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Quotes of the week

19 November 2021


Thanks be to God for those who have fought so hard to get this far, even though it is not far enough

John Inge, Bishop of Worcester, marking the end of the COP26 climate summit, 14 November


My colleagues prefer that I write it down, because then they can put it in a locked drawer where it can’t do any serious harm

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, about his “exceptionally boring book about reconciliation”, quoted in the Times diary, 12 November


For 18 years I was addicted to drugs and committed crime to feed my habit. . . As a “working girl”, I was often raped, beaten, and left for dead. By the age of 33 I had lost hope. . . A month before my final arrest, I became open to the possibility of living hope in Jesus Christ; I prayed to receive God’s forgiveness and asked for His help. As I did, I experienced something I’d never known before, overwhelming love and acceptance; a sense of coming home. I felt peaceful and clean for the first time. . . it was miraculous

Trudy Makepeace, The Times, 13 November


An estimated 35,000 people in the world each day are converted to Pentecostal Christianity (including Premier league footballers). . . Pentecostals have changed the born again narrative from one of liberation to conquering

Elle Hardy, The Times, 13 November


Day 10 of Covid isolation and tomorrow I am free! I had hoped to achieve a great deal, but rather forgot that (even double jabbed) Covid makes you feel ill

Philip North, Bishop of Burnley, Twitter, 16 November


Prompted by a recent conversation I had with a Jewish friend, I say a bit about the shemitta ideal in the Torah, the “jubilee year” in which slaves are freed and the land is left fallow, so that we remember we don’t and can’t have a proprietorial relation to what is around us, human or non-human. Reflecting on the preceding days’ discussions, I wonder if the point of art is to spring us from just that trap of being proprietorial, to loosen our chokehold on what we think we own and understand and make us ready to learn and receive again

Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, New Statesman diary, 10 November


Everything the metal culture stands for is very close to the Christian ethos

George Papachristodoulou, founder of Fire and Blood, a church for metal fans in Chatham, Kent, BBC News, 10 November


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