Crossword 1417

05 May 2017

By Peter Chamberlain


1 Second chief is Matthew, in charge of splits in a church (10)

6 Pass time as inexperienced youth (4)

8 European lady in India beams ‘Hi!’ excitedly, hugging monsieur (8)

9 Make-believe land seen in mountain range on the way back (6)

10 One loves adult taking new order (6)

12 Make notes on just a trifle of jingly verse (8)

14 No longer in the morning papers? (4)

15 Prophet calms down non-English philosopher (10)

17 Old money I look at coming from monks? (10)

19 Issue of magazine going back (4)

20 Completely at a loss in the main? (3,2,3)

22 Splendid according to reserve player outside (6)

24 Final act in which one is fully covered (6)

25 Music-maker at home appearing in red (8)

26 In hymn-sheet extra printed words (4)

27 One does without practising it (4-6)



1 A doctor embraced by salvationists in dance (5)

2 Terrible nut, last minister — one to blow his own trumpet perhaps (15)

3 Hair Amish combed for Hindu instructor (9)

4 Check when commander offers something saucy (7)

5 Charlie with unidentified priest (5)

6 Member of sect with broken hips in cathedral (15)

7 Possibly want guitar string to make this (5)

11 Stuck in road, extra lorry on the right (7)

13 Wanting more — but not greedy (7)

16 Worker on street with gymnastic feat (9)

18 Fortune left in part of church (7)

20 Religious leader Jack having half of the beer? (5)

21 Paul’s companion trimmed sails (5)

23 Nut in biblical location wanting hospital got rid of (5)

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