20 October 2017

New archdeacon

THE next Archdeacon of Ashford, in Canterbury diocese, is to be the Revd Darren Miller, Hon. Canon of Southwark Cathedral since 2016, Area Dean of Sutton, in Southwark diocese, since 2013, and Team Rector in the Cheam Team Ministry, in that diocese, since 2006. Before his present appointments, he had held posts in Birmingham diocese.


ASHWORTH. The Revd Mark Ashworth, Assistant Curate of All Saints’, Crowborough, now Asso­ciate Vicar, and Priest-in-Charge of High Hurstwood (Chichester).

ATHA. The Revd Gareth Atha, Assistant Curate of Beverley Min­ster (York), to be Vicar of the Elloe Stone Parishes (Lincoln).

BARON. The Revd Vanessa Baron, Chaplain and Head of Religious Studies of St Paul’s Girls’ School (London), now house-for-duty Assist­ant Curate (Assistant Priest) of Lyminster and Wick (Chiches­ter).

BATEMAN. The Revd Patrick Bate­man, Vicar of All Saints’, Ilkley (Leeds), to be Vicar of Claygate (Guildford).

BAXTER. The Revd Alexander Bax­ter, Assistant Curate of St Andrew’s, Eastbourne, now Rector of Clayton with Keymer (Chichester).

BEAHAN. The Revd Alan Beahan, Priest-in-Charge of Ormskirk, now Interim Assistant Curate in the Kirkby Team Ministry (Liverpool).

BENTLEY. The Revd Ian Bentley, Vicar of Oulton Broad, now Interim Minister of St Peter Mancroft with St John Maddermarket, Norwich, re­­maining Chapter Canon of Nor­wich Cathedral (Norwich).

BRAMMER. The Revd David Bram­mer, Rector of St Mary’s, Ac­­ton, to be Chaplain of Twyford Church of Eng­land Academies Trust, Ealing (Lon­don).

BURSTON. The Revd Stephen Bur­s­ton, Assistant Curate of St Peter’s, Brighton, now Priest-in-Charge of St John the Baptist, Craw­ley (Chichester).

CAMPBELL. The Revd James Camp­bell, Hon. Priest-in-Charge of Withyham (Chichester), now Rec­tor.

COPSEY. The Revd Christine Cop­sey, Chaplain and Development Worker at Good Work (Norfolk and Waveney Industrial Mission), Chap­lain of Nor­wich Coroner’s Court, and Diocesan Social and En­­viron­mental Concerns Co-ordinator, to be also Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

DE LYON. The Revd Hilary De Lyon, NS Assistant Curate of Swaff­ham and Sporle (Norwich), to be NS Assistant Priest.


DICKS. The Revd Gareth Dicks, Assistant Curate of Cove (Guild­ford), now Assistant Curate (Asso­ciate Priest) of All Saints and St Andrew, Woodford Wells (Chelms­ford).

DOLL. The Revd Dr Peter Doll, Canon Librarian of Norwich Cath­ed­ral (Norwich), now Vice Dean.

DYBLE. The Revd Ian Dyble, Priest-in-Charge of St Thomas’s, Heigham, and of St Barnabas with St Bartholomew, Heigham, and As­­sistant Curate (Associate Vicar) of St Alban and St Mark, Lakenham, Norwich, to be Vicar of the Mitre Benefice, remaining Rural Dean of Norwich South (Norwich).

EDELL. The Revd Philip Edell, As­­­sist­ant Curate of Hellingly and Upper Dicker (Chichester), now Mission to Seafarers Chaplain in Dunkerque (Europe).

FARMER. The Revd Robert Far­mer, Vicar of Shelfield and High Heath (Lichfield), to be Team Rec­tor in the Worcester South East Team Minis­try (Worcester).

FERGUSON. The Revd Zoë Fer­guson, Assistant Curate (Assistant Priest) of the Hilborough and Ox­­borough Groups, now Priest-in-Charge, and Assistant Curate (As­­sist­­ant Priest) of Didlington and of Little Cressingham, remaining Priest-in-Charge of Cranwich, Ickburgh, Llang­ford and Mundford, and of West Tofts (Norwich).

FRYMANN. The Revd Janet Fry­mann, Priest-in-Charge of Rough­ton and Felbrigg, Metton, Sustead, Bess­ingham and Gunton with Han­worth (Norwich), now Rector.

GOBBETT. The Revd Michael Gobbet, Team Rector in the Whitby with Ruswarp Team Ministry, now also Area Dean of Whitby (York).

GREEN. The Revd Dr Alison Green, Assistant Curate of Chiches­ter Ca­­thedral, now NS Assistant Curate of Westbourne, and Chap­lain of Chi­chester University (Chichester).

GREENLAND. The Revd Martin Greenland, Rector of Acle and Bure to Yare, now also Joint Rural Dean of Blofield (Norwich).

