Crossword 1421

02 June 2017

By Margaret Irvine


1 Chess player joins church course — it doesn’t cost gamers much (11,4)

9 One starts to look sleepy after fast food (7)

10 Crossword compiler’s work on the decline (7)

11 See 28A

12 God and thief at odds when it’s darkest (4,2,5)

13 Newly formed ‘Rent-a-psalm’ is a grand scheme (6,4)

15 Blessing from bishop on receiving ring (4)

18 Cleric’s wife finally admitted to tribe (4)

20 Mothers’ Union laid on drink, thus following 18th century notes (5,5)

23 Speaker one’s invited to supper (11)

25 See 28A

26 Item of headgear from retiring hatter, I believe (7)

27 Corporation housing free for all to view for three-day period (7)

28, 25A, 11A Erring senator recanted heresy — it’s all we can expect of life (10,5,3,3)



1 Like a good boiled egg, falling appropriately? (4,5)

2 Cricketer’s time in pub flies, wickets having been taken (7)

3 As it happens, rising Action Man’s a sinner (8)

4 Book house on the Med, perhaps (5)

5 For rural work, vicar needs a drink (9)

6 Fifty-one volunteers somewhere in America in series of prayers (6)

7 Because of wit, goon is misrepresented (5,2)

8 Figure primarily depicted in Genesis, Isaac’s traducer (5)

14 Characters in a parish disturbed one — cold and sanctimonious (9)

16 Mendacious criminal putting off a would-be disciple (9)

17 Clot with silly clothing shedding first of layers lewdly (8)

19 Worshipper sees a grim rector getting to grips with Mass (7)

21 St Paul wounded by a blade (7)

22 Refined text for the hard of hearing — it is lacking (6)

23 Youngster, innocent first and last, getting the measure of Goliath? (5)

24 Broadcast in which good person gets agitated (5)

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