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Crossword 1539

27 September 2019

By Geoff Millin


9 Grave words, maybe including lies (7)

10 Exalted shouts by a girl: “Praise the Lord!” (7)

11 Behold endless peace in this vicinity (5)

12 Restore life to most of county after religious education — about time! (9)

13 Scrooge e.g., competent but not happy (9)

15 Gentle prod given by new arbitrator with leader gone (5)

16 Matt condemns men going wrong — disobeying these? (3,12)

19 A medal perhaps from a conflict getting collected finally (5)

21 Cleric stopped short before our church in awe (9)

23 The fellow is hiding in an upper room, believing there’s no God (9)

24 Members of a flock with female English pastor (5)

25 Function with angels half hidden in temporary accommodation (7)

26 One of the plagues showing a place with trees gutted (7)



1 Chaos for which one’s falsely blamed (6)

2 What could be said once of a bishopric (8)

3 An apostle, preacher and unique letter-writer primarily (4)

4 Little angels damaged chimer worn by upper-class bishop (8)

5 Wholesome church teas being served out (6)

6 One may be excited by moon and star with little hesitation (10)

7 One new theologian with grasp of Early English, forsooth (6)

8 A serving female with excellent hair (8)

14 Converted don readier to be given new ministry? (10)

16 A birthday celebration, e.g., but with turning up and eating separately (8)

17 Canal you finally managed somehow with six in boat (8)

18 Nobody going round Ness worked out what the story of the Monster is! (8)

20 Capital of heathen state (6)

21 Go round with speed carrying holy books (6)

22 Reveal former partner with attitude (6)

24 One hundred in group, a religious subdivision (4)

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