General Synod election results

23 October 2015

Stefano Cagnoni

THE FOLLOWING have been elected to the tenth General Synod of the Church of England. They are elected for a term of five years. Those marked with an asterisk (*) sat in the last Synod.





PROVINCE OF CANTERBURY: the Bishop of Fulham, the Rt Revd Jonathan Baker; the Bishop of Willesden, the Rt Revd Peter Broadbent*; the Bishop of Southampton, the Rt Revd Jonathan Frost; the Bishop of Ludlow, the Rt Revd Alistair Magowan; the Bishop of Lynn, the Rt Revd Jonathan Meyrick*.


PROVINCE OF YORK:the Bishop of Warrington, the Rt Revd Richard Blackburn*; the Bishop of Huddersfield, the Rt Revd Dr Jonathan Gibbs*; the Bishop of Stockport, the Rt Revd Elizabeth Lane; the Bishop of Beverley, the Rt Revd Glyn Webster*




The Bishop to the Forces, the Rt Revd Nigel Stock (Convocation of Canterbury)






CLERGY: the Revd James Dudley-Smith*, Prebendary Stephen Lynas*, the Ven. Andrew Piggott* (Archdeacon of Bath), the Revd Susan Rose*


LAITY: Christina Baron*, James Cary, Timothy Hind*, Jennifer Humphreys*, Kathryn Tucker




CLERGY: Canon Catherine Grylls*, the Ven. Simon Heathfield (Archdeacon of Aston), Canon Priscilla White


LAITY: Benjamin Franks, Dr Rachel Jepson*, Geoffrey Shuttleworth*




CLERGY: the Revd Paul Benfield*, the Ven. Michael Everitt* (Archdeacon of Lancaster), Canon Fleur Green, the Revd Alistair McHaffie, the Revd Christopher Newlands


LAITY: Stephen Boyall, Vivienne Goddard*, Carolyn Johnson, Rosemary Lyon*, Jacqueline Stamper, Susan Witts*




CLERGY: the Revd Professor Martin Gainsborough, the Revd Paul Langham, Canon Mark Pilgrim*


LAITY: David Froude*, Edward Shaw, Ian Yemm*




CLERGY: the Revd Barnabas de Berry, the Ven. Philip Down* (Archdeacon of Ashford), Canon Clare Edwards*


LAITY: David Kemp*, Judith Rigby, Rosemary Walters




CLERGY: The Revd David Craven, Canon Ruth Crossley*, the Revd Stewart Fyfe


LAITY: Dr Christopher Angus*, Valerie Hallard, Geoffrey Hine*, David Mills*




CLERGY: Canon David Banting*, the Revd John Dunnett*, the Revd Stuart Halstead, the Revd Sally Lodge, the Revd Jonathan MacNeaney, the Ven. Dr John Perumbalath* (Archdeacon of Barking), Canon Jennifer Tomlinson*


LAITY: Isabel Adcock*, Elizabeth Colton, Mary Durlacher*, Robert Edwards, Robert Hammond*, Kathleen Playle*, Michelle Tackie




CLERGY: Canon Elaine Chegwin-Hall, the Revd Alison Cox*, Canon David Felix*, the Ven. Dr Michael Gilbertson (Archdeacon of Chester), the Revd Jennifer Gillies, the Revd Dr Robert Munro*


LAITY: Lucinda Brewster, Dr Graham Campbell*, John Freeman*, Jeremy Harris, Peter Hart, Dr John Mason*, Elizabeth Renshaw*, Deborah Woods




CLERGY: the Revd John Chitham*, Canon Andrew Cornes, Canon Mark Gilbert*, Canon Rebecca Swyer*, the Ven. Fiona Windsor (Archdeacon of Horsham)


LAITY: Lorna Ashworth*, Diane Kutar, Mary Nagel*, Tina Nay, Dr Graham Parr*, Bradley Smith, Jacob Vince*, Andrea Minichiello Williams*




CLERGY: the Revd Andrew Attwood, the Revd Charlotte Gale*, the Revd Ruth Walker*


LAITY: Samuel Margrave*, Dr Yvonne Warren*, Andrew Williams




CLERGY: the Revd Mark Broomhead, the Revd Julian Hollywell, Canon Simon Taylor*


LAITY: Katherine Alldread, Rachel Bell, Hannah Grivell




CLERGY: the Revd Dr John Bellamy, the Revd David Brooke*, Canon Graeme Buttery*, the Ven. Ian Jagger* (Archdeacon of Durham), the Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes*


LAITY: Dr Angus Goudie*, Dr Jamie Harrison*, Helen Jones, Helen Smith




CLERGY: the Revd Michael Booker*, the Ven. Hugh McCurdy* (Archdeacon of Huntingdon and Wisbech), Canon Nicholas Moir, the Revd Simon Talbott


