Crossword 1516

18 April 2019

By Geoff Millin


1 I start to forecast in good time for the present (4)

3 A place for sacrifice is to change we hear (5)

6 A blockbuster English movie (4)

11 Support a colleague without transgressing (7)

12 High spirits expressed initially with love in an old language (7)

13 Choices of medication, switching the first pair (7)

15 Greek goddess ­— one in stream swimming (7)

16 Rumours always follow a funeral car stopping short (7)

18 One Roman Catholic male eccentric in wondrous act (7)

20 Church officer made a contact internally (6)

21 Judge in east free from vulgarity (6)

23 An effigy, not very old, oddly returned (3)

25 Keep control, restricting volunteers (6)

26 Regard with awe ­­— or the opposite, when saint lapses (6)

29 Sacred College dignitaries have spirits clear and animated (8-7)

30 Name given to festival in the Orient (7)

31 Considers a respectful good will greeting (7)



1 A record written up about barbarian in holy site (8)

2 A trivial matter leads to high tension and conflict (5)

4 Unlike members of the clergy, found among elevated royalty (3)

5 A very English greeting: be well and happy (3)

7 Solid figure in publicity department with a sort of belief (5)

8 First of communion wine brought up in a case (8)

9 Ritual to vanquish diabolic forces? (5-9)

10 Gift from congregation to priest — fancy seating for free (6,8)

14 Proverb enduring when time flies (6)

15 A recess in church containing bay rum inappropriately (6)

17 Pure tears flowing from eyes? (9)

19 One admitting guilt has to talk about sin initially therefore (9)

22 Source of divine revelation for a cleric partly (6)

24 Population count has to be aware that we are here reportedly (6)

27 Kind of crow before new day’s beginning (4)

28 Special old city horseman’s accoutrement (4)

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