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Crossword No. 1585

21 August 2020

by Andrew Patterson


1 Angels in organised armies outside fronts of public houses (8)

5 Peace unfortunately suffering a setback in the morning (6)

10 Minister starts with unusual electric light show (5)

11 Church officer with nasty scar, odd-looking saint (9)

12 Religious institution placing containers outside most of northern city (4,6)

13 Seats wiped, put back with little time wasted (4)

14 Book deal arranged around province (6)

15 Holy person embroiled in convicted tax evader’s crowning achievement (8)

17 Recovers as result of unexpected miracles (8)

20 Spotted one politician in the fold (6)

23 Some rude Anglican cleric (4)

24 Ministerial body and others I represented in school (10)

27 Sin nearly devastated parish parson’s time in office (9)

28 Religion succeeded in African country to the west (5)

29 Lounge around and look half-cut with head rolling over (6)

30 Church helper missed a fantastic end to sermon (8)



1 Ethiopian prince turning up, a husband for matriarch (5)

2 Relish nothing, always being upset (5,2)

3 Dad entertains female and old chaps, remarkable people? (9)

4 Feature of chaplain’s identity in prison? (6)

6 Devoted biblical king taking first day off (4)

7 Skyscraper finally coated in pieces, in style of Chrysler Building (3,4)

8 Grotesque person beginning to yell outside a religious building (9)

9 Refuse main course after terrible menu is removed (6)

14 Reckless person mishandled live adder (9)

15 Salad plant from Greek island (3)

16 Very good ale — sink it excitedly (9)

18 One part of church liturgy originally written by accident (7)

19 Male with skill that’s surprising female dedicated to housework (6)

21 Difficulty for British Museum getting French article installed (7)

22 Site of Oracle was first set up before appearance of Greek character (6)

25 Protest over termination of proven skilful person (5)

26 Enthusiasm of little brother going round India (4)

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