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General Synod election results

29 October 2021

Geoff Crawford/Church Times

THE following have been elected to the 11th General Synod of the Church of England. They are elected for a term of five years. Those marked with an asterisk (*) sat in the last Synod.



PROVINCE OF CANTERBURY: the Bishop of Woolwich, the Rt Revd Dr Karowei Dorgu; the Bishop of Dudley, the Rt Revd Martin Gorick; the Bishop of Reading, the Rt Revd Olivia Graham; the Bishop of Bradwell, the Rt Revd Dr John Perumbalath; the Bishop of Islington, the Rt Revd Dr Richard Thorpe

PROVINCE OF YORK: the Bishop of Huddersfield, the Rt Revd Dr Jonathan Gibbs*; the Bishop of Ripon, the Rt Revd Dr Helen-Ann Hartley; the Bishop of Warrington, the Rt Revd Beverley Mason; the Bishop of Burnley, the Rt Revd Philip North*




CLERGY: the Revd Roger Driver, the Revd Simon Robinson, the Revd Joanna Stobart, the Ven. Dr Adrian Youings (Archdeacon of Bath)

LAITY: Christina Baron*, James Cary*, Emma Gregory*, Matthew Orr, Nicholas Tall


CLERGY: the Revd Timothy Bateman, Canon Douglas Machiridza, Canon Priscilla White*

LAITY: Dawn Brathwaite, Guy Hordern, Dr Rachel Jepson*


CLERGY: the Revd Paul Benfield*, the Revd Stephen Corbett*, the Revd Alex Frost, the Ven. Mark Ireland (Archdeacon of Blackburn), the Revd Dr Thomas Woolford

LAITY: Stephen Boyall*, Vivienne Goddard*, Rosemary Lyon*, Dr Laura Oliver, Paul Ronson, Jacqueline Stamper*


CLERGY: the Revd Kathryn Campion-Spall, Canon Martin Gainsborough*, the Revd Paul Langham*

LAITY: Dr Brendan Biggs*, Abby Scott, Edward Shaw*


CLERGY: Canon Barnabas de Berry*, the Ven. Darren Miller (Archdeacon of Ashford), the Revd Rachel Webbley

LAITY: Holly Adams, David Kemp*, Neil Logan Green


CLERGY: the Revd Stewart Fyfe*, the Revd Jane Maycock, the Revd Nicola Pennington

LAITY: Dr Christopher Angus*, Christine Burgess, Valerie Hallard*, Zoe Ham


CLERGY: the Revd Dr Sara Batts-Neale, Canon John Dunnett*, the Revd Dr Susan Lucas, the Revd Samuel Maginnis, the Revd Andrew Sachs, the Ven. Elizabeth Snowden* (Archdeacon of Southend), the Revd Mark Wallace

LAITY: Gill Ball, Richard Brown, Katia D’Arcy-Cumber, Mary Durlacher*, Robert Hammond*, Michelle Obende*, Sandra Turner, Glynne Williams


CLERGY: the Revd Joshua Askwith, the Ven. Ian Bishop (Archdeacon of Macclesfield), the Revd Christopher Blunt, the Revd Clair Jaquiss, the Revd Gary Kennaugh, the Revd Dr Robert Munro*

LAITY: Dr Janette Allotey, Jason Clarke, Alan Dowen, Dr John Mason*, Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel Wilson, Julie Withers*, Deborah Woods*


Canon Richard (Archie) Coates, Canon Andrew Cornes*, the Revd Arwen Folkes, the Ven. Luke Irvine-Capel (Archdeacon of Chichester), the Revd Martin Poole

LAITY: Martin Auton-Lloyd, Catherine Butcher, Dr Simon Eyre, Camilla Foottit, Mary Nagel*, Tina Nay*, Bradley Smith*, Jacob Vince*


CLERGY: the Revd Stella Bailey, the Revd Jonathan Jee, the Revd Kate Massey

LAITY: Dr Rachel Atkinson, Gill Frigerio, Samuel Margrave*


CLERGY: the Revd Neil Barber, the Revd Alicia Dring*, the Revd Julian Hollywell*

LAITY: Katherine Alldread*, Sue Cavill, Siân Kellogg*


CLERGY: the Revd William Braviner*, the Ven. Robert Cooper* (Archdeacon of Sunderland), the Revd Mark Mawhinney, the Revd Mark Miller, the Revd Chantal Noppen

LAITY: Alistair Bianchi, Dr Angus Goudie*, Dr Jamie Harrison*, Helen Smith*


CLERGY: Canon James Blandford-Baker, the Ven. Dr Alexander Hughes (Archdeacon of Cambridge), Canon Nicholas Moir*, Canon Simon Talbott*