GRIFFITHS. The Revd Andrew Grif­fiths, Vicar of Galleywood Com­mon, Assistant Curate (Asso­ciate Priest) of St Luke’s and of St John the Evangelist, Moulsham, and of Wid­­ford, Area Dean of Chelms­ford South, to be Chelmsford Initial Min­­isterial Education Co-Ordinator and Bradwell Area Continuing Mis­sion Development Adviser, remain­ing Hon. Canon of Chelmsford Ca­­thedral (Chelmsford).

HAMILTON-GREY. The Revd Deborah Hamilton-Grey, Assistant Curate of Watton, now Rector of the Waterside Group (Norwich).

HART. The Revd Peter Hart, Vicar of Cannock and Huntington, and of Hatherton, to be Team Vicar in the Armitage Team Ministry, remaining Prebendary of Lichfield Cathedral (Lichfield).

HAWES. The Revd Rachel Hawes, formerly NSM (Associate Vicar) of St John’s, Notting Hill, and Priest-in-Charge of St Martin Ludgate, London (Lon­don), now NS Assistant Curate (Asso­­ciate Rec­tor) of St Paul’s, Chiches­ter, with Westhampnett (Chichester).

HAYDEN. The Ven. David Hayden, formerly Archdeacon of Norfolk, now Interim Priest-in-Charge of Oulton Broad (Norwich).

HAYES. The Revd Miranda Hayes, Vicar of Earls Barton, and Rural Dean of Wellingborough, to be also Hon. Canon of Peterborough Ca­­thed­ral (Peterborough).

HOLDSWORTH. The Revd Ian Holdsworth, Vicar of St Mary the Virgin, Northampton, to be also Hon. Canon of Peterborough Ca­­thedral (Peterborough).

HOLLINGSWORTH. The Revd Lucy Hollingsworth, Hon. Assistant Curate of Ringmer, now Hon. Assist­ant Curate of Scaynes Hill (Chichester).

HUGGINS. The Revd Stephen Hug­gins, formerly Team Vicar in the Bexhill Team Ministry, now NS As­­sistant Curate (Associate Vicar) of St Barnabas’s, Bexhill (Chiches­ter).

LAND. The Revd Edward Land, Assistant Curate of St Thomas’s, Heigham, and of St Alban with St Mark, Lakenham, to be Assistant Cur­ate of the Mitre Benefice (Norwich).

LARKIN. The Revd Simon Larkin, Priest-in-Charge of Holy Trinity, Hastings (Chichester), now Vicar.

LAWRENCE. The Revd Dr Simon Lawrence, Rector of Stalham with East Ruston and Brunstead, Sutton and Ingham, Diocesan Mothers’ Union Chaplain, Rural Dean of St Benet at Waxham and Tunstead, and Priest-in-Charge of Smallburgh with Dilham with Honing and Crost­­wight to be also Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

LEECH. The Revd Pieter-Jan Leech, Rector of Yare Valley Churches, now also Joint Rural Dean of Blo­­field (Norwich).

LEIGHTON. The Revd Susan Leigh­ton, NS Assistant Curate of the Martyrs’, Leicester, with respon­sibility for the Good Shepherd and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Com­munity in Leicester deanery, to be half-time Priest-in-Charge of St Theo­dore of Canterbury, Leicester, and Vol­untary Chaplain of the Good Shep­herd, serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community (Leicester).

LLOYD. The Revd David Lloyd, Assistant Curate of St Thomas’s, Heigham, and Assistant Curate (Asso­ciate Vicar) of St Alban with St Mark, Lakenham, to be Assistant Curate (Associate Vicar) of the Mitre Bene­fice, remaining Chaplain of City Col­lege, Norwich (Norwich) (Norwich).

MERCERON. The Revd Daniel Merceron, Rector of Alfriston with Lullington, Litlington, West Dean and Folkington (Chichester), now Chap­­lain of Wellington College, Berk­­shire (Oxford).

MITCHELL. The Revd Christian Mitchell, Assistant Curate of Uck­field, now Vicar of Heathfield (Chi­chester).

MULLINGS. The Revd Paulette Mullings, NS Assistant Curate of St Saviour with St Mary, Cobbold Road, to be NS Assistant Curate of Holy Innocents with St John the Evangelist, Hammersmith (London).

NEWHAM. The Revd Simon New­ham, Rector of Ifield, now also Assistant Rural Dean of East Grin­stead (Chichester).

NIEMIEC. The Revd Paul Niemiec, Team Vicar in the Heacham and Snettisham Team Ministry, to be also Rural Dean of Heacham and Rising (Norwich).

OLADUJI. The Revd Christopher Oladuji, house-for-duty Associate Priest in the Plaistow and North Can­­ning Town Team Ministry, now house-for-duty Assistant Curate (As­sociate Priest) of St Philip, St James and St Mary, Plaistow, re­­maining Chaplain of Newham Uni­versity Hospital (Chelmsford).


