Crossword No. 1450

21 December 2017

Christmas Prize crossword by Stephen Court

The senders of the first three solutions opened on 15 January will win a copy of English Parish Churches and Chapels: Architecture, Art and People by Matthew Byrne, kindly donated by Bloomsbury Shire/National Churches Trust. This large-format hard-back book features 26 English Churches and Chapels supported by the National Churches Trust. Dr Matthew Byrne draws out the history and significance of these historic buildings; and the book is illustrated throughout with stunning photographs.

Send your competition entries to: Christmas Crossword Church Times 3rd Floor, Invicta House, 108-114 Golden Lane, London EC1Y 0TG


1 Energy chief in group left behind (9)

6, 41D Carol and mum followed by chivalrous gent, reportedly (6,5)

9 Rap session’s recess (4)

12 Agitated TU men not satisfied (5)

13 Spray used by the French to finish off the parasitic plant (9)

14 Sheets of paper said to be for singers (5)

15 Feature of tinselly Christmas sermon at end of month? (10)

16 Communication for several showing chubby Christmas bird (5,5)

18 Be more numerous than published figure (9)

*21,33D To end man’s riddle (2,6,3,4)

25 Distorted rate via quantity with numerical value (7)

26 More than one sharp sound that is coming from child’s toe (7)

27 Damaged ovals burst (5)

28 Knight in uniform in fighting arena (4)

29 Disorganised Yolanda initially runs a cat refuge (9)

30 Greeting heard far above ground (4)

32 Country home help returning (5)

34 Film French spa town that’s backward, showing lack of sophistication (7)

35 Maker of a god of fire, dancing after shaking die (7)

36 Speech habits of Alec losing head interrupting fool (8)

37 Exceptionally smart dean, one able to do business (9)

*40 Ah, fly to inn (4,6)

42 Something funny almost about bad person in charge of electoral system (10)


46 Landowner set about king (5)

47 Veal and beet stewed, with insertion of good carrot maybe (9)

48 Producer of toy dog (5)

49 Reverberation from Cambridge choir (4)

50 See old lover by damaged tree (6)

51 Was worker crossing street for piece of furniture? (9)



*1 Roving in dour NY (5,3,6)

2 I’m repeatedly upset about impersonator (5)

3 Corrupt ruler at inn between old and new moon (10)

4 This person’s got Mothers’ Union chart — it’s unchangeable (9)

5 Relish sudden blast before start of October (5)

6 Terrible last season (4)

7 First to lose German game (5)

8 Born in anything-but-fine edifice (3)

10 Payment preceding communal meeting, we hear, for 35D (6)

11 Straying as burst of angry speech follows hesitation (6)

14 Study cubicles in which seasonal songs may be heard (7)

17 Athlete heading off into US city convent (7)

19 About to shake head up and down in your old lament (8)

20 Effective in keeping Eastern shelter in Split (9)

21 Most casual, taking drink in afternoon rest briefly (9)

22 Will try to have the last word on time (9)

23 Plain is abandoned with millions climbing (8)

*24 Calm’d thin Herod (6,3,5)

29 Dismiss Gravesend officers, but only some (4,3)

31 Bubbly kid actress distracts (10)

33 See 21A

35 Awefully sad scenes involving old church worker (9)

38 Suspend elves playing around end of church (6)

39 Reportedly destroy sledge (6)

41 See 6A

43 Joint in the Spanish part of London (5)

44 A king rat upsets this otter (5)

45 Arts broadcast as a seasonal feature (4)

47 Very cross about babe, finally showing anger (3)

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