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Have a go at the Church Times caption competition, and read the latest winner and top entries

23 July 2021


Have a go at our next caption competition (above) and win a prize of Fairtrade chocolate! 

Send your entries by email only to captioncompetition@churchtimes.co.uk by 9 a.m. on Monday 2 August.

Here is the winning entry for last week: 

 George FrostGeorge Frost

Vision and Strategy, I presume (Peter Beal)


WE RECEIVED an unusually high number of entries this time; so we have space to print only some. This was, not surprisingly, a week for the puns:

  • Ewe shall not pass (Peter Ould)
  • Late again, ewe two. Chop chop (Chris Howse)
  • And what can I do for ewe, pray tell? (Rachael Simmons)
  • We have come to have our Baaaans read (Peter Walker)
  • Sorry, your Baaahhd (Jennifer Leach)
  • It’s been quiet since flock-down (Susan Shaw)
  • Bah humbug (Rita Shah)
  • You shall not pass. The way is baaa’d (Bridget Swan)
  • I don’t Baalieve it we’re late for the service again (Sheena Batey)
  • Would you like to join the flock? (Claire Driver)
  • The new members of his congregation looked a little bit sheepish (Selena Longworth)
  • I think you must be looking for the Baaaa-ptist church down the road (Judith Leadbeater)
  • So you think you would like to join your mother at the ewecharist (Ray Pearson).


As lockdown restrictions ease, it seems that this parish church is taking a cautious approach:

  • I don’t care if you are the Lamb of God, NO MASK NO ENTRY! (Marion Tanner)
  • I’m afraid ewe can’t come in without a mask (Karen Wells)
  • Have ewe been vaccinated? (Betty Shakespeare)
  • Baaack off, social distancing still in place! (Adele Knight)
  • Wool you let us in without a mask? (Fiona Jesson)
  • Yes, I know the Lord’s my Shepherd, but you still can’t come in — we’re in flockdown (Lyn Gillespie)
  • Even with social distancing the flock were determined to attend Sunday Service (Richard Owen)
  • I don’t care if your friend insists that he’s the Lamb of God. You’re not coming in without a mask! (Carol Clarence)
  • I don’t care if the goats are in your support bubble. You can’t sit together (Chris Hammett)
  • You might be lambs of God, but you still need to wear a mask and sanitise (Geoffrey House).


Some other entries that we enjoyed:

  • It’s not Easter today, come back next year! (Joanne Cox)
  • Is this where the Good Shepherd lives? (Margaret Hamilton)
  • Confession time! Which one of you two ate the church-plant? (Ian Barge)
  • If I let you in, promise you won’t run around like woolly jumpers (Bill de Quick)
  • A good shepherd told us that you would feed his lambs (John Saxbee)
  • Is Noah’s Ark through this door? (Sheena Read)
  • During Covid, the vicar tends to whatever flock he can get (Tracy Reid)
  • Shirley and Sandra took their psalms very seriously: they’d already been lying down in green pastures and now they’d come to visit the Lord who was their shepherd (Claire Lawrenson)
  • Is this the correct venue to grab a jab, Vicar? (Lynn Neal)
  • All sheep and sizes welcome here (Julie Oakley)
  • But where are the other 98? (Kay Griffiths)
  • No, sorry, we can’t prove we are not wolves (Paul Lodge)
  • These two would make good members for the PCC (Richard Hough)
  • We have erred and strayed — which way did the shepherd go? (Michael Foster)
  • The vicar suddenly saw the churchwardens for what they really were (Patrick Irwin)
  • It may say ‘All welcome’, but, if I let you in, will that put a whole new meaning on Messy Church? (Daphne Foster)
  • Well, yes, I suppose this is the Department of Lost Sheep (Valerie Budd)
  • Lily and Larry faced the Limiting Factor (Celia Stevenson)
  • After recent vandalism at the church, the vicar stands firm against a pair of ram-raiders (Rob Falconer)
  • Sorry, we don’t feed lambs any more, pastoral care is out, it’s all mission nowadays (Alan Lewin)
  • Sorry if I wasn’t speaking clearly, Lord, I asked for a spare pair of hands to help with the benefice! (Tim Goodbody)
  • Now, about this grass-cutting job in the churchyard (Alan Gostelow)


As ever, the winner receives a prize of Fair­trade chocolate, courtesy of Divine Chocolate.



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