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21 December 2017


And that’s for your great-great-uncle Jeremy Fletcher

And that’s for your great-great-uncle Jeremy Fletcher

CHURCH TIMES readers will have been (on the whole) pleased to hear that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be married in church. A few worries have surfaced about her confirmation, however: “Harry and Meghan were surprised to dis­­cover the new curriculum for St George’s Chapel’s con­firma­­tion classes” (Che Seabourne); “The confirmation class con­siders the Church Milit­­ant” (Richard Barnes); “Harry ap­­peared reluctant to leave Meg­han at her first confirma­tion class” (Mark Hart).

We’re not sure which marriage-pre­­paration classes our readers have at­­tended: “We thought that we’d book in for the marriage-prep­ara­tion class” (Janet Stock­ton); “The happy couple were puz­zled — they thought they’d signed up for the marriage-preparation course” (Mi­­chael Foster).

The couple might have only just announced their engagement, but plans for the big day were at the front of readers’ minds: “Putting ac­­­tions to the hymn ‘Fight the good fight’ took on a whole new mean­ing!” (Lynda Sebbage); “This re­­­­minds me, Meghan: I must ask St George’s to include ‘Fight the good fight’ as one of the hymns in the order of service for our wedding” (Mervyn Cox); “Page boy audi­tions were becoming quite com­­petitive” (Richard Barnes).

There was little doubt among readers that Prince Harry would be seeking to protect his betrothed from the worst of the British Fourth Estate: “Harry realised that the de­­­monstration to show Meghan how to deal with press photo­graphers wasn’t quite what he’d planned” (Maree Foster).

And that no expense would be spared when it came to security: “Royal protec­tion officers were getting younger by the year” (Patrick Irwin and Richard Barnes); ”The police can spare only two cadets for your personal protec­tion squad, but they’re well trained in unarmed combat” (Ray Morris).

Meghan was coming to terms with the realities of royal life: “‘Oh dear,’ thought Meghan. ‘This is how life is going to be. . . No end of watching politely’”; “Prince Harry mused, ‘If Meghan thinks this is a tough visit, just wait until she has Christ­­mas with the Wind­sors!” (both Chris Coupe).

Not to mention the reality of life in the UK: “As part of her British Citizenship course the ‘Saturday night pub fight’ section looked a little daunting to poor Meghan” (Tom Page); “‘OK, Meghan,’ Harry said. ‘Now you’ve got the finer points of boxing, we’ll go on to rugby, then cricket’” (Sue Chick).

A selection of other entries that we liked: “You don’t have Boxing Day in America, do you?” (Ed­­ward Mynors); “The youth club’s inter­­pretation of Brexit nego­tiations entranced the royal couple” (Patrick Irwin); “Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams” (Robert Shooter); “Per­­haps a large family is not on the cards?” (Vicky Lundberg); “It was all Prince Harry could do to stop himself joining in the contest” (Richard Hough).

The winner will receive a prize of Fairtrade choc­olate, kindly provided by Divine (

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