LAITY: Dr Felicity Cooke, Rebecca Cowburn, Christopher Townsend


CLERGY: Canon Bruce Bryant-Scott, the Revd Dale Hanson, Canon Smitha Prasadam

LAITY: Clive Billenness, Robin Hall, Mary Talbot*


CLERGY: Prebendary Rosemary Austin, the Ven. Douglas Dettmer* (Archdeacon of Totnes), Prebendary Karl Freeman*, the Revd Graham Hamilton*, the Revd Professor Morwenna Ludlow

LAITY: Luke Appleton, Simon Friend*, Timothy Hamilton, Georgia Willis


CLERGY: the Revd Henry Curran, Canon Dana Delap, Canon Katrina Scott

LAITY: Karen Czapiewski*, Jennifer Fellowes, Robert McNeil-Wilson, Margaret Sheather*


CLERGY: the Ven. Paul Davies (Archdeacon of Surrey), the Revd Folorunso Olokose, the Revd Esther Prior*, the Revd Joanna Winn-Smith

LAITY: Ruth Allan, Peter Bruinvels*, Carolyn Graham*, Stephen Hofmeyr*


CLERGY: the Ven. Fiona Gibson (Archdeacon of Ludlow), the Revd Dr Christopher Moore, the Revd Neil Patterson*

LAITY: Wendy Coombey*, Emily Hill, Charles Houston


CLERGY: the Ven. Paul Ayers* (Archdeacon of Leeds), Canon John Bavington, Canon Paul Cartwright*, Canon Rachel Firth, the Revd Angela Hannafin, Canon Joyce Jones*, Canon Ruth Newton*, the Revd Che Seabourne, the Revd Gary Waddington*

LAITY: David Ashton*, Alexander Berry, Jane Evans, Professor Joyce Hill*, Stephen Hogg*, Dr Richard Mantle*, Catherine Stephenson, Dr Diana Tremayne


CLERGY: the Revd Christopher Collins, the Revd Wendy Dalrymple, the Revd Barry Hill*

LAITY: Shayne Ardron*, Roy Faulkner, Venessa Pinto CA


CLERGY: the Revd Matthew Beer, the Revd Damian Feeney*, Prebendary Patricia Hawkins*, the Revd Zoe Heming*, the Revd Treena Larkin, the Revd Shaun Morris*

LAITY: Penelope Allen*, Dr Rosalind Clarke, Matthew Edwards, Christopher Gill*, Amanda Robbie, Martin Shakespeare, John Wilson*


CLERGY: the Revd Sonia Barron, the Revd Stuart Cradduck, the Ven. Gavin Kirk* (Archdeacon of Lincoln), Canon Martyn Taylor*

LAITY: Nigel Bacon*, Dr James Henshall, Professor Muriel Robinson*, Susan Slater*


CLERGY: the Revd Jack Shepherd, the Ven. Peter Spiers* (Archdeacon of Knowsley and Sefton), the Revd Martin Thorpe, the Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes*, Canon Kate Wharton*

LAITY: Gabriel Chui, Nadine Daniel, Richard Denno*, Nigel Lea-Wilson, Debra Walker*


CLERGY: the Revd Jonathan Carter, Prebendary Amatu Christian-Iwuagwu*, the Revd Elisabeth Goddard*, the Revd Fiona Jack, the Revd Sarah Jackson, the Ven. Luke Miller* (Archdeacon of London), the Revd Charles Skrine*, the Revd Jody Stowell, the Revd Robert Thompson, the Revd Christopher Trundle*, the Revd Mark (Marcus) Walker

LAITY: Philip Baldwin, Dr Liz Brutus, Deborah Buggs*, Sophia Clarke, Sarah Finch*, Aiden Hargreaves-Smith*, Fiona MacMillan, Clive Scowen*, Busola Sodeinde, Temitope Taiwo, Robert Zampetti


CLERGY: Canon Lisa Battye*, the Revd Janie Cronin, Canon Rachel Mann*, Canon Andrew Salmon*, the Revd Daniel Valentine, Canon Marcia Wall, the Revd Vincent Whitworth

LAITY: Pam Davies, Dr Adanna Lazz-Onyenobi*, Abigail Ogier, Geoffrey Tattersall*, James Wilson


CLERGY: Canon Ian Flintoft, the Revd Robert Lawrance, the Revd Claire Robson*

LAITY: Lt. Gen. Robin Brims, Nicola Denyer, Isabella McDonald-Booth*


CLERGY: Canon Catherine Dobson, the Ven. Karen Hutchinson (Archdeacon of Norwich), the Revd Graham Kirk-Spriggs, the Revd Dr Patrick Richmond*

LAITY: John Brydon, Caroline Herbert*, Clare Williams


CLERGY: the Revd Dr Andrew Atherstone*, Canon Mark Bennet, the Revd Andrew Lightbown*, the Revd Joy Mawdesley, the Revd Jeremy Moodey, the Revd Timothy Norwood, the Revd William Pearson-Gee, Canon Valerie Plumb*, Canon Vaughan Roberts, Canon Toby Wright 

LAITY: Peter Barrett, Dr Andrew Bell*, Dr Gracy Crane, Prudence Dailey*, Julie Dziegiel*, Professor Helen King, Daniel Matovu, Jayne Ozanne*, Jacob Wigley