PAYNE. The Revd Joanna Payne, NS Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) of St Thomas’s, Heigham, and of St Alban with St Mark, Lakenham, to be NS Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) of the Mitre Benefice (Norwich).

READ. The Revd Maureen Read, Vicar of Meltham (Leeds), now Priest-in-Charge of Petton with Cockshutt, Welshampton and Lyn­eal with Colemere (Lichfield).

RICHARDS. The Revd Irving Richards, formerly Priest-in-Charge of St Stephen’s, North Evington, and Bishop’s Officer for Race and Com­munity Relations, and Hon. Canon of Leicester Cathedral, to be NS Priest-in-Charge of St Stephen’s, North Evington (Leicester).

ROGERS. The Revd Rebecca Rogers, Priest-in-Charge of St John’s, King’s Lynn, now Vicar, remaining Team Vicar in the St Margaret with St Edmund and St Nicholas Team Minstry, King’s Lynn (Norwich).

SEALY. The Revd Stephen Sealy, Vicar of St John the Evangelist, Sid­cup, and Priest-in-Charge of Foots­cray with North Cray (Roch­ester), to be Assistant Curate (Assist­ant Priest) of Wymondham (Norwich).

SEAMAN. The Revd Paul Seaman, Vicar of St Mary’s, East Grinstead, now Rector of Pulborough, remain­ing Hon. Canon and Prebendary of Chichester Cathedral (Chichester).

SETTERFIELD. The Revd Nicholas Setterfield, Vicar of St Matthew’s, Northampton, to be also Hon. Canon of Peterborough Cathedral (Peter­borough).

SMITH. The Revd Antoinette Smith, formerly Vicar of Blackmore and Stonden Massey (Chelmsford), to be Rector of Great with Little Harrowden and Orlingbury and Isham with Pytchley (Peterborough).

SNOOK. The Revd Hywel Snook, Shrewsbury Episcopal Area Chris­tian Discipleship Adviser, Priest-in-Charge of Little Drayton, and Rural Dean of Hodnet (Lichfield), to be Assistant Curate (Associate Min­ister) in the Yate Mission Area (Bristol).

TAYLOR. The Revd Kane Taylor, Priest-in-Charge of Weldon with Deene, and Pioneer Minister in Priors Hall, to be Rector of Weldon with Deene (Peterborough).

THOMAS. The Revd Hugh Thomas, formerly NS Assistant Curate (Asso­ciate Priest) of St Michael’s, Corn­­hill, with St Peter le Poer and St Benet Fink, London, now NS As­­sistant Curate (Associate Vicar) of St Paul’s, Totten­ham (London).

THORNDIKE. The Revd Benjamin Thorndike, Assistant Curate of Arbor­field with Barkham (Oxford), now Assistant Curate (Associate Vicar) of All Saints’, Crowborough (Chiches­ter).

TURNBULL. The Revd Michael Turn­bull, Hon. Assistant Curate of St John’s, Upper St Leonards, now also Assistant Chaplain of East Sus­sex Healthcare NHS Trust (Chi­chester).

WALSH. The Revd Carys Walsh, Curate Training Officer, to be As­­sistant Curate (Associate Priest) of St Peter and St Paul, Kettering (Peterborough).

WARD. The Revd Simon Ward, be Team Rector in the Great Yarmouth Team Ministry, to be also Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Nor­wich).

WOODMAN. The Revd Andrew Woodman, Assistant Curate of St Thomas’s, Heigham, to be Assistant Curate of the Mitre Benefice, re­­main­ing also Assistant Curate of Earl­­ham (Norwich).



JARVIS. The Revd Nathan Jarvis, Team Vicar in the Blenheim Team Ministry (Oxford), to be Chaplain of Bangor University, and Hon. Canon of Bangor Cathedral (Bangor).



ENGLAND. Kersten England to be Hon. Lay Canon of Bradford Ca­­thed­ral (Leeds).

ROBERTS. Andrew Roberts, Dio­cesan Secretary, to be also Hon. Lay Canon of Peterborough Cathed­ral (Peterborough), remaining a Guard­ian of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

ROBINSON. Miranda Robinson, Diocesan Director of Education, to be also Hon. Lay Canon of Peter­borough Cathedral (Peterborough).

TWINE. Derek Twine to be Hon. Lay Canon of Bradford Cathedral (Leeds).

WHITE. Peter White, Director of Children and Youth, to be also Hon. Lay Canon of Peterborough Cathed­ral (Peterborough).



(admitted and licensed)

Diocese of Bath & Wells (by the Bishop in his cathedral on 7 Octo­ber): Penelope Ashton, Julie Ebs­worth, Emily Scott, Sarah Up­field, Helen Weavers.

Diocese of Southwark (by the Bishop in his cathedral on 8 Octo
): Felicity Banks, Janet Greaves, Frank Hartkopf, David McEvoy, Lindsay Ould, Helen White.

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