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Quotes of the week

16 October 2020

A new column that gathers striking sayings and writings from the past few days. Readers’ contributions welcome


I think this was the blessing from God that I caught it.

President Trump on his Covid-19 infection


It has been clear for at least 30 years that what is now described as “evangelical” in the US is a cultural movement and has nothing to do with Christianity. They have created a new religion based on ill-educated Americans’ prejudices, fears and worship of materialism.

Reply column, Financial Times magazine, 10/11 October


Coronavirus is not a war, and military metaphors are a distraction from how we must respond to it. But, as with a war, it requires mental resilience to pull through, and no pretence that it will be “all over by Christmas”. The Church can and must be a powerful champion of that mental resilience, through the long and hard months that lie ahead.

David Walker, Bishop of Manchester


Once we’ve fixed the roof we’ve then got to make good all the damage; there are mushrooms growing out of the wall. It means there’s a group of relatively elderly volunteers who now have to raise vast sums, and deal with all sorts of stakeholders, to restore a damaged heritage building, which takes time and energy and all of our resources.

Selina Garner, Team Vicar in the Wellington and District Team Ministry, after lead-thieves left parishioners with a £27,600 bill


Fact is, if today Christ himself came to the floor of Congress and repeated his teachings, many would malign him as a radical and eject him from the chamber.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


It has been said that a crisis does not create character; it reveals it. Actually, both are true. But, as we navigate uncharted waters in the months ahead, it is the solidarity of humility that must trump the sham of hubris.

Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds


“What’s the best thing about being a bishop? ‘People.’ What’s the worst thing about being a bishop? ‘People.’ But know this: you’ll never meet anyone God does not love.”

Colin Fletcher, retiring Bishop of Dorchester


What the Church brings, its USP, is all the kind of weird stuff. If you regard Jesus as just an enlightened teacher, then, ultimately, he’s no different to philosophers, teachers from other periods of history. . . But if what the Gospels, the New Testament, the Church teaches is true, then the strangeness is so strange that it must surely animate everything that Christians say about the figure of Jesus.

Tom Holland (Church Times podcast)


We invite readers’ contributions to this new column. Quotations have to be from the past few days (or quoted therein), and we needed author, source, and date. Please send promptly to quotes@churchtimes.co.uk

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