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Interview: Lorna Byrne, spiritual teacher, author

31 December 2020

‘I’ve never seen anyone without a guardian angel’

Alenushka Kremer

It all has to do with God. When I was a child, the angels would always say to me that one day I would write about God and them. Years later, I was walking home with my third child sleeping in her pram, and Archangel Michael came up behind me and called my name.

I was a bit annoyed, because I didn’t have time. I was a young mother and I had two children at school and a baby. I said: “What do you want?” Archangel Michael said: “Lorna, it’s getting near your time for you to write, and help will be sent.”

I said to Archangel Michael: “I can’t even read or write,” but I knew one day I would say yes. I’m severely dyslexic; so to me it’s a miracle. After my husband had died, I just knew I had to say yes, and, as soon as I said yes, knocks came on the door. Someone brought a computer and a printer, and I wrote Angels in my Hair. That was 11 years ago. I’ve heard from hundreds and thousands of people saying the book changed their life for the better.

I grew up in a poor family in the early ’50s in Ireland. From the moment I was born, God allowed me to see angels. I remember lying in my cot when my mum was fixing my blankets, and I was reaching up trying to catch or touch them. I didn’t know they were angels, of course, until the day when I was two and I was sitting by the fire, playing with blocks my dad had made for my little brother, who died at ten weeks. When our hands touched, they sparkled, and there was so much love. The angel said they were angels and I must keep it a secret; so I did, until Angels in my Hair.

I was invited to go on TV shows and the radio in Ireland and abroad, and was travelling to many countries for about six months of the year. Now, I’m doing a lot of teaching online, and I don’t mind a bit of a rest.

I’ve spoken at many Muslim centres. One high-up imam asked me why we believe in three gods; so I explained to him — I had to keep it simple – that it’s just one God known by three names. We must find peace between all religions and none. I’ll always do my best to keep on promoting peace throughout the world.

Priests and nuns, rabbis, ministers, and bishops — people I thought knew everything about God — have turned around and asked me if God is real. That still shocks me. God is real. That’s my message: God is real, and he has given you a guardian angel to be the keeper of your soul.

Lots of people say they don’t believe in God, but they do believe in their guardian angel; so I tell them, it’s God who gave you your guardian angel.

I’ve been travelling all over the world, and I’ve never seen anyone without a guardian angel. If I did, it would be devastating. That light is with everyone. Even bad persons. Everyone has a soul. When I was a child, I’d see the full glory, but it was too distracting, and now it’s a beam of light about three steps behind the person. That beam just opens up, perhaps for a split second, and the angel says to me something about that person and I pray for them as I walk by. God is light, our souls are light. Jesus has often spoken about the light — but the world doesn’t understand clearly.

Lots of children know they have a guardian angel. Sometimes their parents ask me to tell their children the name of their angel. I just ask the children and 99 per cent of them can tell me. Their parents are always shocked.

Angels are neither male nor female, and they speak to me in English because I speak English. Sometimes they speak in another language, and sometimes I can understand it, but it’s very rare. I hear them as I hear you talking to me.

I asked, “God, why me?” God answered. “Why not you?” I’m only an ordinary person, but people do listen, and I know it helps people to understand God and gives them more faith, knowing that God loves them, and there’s a meaning to life.

We were always very poor, and even though I have money now, I give it away. Material things don’t bring you closer to God. I share everything with everyone I possibly can, and people share with me, so I can help others.

Even before I wrote Angels in my Hair, Archangel Michael and the other angels would often remind me that, one day, I’d have a foundation helping children here in Ireland and abroad. He reminded me, “Lorna, don’t forget about the foundation for children.” My children said: “Mum, how can you do a foundation for children when you don’t have money?” Somehow, it happened, and it’s just celebrated five years.

I believe everyone can see angels if we open spiritually. That day will come. People are hungry and thirsty to know the meaning of life, but they have been conditioned to believe that only solid things are real. The Church does its best, but it’s done horrific things; so have other religions. We have to ask forgiveness, and justice should come, because what happened was wrong. So many people use God as a weapon, wanting power over others.

Why should we be afraid to speak of the spiritual experiences that happen every day? The elderly tell me that they’ve seen an angel, but they can’t tell their family because they would be locked away. A young girl told me she was in a car crash, and, as the car was skidding, she saw angel hands on the bonnet of the car, slowing it down, and everyone was saved.

I’ve seen the unemployed angels since I was a little child. God is still tumbling them out by the bucketful. Just as they come to the earth, they straighten up, because their feet never actually touch the ground. They are there to help everyone. The world is always asking God to send them to help with things like carrying shopping, or with their children.

It hurts me when I see what we’re doing in the world. We don’t have to be greedy and selfish, having wars, killing each other, starving children, leaving people cold and hungry. We don’t have to be destroying our planet, killing nature.

Seeing a smile on a child’s face makes me happy, and their laughter. Loving my children, my family, and loving everyone in the world.

I love the sound of the voice of God, his loving touch, and God’s presence in my heart and mind and my soul.

God and the angels have given me hope for the future. God has given us free will; we can change. Let’s start to make some of the right choices. God wants us to grow spiritually — that is, connect spiritually to your soul. Let’s make this world like a little glimpse of heaven.

I’ve been shown so many wonderful good futures, and I know that they will all come together. All faiths will come together and pray together, and no one will be afraid of one another.

Prayer is very powerful. It doesn’t matter if you’re dancing, kneeling, standing . . . prayer is prayer. Miracles happen every day — you’re alive and talking to me — we just don’t recognise them.

My soul is in constant prayer — every moment of every day. No matter what I am doing, even answering your questions. I pray that we listen to God and bring love, compassion, and peace into our lives. I pray to God for everyone in the world.

If I was locked in a church, I know God would be there with me, and my guardian angel; but, if I was to ask for someone else, I’d ask for Archangel Michael.


Lorna Byrne was talking to Terence Handley MacMath.

My Guardian Angel, My Best Friend: Seven stories for children by Lorna Byrne is published by Coronet, £12.99 (CT Bookshop, £11.69).

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