Crossword 1445

17 November 2017

The Revd David Cockerell


1 Quietly, girl writing a book (6)

5 Socialist, one who appears without introduction, as saviour (8)

9 Erotic rep turn somehow enthrals one (8)

10 Put up with a cold church before gym (6)

11,22 ymn about woman reportedly by exceptional kid, honest girl (7,3,4,2,4)

12 Prepared for a hair-do? (4)

13 Followers getting a job with the French (8)

16 Emaciated, nearly broke state (6)

17 Theologian creating stir in Le Mans (6)

19 Offering a favour with American soldier about to drop out (8)

21 Fast, but mostly slow (4)

22 See 11

25 Initially concerned about sight of Egyptian Christian? (6)

26 Sin of a mostly stupid and heartless boy (8)

27 Eastern bird — one to yowl initially — it never stops!(8)

28 City house — journalist came back (6)



2 Wait for minister (5)

3 Large constellation moving slowly (5)

4 Piece of artist’s equipment shocked clients (7)

5 Turns around to adjust toaster (7)

6 Artist’s underwear (7)

7 Cleaner from Poland, perhaps first in service (9)

8 Translation of ‘personate’ into international language (9)

14 Celebration of writer that’s moved to sect (9)

15 The Observer magazine (9)

18 It’s abnormal, a child getting hold of this book (7)

19 Your lad, crazy for Madonna (3,4)

20 The French island certain to provide rest (7)

23 Some bucket chosen as vessel (5)

24 Tend to race up over the home counties (5)

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