LAITY: Helen Lamb, Janet Perrett*, Francis Spufford




CLERGY: Canon Deborah Flach*, the Revd Tuomas Makipaa, Canon Giles Williams


LAITY: Tjeerd Bjil, David Coulston, Madeleine Ratcliffe Holmes*




CLERGY: the Ven. Douglas Dettmer* (Archdeacon of Totnes), Canon Andrew Godsall*, the Revd William Hamilton, Canon Anna Norman-Walker


LAITY: Anne Foreman*, Emma Forward*, Dr Samuel Robinson, Dr Jack Shelley*




CLERGY: Canon Tudor Griffiths*, Canon Richard Mitchell*, the Ven. Jacqueline Searle* (Archdeacon of Gloucester)


LAITY: Corinne Aldis, Dr William Belcher*, Martin Kingston, Margaret Sheather




CLERGY: the Ven. Paul Bryer (Archdeacon of Dorking), Canon Robert Cotton*, Canon Karen Hutchinson*, the Revd Dr Philip Plyming*


LAITY: Peter Bruinvels*, Carolyn Graham, James Lee, Anne Martin*




CLERGY: the Revd Simon Cawdell*, the Revd Neil Patterson*, the Revd Laura Hill


LAITY: Elizabeth Bird, Wendy Coombey, Dr Martin Elcock*




CLERGY: the Revd Alison Booker, the Revd Barry Hill, the Ven. Dr Timothy Stratford* (Archdeacon of Leicester)


LAITY: Rhian Ainscough, Shayne Ardron*, Jonathan Cryer




CLERGY: the Revd Damian Feeney, Canon Patricia Hawkins*, the Revd Zoe Heming, the Revd Shaun Morris, the Revd Sarah Schofield, Prebendary Brian Williams


LAITY: Penelope Allen*, Christopher Gill, John Naylor, Dr Chik Kaw Tan*, Robin Whitehouse, John Wilson*




CLERGY: the Ven. Justine Allain Chapman (Archdeacon of Boston), the Revd Alysin Buxton, Canon Gavin Kirk*, the Revd Martyn Taylor


LAITY: Nigel Bacon, Carl Fender, Professor Muriel Robinson, Susan Slater




CLERGY: the Revd Sonya Doragh, the Revd Amanda Fairclough*, Canon Peter Spiers*, the Revd Kate Wharton


LAITY: Keith Cawdron, Dr David Martlew, Christopher Pye*, Margaret Swinson*, Debra Walker*




CLERGY: Canon Philippa Boardman*, the Revd Dr Sean Doherty, the Revd Dr Andrew Emerton, the Revd Andrew Foreshew-Cain, the Ven. Luke Miller (Archdeacon-designate of London), the Revd Jane Morris*, Prebendary Alan Moses*, the Revd Bertrand Olivier, the Revd Dr James Roach, the Revd Charles Skrine, the Revd Christopher Smith


LAITY: Enid Barron, Susan Breen, Andrew Brydon, Deborah Buggs, Sarah Finch*, Aiden Hargreaves-Smith*, Josile Munro, Dr Lindsay Newcombe*, Clive Scowen*, Dr Megan Warner, Richard Wellings-Thomas




CLERGY: the Revd Lisa Battye, the Revd Graham Hollowood, Canon Sharon Jones*, the Revd Michael McGurk, the Revd Nicholas McKee, Canon Andrew Salmon*, the Ven. Cherry Vann* (Archdeacon of Rochdale)


LAITY: Philip Blinkhorn*, Philip Geldard, Michael Heppelston*, Dr Adanna Lazz-Onyenobi*, Margaret Parrett, Geoffrey Tattersall*




CLERGY: the Revd Catherine Pickford, Canon John Sinclair*, Canon Dagmar Winter*


LAITY: Dr John Appleby*, Isabella McDonald-Booth, Carol Wolstenholme*




CLERGY: Canon Sally Gaze, the Ven. Janet McFarlane* (Archdeacon of Norwich), the Revd Charles Read*, Canon Howard Stoker


LAITY: Robin Back*, Andrew Gray, Caroline Herbert*




CLERGY: the Revd Samuel Allberry, the Revd Dr Andrew Atherstone, the Revd Jonathan Beswick*, Canon Susan Booys*, the Revd Professor Mark Chapman*, Canon Charles Cleverly, the Ven. Karen Gorham* (Archdeacon of Buckingham), Canon Rosie Harper*, the Revd Kate Stacey


LAITY: Sir Anthony Baldry*, Dr Andrew Bell, Graham Caskie, Prudence Dailey*, Julie Dziegiel*, Gavin Oldham*, Jayne Ozanne, Kathryn Winrow




CLERGY: the Revd Dr Gulnar Francis-Dehqani*, the Revd Mark Lucas, the Revd Stephen Trott*


LAITY: Dr Nigel Aston, Elizabeth Holdsworth*, Andrew Presland*




CLERGY: the Ven. Gavin Collins* (Archdeacon of the Meon), Canon Peter Leonard, Canon Robert White*


LAITY: Emily Bagg, Lucy Docherty*, Mark Emerton




CLERGY: the Revd Mark Barker*, the Revd Julie Conalty*, the Revd Angus MacLeay*, the Revd Lusa Nsenga-Ngoy,


