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Have a go at the Church Times caption competition, and read the latest winner and top entries

12 November 2021


Have a go at our next caption competition and win a prize of Fairtrade chocolate!

Send entries by email only to captioncompetition@churchtimes.co.uk by 9 a.m., Monday 22 November.

Here is the winning entry for last week: 

Facebook/Archbishop of CanterburyFacebook/Archbishop of Canterbury

It was with some relief that the Archbishop received the congregation’s gift of a free tattoo (Philip Lickley)


THIS week’s picture has, not surprisingly, inspired some COP26-themed entries (even though it was taken during a visit to Guildford diocese):

  • Archbishop Justin was delighted to see the Highlanders were drumming up some support for the COP26 meeting in Glasgow (Daphne Foster)
  • Despite the COP summit, it was not exactly an eco-friendly welcome for the Archbishop: noise pollution from the big bass drum and gaseous emissions from the bagpipes (Charles Taylor)
  • Using human puff and muscle was much better environmentally than using electrical instruments (Patrick Irwin)
  • Is all that hot air coming out of your pipes environmentally friendly? (Linda Moulding).


When these sorts of surprises are sprung on an Archbishop, it is not always clear what response is expected:

  • When they asked me to help with the banns, this isn’t quite what I was expecting (Fiona Drinkell)
  • Justin wished he’d kept up the bagpipe lessons he started in lockdown (Sue Chick)
  • We are piping to you, Archbishop. Why are you not dancing? (Jonathan Haigh)
  • I’m a dab hand on the triangle (Barry Tighe)
  • Don’t suppose you take requests, do you? (Paula Ward)
  • Archbishop Justin was marching in step — especially as he was on his own (Michael Foster)
  • It wasn’t often that Archbishop Justin had to march to the beat of someone else’s drum (Nick Baker)
  • Yes, Archbishop, we can also bang the drum! (Geoff Davies).


Some other entries that we enjoyed:

  • I could do with that to wake folk up during my sermons (Valerie Ganne)
  • What was that sermon about the drum major instinct about again? (Gordon MacLeod)
  • In one sense, your Grace, we are all The Proclaimers (Jonathan Jeffery)
  • Praise Him on the drums, the pipes, and the . . . orange lollipops? (Rutton Viccajee)
  • I may Just(in) as Welby in Edinburgh, but those toffee apples are a sure sign I’d be better off staying here in Canterbury for bonfire night (Madeleine Charlton)
  • When the drum roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there (Paul Brett)
  • Archie’s bash-up for the archbishop (Peter Beal)
  • An unusual judge for the Battle of the Bands, but the Church Commissioners welcomed the fee (Vicky Deasley)
  • The Archbishop felt that he was rather under-dressed for the occasion (Mervyn Cox).
  • The Bishop of Canterbury was drumming up business once again (Wendy Preece)
  • Red drumsticks — I hope they strike the right note! (Steve Davies)
  • E by gum that’s a big drum (Andrew Hindley)
  • I’m a big fan of Drum & Mass (Stephen Woodbridge)
  • I see your kilt is over ne he miah, you must be cold (Clive Deverell)
  • The welcome committee’s rendition of ‘Praise him with timbrel and dances: praise him on the strings and pipe’ was much appreciated by the Archbishop (Philip Deane)
  • Hm, if only I had hands, I could play those (Stephen Grummett)
  • Am I too late for the Maidens beating Tambourines? (Alison Nuorto)
  • Justin time for a drum roll (Michael Watts).
  • Why did the marching band cross the road? They didn’t, the Archbishop was in the way (Samantha Atherton)
  • Noisy and out of tune. Another day in the Archbishop’s life (Bryan Gadd)
  • Just-in Time! (John W. Barnes)
  • The Archbishop was secretly envious of the new vestments of the Scottish Episcopal Church, but didn’t think the pipes and drums could ever replace the organ loft (Liz Simpson)
  • When they said there’d be big drumsticks, I was expecting a chicken barbecue (Rob Falconer).


As ever, the winner receives a prize of Fair­trade chocolate, courtesy of Divine Chocolate. divinechocolate.com


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