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Crossword No. 1551

20 December 2019

by Don Manley, Paul Henderson, and Margaret Irvine


Each clue is a double clue consisting of two clues run together but separated by a redundant

word. The 26 initial letters of the redundant words spell out a seasonal quotation which must be

entered on the line above. The letters against each clue show which answer comes first (the one to

Grid A or the one to Grid B).


5 A,B Europeans, strange people crossing river, admired religious code,

something told mostly by wet soil (6;6)

6 B,A Agitate purist, awfully nice female relative briefly embracing a

companion (4,2;6)

8 B,A Blessing from ex-Pope enthralling one curate finally, generous

Pentecostal gift completely picked up with enthusiasm (10;4,6)

10 A,B Promise a hot exceptionally energy-sapping Christmas — no

energy left (4,4)

11 B,A Banter to get return of gold book, luxurious service-book, and fail

with a scowl finally (6;6)

13 A,B Encourages popular features of church architecture suggesting

driver takes company to a church many ultimately overlooked (8;8)

14 A,B Halted car having cracked significant church frontage — I felt fear,

shattering hope of heavenly existence? (9;9)

18 B,A Emperor’s mother hasn’t unfortunately to consume stewed eel,

requiring married brother in continental area to provide delectable

food (2,6;8)

20 A,B Senior minister’s mulled wine obviously a concession, knocked

back before prescribed medicinal drink (6;6)

21 B,A Christmassy weather in South currently making part of Frome

moist, note (4;4)

22 A,B Boss to circle article: ‘That topic has and is developed in seasonal

piece’ (10;3,7)

24 B,A Artist having detained outside messenger hallucinates, spots saints

dancing (6;6)

25 B,A Activity with Scotsman recalled in name of God, expressed in

accepting Ichthys? On the contrary, stop (6;6)



1 A,B Extremely contrary Yankee priest renounced merriment, praying

all the time finally (4;4)

2 B,A Joyful short canticle introducing northern expression to lips,

excitedly cut by Kentucky chaplain (8;3,5)

3 A,B Male model rising for ‘prayer’ addressed goddess, later entering

drinkers’ self-help group (6;6)

4 A,B The French added to dire records: last bishop oversaw church

services, failing small members (10;10)

5 B,A ‘Jesus, our star’, they say, more original somehow but lacking in

traditional doxology (3,3;6)

7 B,A Religious art from Mondrian, since solving priestly reformer’s clue

others uncovered (6;6)

9 A,B Make trouble as island in Canaries abused ordinands in custody,

including nationalist personified (5,4;9)

12 A,B Vagrant scared a lot of priests, feigning elevated ecstasy in

sanctuary — charge follows (10;10)

15 A,B Satirical Frenchman murdered brother in lift, almost garrotting

rascal — number one son sues (8;8)

16 B,A Number in school hum lines, hot bits in December sing-song (6,6)

17 A,B Jack has new hopes to be holy man operating on the dean’s side,

transformed demoniac wasting little time (6,6)

19 B,A Praises once involved lots rejoicing right inside Polish place

dedicated to saint (6,6)

23 A,B Keen to help around five, you render carols maybe in streets in

Gloucester (4,4)

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