Christmas Prize Crossword No. 1500

21 December 2018

by Don Manley, Paul HendersonC. J.  Brougham and Vince Henderson

The senders of the first three correct solutions opened on 14 January 2019 will win a copy of Sacred Spaces: The awe-inspiring architecture of churches and cathedrals by Jacques Bosser, and with photographs by Guillaume de Laubier kindly donated by Abrams. This large-format hard-back book is a sump­tuous collection of illuminat­ing views of extraordinary Chris­tian churches and cathedrals. The revered landmarks include Catho­lic, Pro­­testant and Orthodox places of worship. The book is illustrated throughout with stun­­ning photo­graphs.

Send your competition entries to:

Christmas Crossword

Church Times, 3rd Floor, Invicta House, 108-114 Golden Lane, London EC1Y 0TG

Clues marked with an asterisk are anagrams. When their answers are placed in the correct order they provide an extract from 6A,41D



1 Sequence she arranged to convey power in seasonal message (6,6)

7,51 Maid in gang converted by priest (8,8)

12 Mountain in Nepal perhaps — but perhaps not! (3)

13 Behind pile of rocks dope exploded missile (7)

14 Awareness of an emotional strain for listener (9)

15 Group of Magi starts to look extremely tired? Poem shows that (7)

16 Excitement with gold being carried day and night, day and night. . . (7)

17 Christmas being changeless? Not entirely (5)

18 Ways in which toys will get left out (5)

20 Gathered around set of books in church, choir may sing this (5)

21 Scoff when terrible introit is introduced by Greek character (9)

24 Lover no longer writes? This writer’s very dear (9)

27 Boldly race around in competition between two close sides (5,5)

28 What’s expected, sort going round one church providing special bit of entertainment (5,5)

29 Monastic music? Set includes a short measure (10)

33 Cheers development of a greater objective (6,4)

35 Ignorer of Bible e.g. upsetting one dean and RR (3-6)

37 They summarise pamphlets given to sailors (9)

38 Priest following large woolly animal (5)

40 Engineers covering City area, start of comprehensive survey (5)

42 Sound of disgust heard by a spiky plant (5)

44 Welsh headland sounds obscure (7)

45 Santa slightly troubled, endless ice being devilish (7)

47 Computer program a scoundrel affixed to American equipment (9)

48 Bell not used in Christmas song or music in adverts (7)

50 Commotion? Head out to restrain it (3)

51 See 7

52 St Nick? He may start to climb agilely here (7-5)



1 Spectacular advance of Mary, perhaps exalted, bearing unusual male (7,4)

2 Office worker, not at first weary, runs away drained (7)

3 Some relearn a tale of birth (5)

4 Greek character with cakes, turning over in bed (6)

5 First lady almost quits (3)

6 Henry enters curious cloistral part of cathedral (10)

8 Albert and Jack feature in church (5)

9 Woman and Ali, in employment, convert to yearly payments (9)

10 What I do in 6 to be heard (a piece of cake) (5)

11 Lanky group of labourers sitting on heather (8)

14 Festive items calling for much opening (6,9)

16 Nocturnal home caller in strange thefts — armchairs! (6,9)

19 Opening two letters from Syrian and Scotsman (5)

22 Sounds of knell and lament for writer of fantasies (7)

23 Bad iron shot found somewhere within plane (7)

25 Parish pet sadly not with it, maybe (7)

26 Daft dictator once relating to listener (7)

30 Like carol’s midnight shift (5)

31 Only child initially put in the locker, cruelly (5,6)

32 Holy musical composition from orchestra above Jack stuck in rising lift (10)

34 Worn-out old banger half gone — it I fixed with RAC (9)

36 Virgin territory (8)

39 Free from sin, a bishop needs to explain (7)

41 Religious music — inferior piece in wedding location (7)

43 Primate in credit making dodgy deal? (5)

44 Some ‘Bottoms up’ message in cracker? (5)

46 Priest finally begs for things to be done (5)

49 Game in which hunter loses rod (3)

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