Crossword 1518

03 May 2019

By the Revd Robert D. Carter


6 Colonel meets upper-class doctor and a saint (7)

7 Bring out heart of great wartime leader (5)

9 A delay set back the celebration (4)

10 Can I upset church minister, being imprecise? (10)

11 Hen party arranged for Paul’s friend in Rome (8)

13 One who eats less is speedier (6)

15 Martha tended to harbour this bitter hostility (4)

17 Rotter entraps good German philosopher (5)

18 Native American provides Religious Education in church (4)

19 Strangely nominates little Nathaniel to go to find a son of Jacob (6)

20 Leaders of English victory with old message that may be called forth (8)

23 Patriarch’s in good health, given supply of water (6,4)

26 Israelite due to make a comeback around close of Sabbath (4)

27 Pertaining to area in Arizona, lifeless (5)

28 Church income once set out by prophetess (7)



1 Work in church to give convert security, it’s said (5,5)

2 Lord’s judge clothed in white? (6)

3 Lawyer given thanks for basic information (4)

4 Forgiving maiden if cruel, nasty (8)

5 Turn up before bishop and show audible appreciation (4)

6 Church music person controlling meeting (5)

8 Immoderate section of text remembered (7)

12 Point of view could be right (5)

14 Religious rite that comes to nought in Californian city (10)

16 Son of Zadok — him included in articles A to Z (7)

17 Bird’s home in sacred precincts — I kid you not! (8)

21 Heather follows mighty king, giving suggestive looks (6)

22 Archbishop’s office (5)

24 Has to confess on Sunday (4)

25 Man heading up old Persian land (4)

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