Crossword No. 1555

24 January 2020


1  French philosopher and a couple of scientists in China (6)

5  Female saint in market suppressing terrible rage (8)

9  Broadcasting technician, fellow not regarded as heretic? (8)

10 Short story, something slushy in Jewish literature (6)

11 An officer’s lass surprisingly seen as today’s saint (7,2,5)

12 Christian woman spotted in cloisters (4)

13 Angriest outpouring? One doesn’t react (5,3)

16 Agreement old archdeacon couched in jargon (8)

17 Look for someone to portray Jesus (4)

19 Huge paper pads I supply for religious writings (14)

22 Meeting of witches and Coptic bishop in street (6)

23 The male model had to wait (8)

24 What’s culturally distinctive in the clan, I fancy (8)

25 Firm in region laying 501 off (6)



2  Distant gentlemen maybe being entertained by a female (5)

3  OT enemy in ancient area with occupants destroyed, crushed (9)

4  Biblical character walking with difficulty, needing companion (6)

5  See him involved with monastic Lent where abbey is located (4-5-6)

6  Accredited and pleased, but no good (8)

7  Greeting from Cockney coming to a Scottish town (5)

8  Old lover with upper-class banter, frightfully high-spirited (9)

12 Hurry to create an impression of intelligence? (4,5)

14 Musician, not totally loyal male, one who was in denial (9)

15 Magnificent mum in charge of keeping kid (8)

18 King Charles is repeatedly in a critical situation (6)

20 A pope in the city? (5)

21 Greek room in which stuff is dumped? (5)

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