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Caption competition

22 July 2016


. . . So Rachel’s mummy will have an extra £6.18 for the bus fare to the foodbank Richard Martin

. . . So Rachel’s mummy will have an extra £6.18 for the bus fare to the foodbank Richard Martin

THE last caption competition had a post-Brexit feel: an archive photo of the Labour Health and Social Services Secretary Barbara Castle campaigning against the Common Market in 1975.

Straight in: ”The real issue was just why there was an inter­national market for Rachel’s clothes” (George Frost); ”They soon realised that the saving on clothes didn’t quite cover the cost of the trip to Brussels” (Richard Hough); ”And if you vote Leave, we’ll bring back proper British pounds, shillings, and pence” (Richard Barnes); and ”Post-Brexit, Rachel’s clothes now 50p, thanks to a sweatshop in Brad­ford without EU em­ployment-law protection. Result, eh, Boris?” (Vicky Lund­berg).

A few readers chose to go off at a tangent: ”Following the run­away success of last year’s sale of works, the Women’s Sewing Guild were launching them­selves on the international stage” (George Frost); ”The prices for dry cleaning in 1975 were remarkably high” (Chris Coupe); and ”Geography, maths, politics, and home economics — the new integrated curriculum was working a treat” (John Saxbee).

Not everyone has been caught up in enthusiasm for the vintage 1970s look: ”Per­sonally, I would not buy that dress for a fiver” (Patrick Irwin); ”No one seemed to want to put a price on the clothes that Barbara was wear­ing” and ”What was worn in ’75 should stay in ’75” (both Chris Coupe).

A few more: ”Rachel only ap­­peared in Mrs Johnson’s pub­licity shot because Boris refused to play” and ”Of course, with climate warming, Rachel will need to wear fewer clothes” (both Patrick Irwin); ”. . . and Edinburgh?” (Bill Scott); ”Things were so black and white in those days” (Edward Mynors); and ”If we ‘stay in Europe’ you’ll all have to wear shirts like this one” (Chris Coupe again).

We were particularly taken with: ”As the referendum result was announced, the world turned black and white, and everyone’s hair grew” (John Radford); ”Stick around, Rachel, and you will be able to buy the shop for a £1” (John Saxbee); ”This will not affect the ginger beer in your picnic” (Richard Barnes); ”Oh, for the days before PowerPoint” (Chris Coupe); and ”So you see, before we joined the Common Market, they used British money in Brussels” (Edward Mynors).

One winner this week, who will receive some Fairtrade chocolate from Divine (www.divinechocolate.com) through the post, just as soon as we have learnt how to pour it.


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