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How broad is GAFCON?

10 January 2020

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Would there ever be room in GAFCON for female or unapologetically high-church priests without their having to abrogate, respectively, their Orders or their churchmanship?

Your answer: As a movement for renewal among Anglicans, GAFCON is open to all those who can assent to the Jerusalem Declaration. Every gathering of GAFCON has included Evangelicals, Charismatics, and Catholic Anglicans. There is a spectrum of views, within GAFCON, about the ordination of women to the historic ministry of the Church, but a good number of ordained women, both deacons and priests, have been, and are, involved in GAFCON.

Susie Leafe (Director of Operations, GAFCON UK)
Fowey, Cornwall


Your questions: How much of the New Testament seems to be founded on the caballa — Revelation and St Paul’s writing, for example? The ephiroth and typhoon, the sevenfold spirit of God, the prefection of the contem­plat­ive life, etc.

P. B.


Why have the media started using the word “vigil” to refer to any act of remembrance, regardless of the time of day? Don’t they know that the essence of vigil is being awake when you would normally be asleep?

G. W.


On the First Sunday after Christmas, most mainstream churches celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. The ASB, Celebrating Common Prayer, and The Promise of His Glory each make provision for this important feast day. Why has it been omitted from Common Worship, despite being kept by many Anglican churches?

R. W. C.


I have just read that a priest who has been long retired has been appointed a “Canon of Honour”. I thought that no one could be appointed a canon after retirement age; so is this something new?

G. S.


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