LAITY: Brigadier Ian Dobbie*, Philip French*, Dr Michael Lawes, Angela Scott*, Martin Sewell*




CLERGY: Canon Timothy Bull, the Revd William Gibbs, the Revd Kevin Goss, Canon Susan Groom, the Revd Peter Kay


LAITY: Peter Adams, Anthony Archer, Simon Baynes*, William Seddon*, Sophy Vickers




CLERGY: Canon Jonathan Alderton-Ford*, the Revd Andrew Dotchin*, the Revd Christopher Robinson


LAITY: Anthony Allwood, Karen Galloway, David Lamming




CLERGY: the Revd Peter Breckwoldt, Canon Jane Charman*, the Ven. Alan Jeans* (Archdeacon of Sarum), the Revd Christopher Tebbutt, Canon Thomas Woodhouse


LAITY: Paul Boyd-Lee*, Fenella Cannings-Jurd, Christine Corteen*, Gillian de Berry, Keith Leslie, Debrah McIsaac*




CLERGY: the Ven. Malcolm Chamberlain (Archdeacon of Sheffield and Rotherham), Canon Geoffrey Harbord*, the Revd Eleanor Robertshaw


LAITY: Jane Patterson*, Elizabeth Paver*, Mark Russell




CLERGY: the Ven. Andrew Brown* (Archdeacon of Man)


LAITY: Susan Kennaugh




CLERGY: Canon Simon Butler*, Canon Giles Goddard*, the Revd Timothy Goode, Canon Stephen Hance, Canon Gary Jenkins, Canon Rosemarie Mallett*, the Ven. Dr Jane Steen (Archdeacon of Southwark)


LAITY: April Alexander*, Adrian Greenwood*, Thomas Hatton, Carl Hughes, Captain Nicholas Lebey CA, Caroline Myers, Brian Wilson*




CLERGY: the Revd Christopher Hodder; the Revd Dr Ian Paul, the Ven. David Picken (Archdeacon of Newark)


LAITY: Joan Beck, Pamela Bishop*, Nicholas Harding*, Colin Slater*




CLERGY: Canon Alan Bashforth*, Canon Anne Brown, the Revd Andrew Yates


LAITY: Susannah Leafe*, Sheridan Sturgess*, Dr Michael Todd




CLERGY: the Revd Paul Ayers*, the Revd Paul Cartwright*, Canon Jonathan Clark*, Canon Robert Cooper, the Ven. Dr Anne Dawtry (Archdeacon of Halifax), the Revd Dr Kathryn Fitzsimons*, Canon Ruth Hind*, Canon Joyce Jones*, Canon Margaret McLean*, the Revd Gary Waddington


LAITY: David Ashton*, Alison Fisher*, Malcolm Halliday*, Professor Joyce Hill, Stephen Hogg, Camilla Holmes, Zahida Mallard*, Dr Richard Mantle*, Paul Neville*




CLERGY: the Revd Andrew Micklefield, the Revd James Pitkin, the Ven. Dr Peter Rouch (Archdeacon of Bournemouth), the Revd Dr Benjamin Sargent

Channel Islands: tba after 28 November


LAITY: Dr Simon Clift, Alison Coulter, Christine Fry*, Jay Greene, Lucy Moore

Channel Islands: Ian Le Marquand; David Robilliard*




CLERGY: the Revd Wyn Beynon, the Revd Dr Sarah Brush, the Ven. Nicola Groarke (Archdeacon of Dudley)


LAITY: Susan Adeney, Kashmir Garton, Robin Lunn*




CLERGY: the Ven. Sarah Bullock* (Archdeacon of York), the Revd Jacqueline Doyle-Brett, the Revd Adam Gaunt, the Revd Paul Hutchinson*, the Revd Dr Rowan Williams*


LAITY: Linda Ali*, Heather Black*, Rosalind Brewer*, Lucy Gorman, Dr Nicholas Land, Michael Stallybrass




CLERGY: the Ven. Ian Wheatley QHC* (Archdeacon for the Royal Navy), the Ven. Peter Eagles QHC* (Archdeacon for the Army), the Ven. Jonathan Chaffey QHC* (Archdeacon for the Royal Air Force)


LAITY: RN: Lt Gemma Winterton*; Army: Lt Col. Jane Hunter*; RAF: Air Vice-Marshal Malcolm Brecht*




Mary Bucknall, Catherine Farmbrough, Sarah Tupling




CANTERBURY: the Dean of St Paul’s, the Very Revd Dr David Ison*; the Dean of Southwark, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn*; the Dean of St Edmundsbury, the Very Revd Dr Frances Ward


YORK: the Dean of Sheffield, the Very Revd Peter Bradley*; the Dean of Manchester, the Very Revd Rogers Govender




CANTERBURY: the Revd Dr Emma Ineson, Canon Judith Maltby*


YORK: the Revd Dr Hannah Cleugh*, Canon Mark Tanner




YORK: Fr Thomas Seville CR*




CANTERBURY: Brother Thomas Quin OSB*

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