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The young Corinthians

22 March 2019

A village school in Herefordshire introduced its pupils to St Paul — with creative results

“My floating gates are symbolic. God will let you into heaven no matter what you have done”. See gallery for more pictures 

“My floating gates are symbolic. God will let you into heaven no matter what you have done”. See gallery for more pictures 

AT EARDISLEY Church of England Primary School, the pupils are given a different value to contemplate each month. The value is explored in worship and throughout the curriculum.

The head teacher, Bridget Knight, writes: “We take great pleasure in encouraging personal reflection and spiritual growth through a focus on Christian values. Values-based education underpins the life and work of our school. It is challenging, as it calls us to be the best we can be, at all times and in all ways, promoting a way of being that values the self, others and the environment.

“The vocabulary of values has become the language of the school, and is universally used and understood. Through vibrant debate and discussion, as well as through silent reflection, children develop a refreshingly insightful view about issues, both spiritual and worldly. They think deeply about challenging questions, and show a willingness to offer new and original ideas.

“We consider the value’s biblical root, its relevance to our world today, and how we can then appreciate and live out this value in our own lives.”

Last month, the value chosen was “Grace”. Children in Years 5 and 6 (nine- to 11-year-olds) considered grace as an expression of God’s unconditional love. Having heard and read 1 Corinthians 13, the children were invited to write their own verses in response. They worked in mixed ability groups of five, taking a line each, with no adult input.

Later, they created artworks and engaged in further reflection. Ms Knight reports: “The children were thrilled to share their verses at an assembly for their families. The real value in engaging in such work is the lasting effect 1 Corinthians 13 will have on the children throughout their lives: what better inspiration than this?”

Bridget Knight is also CEO of Values-based Education International.


Eardisley pupils working on their pictures


Verses inspired by 1 Corinthians 13

Love is the pathway to endless joy
Of which we seek to find
Vivid memories of friendship and hope
Ending all hate, and opening the gates to happiness.

Love is the swirling aura of the universe
Love is the air we breathe
The earth we live on and
The life we seek to find.
It is the past, present and future.

Love is wonderful
Love is kind
Love doesn’t die but
Love stays alive
Love is the flower that always blossoms

Love is like a paper clip, holding everything together
Love is never in anger
Love never gives up
Love is an infinite loop,
An advent of life
Love is a bubble that never bursts
Love never fails
Love conquers all.

Love is kind
Love is faithful
It is not disgraced
Love lies not in evil but in grace.
Love is the start and the end
Love has its wings spread wide

Love is like a book opening
Love is full of life that glows
Love pushes evil away
Love does not envy
Love goes on even if your body doesn’t
Love never fades
Love is like a flower that never closes

Love is the essence of life
Love is kind
Love is not argumentative
Love is caring
Love does not end with death

Love holds a heart together
Love is patient and wise
Love is like the lines of a song
Love is not selfish
Love is not brutal
Love is not failure
Love is life-changing

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