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Crossword No. 1612

16 July 2021

by Michael Hannon

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1 Chic alto friskily embracing everyone (8)

5 Superior woman keeping others in order (6)

10 Combine to demolish giant tree (9)

11 Doctor introducing green furnishings (5)

12 Flair shown by the French in some small measure (4)

13 It’s not the women who have taken orders here (9)

15 In the morning singer joins a party accompanied by Republican diplomat (10)

17 Relation tracked down in Taunton (4)

19 Pity the girl looking after mother-in-law! (4)

20 The oily PM’s deranged sort of belief (10)

22 Awareness of one in short Scriptural passage? (9)

24 Priest for ever? I ask you! (4)

26 Declare invalid girl has early signs of ulcer (5)

27 Mum’s niece gets excited, bringing different churches together (9)

28 At the start sailor alters course and turns the air blue (6)

29 Union celebrations — midweek bashes (8)



1 Murderer featured in Jamaica Inn (4)

2 Latest on Cabinet being reshuffled — the ‘dries’ fully commit to it (5,10)

3 Manual worker sat on the bench (8)

4 Patriarch holding savings on account (5)

6 Not a nice person — one encountered by cartoon curate? (3,3)

7 Letter supporting divorcee’s ban from the church (15)

8 Season for little woolly jumpers (10)

9 Formal event held by church concerning cash after note goes missing (8)

14 Church officials retouched saint’s scar (10)

16 Chosen maybe as successor to Dean, excited about having been elected (8)

18 Crooked type whose charges are fleeced (8)

21 Maybe church supporter, unwell in Paris, is being cut off (6)

23 Sinking in river you would finally weep (5)

25 Prophet’s body raised up (4)

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Sat 28 May @ 08:51
Pat Ashworth reflects on the public evidence of the Queen’s personal faith https://t.co/QOrLp2Mtbh

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