Crossword 1509

01 March 2019

By Philip Marlow


1 Religious group getting second run by battle site (7)

5 Former bishop left a watch? (7)

9 Some services on ice regarding sound (5)

10 A day with archdeacon, true revolutionary, is exciting experience (9)

11 Hide chapter on Anglican church by a liberal (7)

12 Soothing expression about a time in operating area? (7)

13 Primate and journalist taking in very large Celts regathered close to harbour for statement of faith (8,5)

17 Fool embracing son in East Essex town is hymnodist (7,6)

20 Priest with proverb heading off? It’s feature of a service (7)

22 Reserve before eight, say, drinks accompaniment? (3,4)

23 Verse adopted by one with depression in cathedral city, clearly (9)

24 Popular stop for non-mainstream group (5)

25 Number in retreat east of river in US city (7)

26 OT character has resort to plants (7)



1 Chap cut by American in charge, first person to be organist, say (8)

2 Come across series I love about holy books (3,4)

3 Monster sat here, disturbed players (9)

4 Come to a halt in choir member’s seat (5)

5 Sacred work covered in short by eleven? (9)

6 For instance, perfect figure on the outside of shrine (5)

7 Characteristic of rider befitting a properly presented picture? (7)

8 Not altogether free ferries for midshipman (6)

14 Bring culture to drunk in the glen (9)

15 I see e.g. text for analysis with no end of scripture? (9)

16 Something burning observed on way up in mountain range (8)

17 Companion with woman gets communion accessory? (7)

18 See unusually rude set initially in pilgrimage site (7)

19 Promoted patrol being positive (6)

21 Foolish element brought up in abject penitence (5)

22 Pastoral poem with idly composed line (5)

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