CLERGY: Canon Stephen Benoy, the Revd Mark Lucas*, the Revd Morna Simpson

LAITY: Vicky Brett, Dr Paul Buckingham*, Andrew Presland*


CLERGY: the Revd Dr Paul Chamberlain, the Revd Andrew Hargreaves, Canon Robert White*

LAITY: Lucy Docherty*, Rebecca Hunt, Dr Ian Johnston


CLERGY: the Revd Jonathan Douglas, the Revd Timothy Edwards, the Revd Lindsay Llewellyn-Macduff, the Revd Dr Joel Love

LAITY: Billy-Jo O’Leary, Jane Rosam, Martin Sewell*, Andrew Smith


CLERGY: Canon Timothy Bull*, Canon Kevin Goss*, the Revd Jonathan Stevens, the Revd Rachel Wakefield, the Revd Dr Nicholas Weir

LAITY: Peter Adams*, Sheila Bissell, Tim Fleming*, Benjamin John, Rebecca Mynett


CLERGY: Canon Andrew Dotchin*, the Revd Leslie Siu, the Revd Virginia Williams

LAITY: Anthony Allwood*, Jeanette Appleton, Andrew Gray*


CLERGY: the Revd Paul Bradbury*, the Ven. Alan Jeans* (Archdeacon of Sarum), the Revd Jane Palmer, the Revd Michael Tufnell 

LAITY: Jonathan Baird, Andrew Farley, Debrah McIsaac*, Fiona Norris, Gillian Verschoyle, Christopher Webb

Channel Islands: Clergy: the Dean of Jersey, the Very Revd Michael Keirle; Laity: Ruth Abernethy, Paul Matthams


CLERGY: the Ven. Malcolm Chamberlain* (Archdeacon of Sheffield and Rotherham), the Revd Eleanor Robertshaw*, Canon Richard Stordy

LAITY: Anna De Castro, Jane Patterson*, Dr Cathy Rhodes, Michaela Suckling


CLERGY: the Revd Dr Michael Brydon

LAITY: Susan Kennaugh*


CLERGY: the Revd Carolina Bates, Canon Simon Butler*, the Revd Mae Christie, the Ven. Alastair Cutting (Archdeacon of Lewisham), Canon Timothy Goode*, the Revd Andrew Moughtin-Mumby*, the Revd Jago Wynne

LAITY: Helen Ainsworth, Rebecca Chapman*, Adrian Greenwood*, Carl Hughes*, Matthew Parkes, Paul Waddell, Rosemary Wilson


CLERGY: the Revd Lydia Corbett, the Revd Rebecca Hancock, the Revd Dr Ian Paul*

LAITY: Joan Beck*, Gavin Drake, Kathryn Hubbard, Denis Tully


CLERGY: Canon Anne Brown*, the Revd Ian Gulland, the Revd Andrew Yates*

LAITY: Vivian Hall, Nicolas Herian, Robert Perry


CLERGY: the Revd Andrew Micklefield*, the Revd James Pitkin*, the Revd Dr Benjamin Sargent*

LAITY: Dr Simon Clift*, Alison Coulter*, Dr Julie Maxwell, Andrew Orange


CLERGY: the Ven. Nicola Groarke* (Archdeacon of Dudley), the Revd Claire Lording, the Revd Fraser Oates

LAITY: Kashmir Garton*, Robin Lunn*, Lynn Nichol


CLERGY: the Revd Jacqueline Doyle-Brett*, the Revd Adam Gaunt*, the Revd Elizabeth Hassall, the Revd Jacob Madin, the Revd Dr Christian Selvaratnam*, the Revd Stephen Wilcox

LAITY: Linda Ali*, Dr Neill Burgess, Lucy Gorman*, Dr Nicholas Land*, Timothy Scott, Sammi Tooze


CLERGY: the Ven. Andrew Hillier (Chaplain of the Fleet and Archdeacon RN), the Ven. Clinton Langston* (Chaplain General and Archdeacon for the Army), the Ven. John Ellis* (Chaplain-in-Chief RAF)

LAITY: RN: Adam Kendry; Army: vacancy; RAF: Jonathan Palmer


Elaine Heath, Neil Robinson, Sarah Tupling*


PROVINCE OF CANTERBURY: the Dean of St Edmundsbury, the Very Revd Joseph Hawes; the Dean of St Paul’s, the Very Revd Dr David Ison*; the Dean of Southwark, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn*

PROVINCE OF YORK: the Dean of Southwell, the Very Revd Nicola Sullivan; one vacancy


The Revd Dr Sean Doherty, Canon Anderson Jeremiah*; Canon Judith Maltby*, the Revd Dr Mark Stephen Smith


The Revd Sister Anita Cook CDC*, Fr Thomas Seville CR*


Sister Heather Mary Francis Crane OHP, Brother Philip Dulson OSB*

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