Crossword 1413

07 April 2017

By the Revd Robert D. Carter


1 Paper admitting vagrant’s large capacity for drink (8)

5 Remove section of church denying opening to heaven (6)

9 Bent on retribution, Eve flung out (8)

10 Pontiff almost acquires skill producing modernist drawing (3,3)

12 Saint went by horse or went on foot (6)

13 Prayer certain to yield joy (8)

15 Really popular introduction to the OT book (2,5)

16 Temple priest’s dogged by a genial essayist (4)

20 Old pulpit found in Flamborough (4)

21 Biblical lady protects boy from stonework (7)

25 Primates give sanctuary to woefully lost Christian leaders (8)

26 Reluctant to use a bit of the Bible (6)

28 Felt discontent as England’s openers struggled (6)

29 Religious enthusiasts choose to be surrounded by returning offspring (8)

30 Invested with what one is owed in conclusion (6)

31 Artist and music-maker? (8)



1 Change is ever tricky (6)

2 Lacking food owing to suspended transport (6)

3 Bishop, helping financially, is acceptable amongst the flock? (8)

4 Fever taking time to go around middle of January (4)

6 In the morning exam is not concerned with ethics (6)

7 Leader of Catholics has blue scattered around garment (8)

8 Ruth Lane, unorthodox church member (8)

11 High spirits from member of family losing head (7)

14 Visionary doctor, a mere phoney (7)

17 Galilean resident awfully near, seen in cape (8)

18 Jack, sorted out and forgiven (8)

19 Former minister in holy environment (8)

22 Goddess had to protect female (6)

23 Soldiers do business, a trying experience (6)

24 Screen being shifted to reveal church vessel (6)

27 Old Testament character prepared to face leader of Hittites (4)

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