barge)
  • President Biden has said that there is a silver lining; so we should be able to see it (Patrick Irwin)
  • Golly, perhaps attention to detail does make a difference after all (John Saxbee)
  • Using the Officer of the Watch’s yellow vest and binoculars doesn’t entitle you to wear your mask at half-mast; please pull it up! (Jonathan Haigh).
  • Brexit, Covid, social care . . . it’s all plain sailing from now on (Michael Doe)
  • Boris looks for the end of the pandemic (Lynn Neal)
  • Aha! I can see what the Scots are up to from here (Sue Chick)
  • Boris had no wish to discuss a further Scottish Referendum; so sought refuge on an off-shore wind farm (Daphne Foster)
  • Is that a man walking on water?! (Peter Walker)
  • Oh, dear me. Yes. He is walking on the water (Jenny Allison)
  • Is that your vision of a Great Britain? (Stephen Wells)
  • You can change the wallpaper, dear. Sir Keir is a long way off (Bill de Quick)
  • This wind looks like renewable energy. . . I’m a big fan! (Andrew Clough)
  • We see through a glass darkly (Daphne Foster)
  • Is this really what Boris meant when he said he wanted someone to look out for a good icebreaker for the Glasgow climate conference? (Ray Morris)
  • Boris was all eyes, checking up on his endless supply of ‘free’ hot air (Paulette Yallop)
  • Where have all my supporters gone? (Leslie Evans).
  • The PM decided to try out the role as First Lord of Admiralty (Chris Coupe)
  • This brings the North nearer to us here. That‘s Bishopthorpe, isn’t it? (Paul Brett)
  • Yes — I think I can see the star in the East! (Lynda Sebbage)
  • Keir Starmer had an uneasy feeling that he was being watched (Mark Parry)
  • Why didn’t someone tell me our nearest export market was only 20 miles away (Richard Spray)
  • I see no light at the end of this tunnel, I’m afraid (Vicky Deasley)
  • All I can see is Windows. Has Bill Gates bought France now? (Martin Kettle)
  • Well, the archbishop told me always to keep the Church in focus (Rob Falconer)
  • Iceberg! Dead ah . . . well, at some point, maybe . . . errr yes (Che Seabourne)
  • Looking back there were far more ‘OW’ than ‘WOW’ moments in his premiership (Paul Crabb).


As ever, the winner receives a prize of Fair­trade chocolate, courtesy of Divine Chocolate.



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