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New Testament writers’ quotations

27 June 2014


New Testament writers quote the scriptures with commendable accuracy. Given that they had no text in front of them, and heard the scriptures read only on the sabbath, how did they manage it?

In the time of Jesus, all boys went to the synagogue regularly to be taught the Old Testament, and learnt many passages by heart. This is still true in many parts of the world where Bibles are scarce. Many Muslim children go to Saturday school, where they learn the Qur'an by heart.

(The Revd Dr) Sally Brush
Cerrigydrudion, Corwen

Are there any continuing branches, structures, or offices of the former church organisations AYPA (Anglican Young People's Association), CEMS (Church of England Men's Society), and the William Temple Association, or are they all long gone and forgotten?

The Bournemouth Branch of the William Temple Association has just completed its 53rd season. The speakers for the whole of the 54th season have already been arranged. We are an active branch with members from all around the Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch conurbation, and we meet usually on the first Monday of each month from October to May. Some members enjoy an excellent evening meal first, but others come along just for the talk. Non-members are also most welcome. There are normally about 50 people at each meeting.

We have a variety of speakers who are helping us understand more about our faith and also its application to contemporary issues. Our joint presidents are the Bishops of Winchester and Salisbury, both of whom have spoken to us in the past couple of seasons.

If anyone is interested in either becoming a member or coming along to any of our meetings, please contact me on 01202 761749 or at jjnewbold@btinternet.com. Our webpage is www.williamtemple.org.uk

John Newbold

There appear also to be branches in York and Newcastle dioceses, but we have not heard directly from them, or from continuing branches of the other organisations. Other provinces of the Anglican Communion appear to have their own AYPAs.


Where can I get a copy - CD or tape or even vinyl - of the radio play by Dorothy Sayers of the life of Christ?

The play you are asking about is called The Man Born to be King by Dorothy L. Sayers. It is actually a cycle of 12 plays, not only one. Unfortunately, the BBC have never released the recordings on any media, but do occasionally repeat it. It might prove useful for your correspondent to address the BBC directly with the question, to encourage them to release it.

Petra Birkett
Dorothy L. Sayers Society

Can anyone tell me of a supplier of Bible-reading notes who provides the notes in large-print form? . . .

The BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)provide a de luxe edition of their New Daylight notes with slightly larger print. They also provide their notes in various electronic forms. See their website: biblereadingnotes.org.uk.

The notes are also put into Braille by the St John's Trust, while the Torch Trust publishes notes called The Upper Room in what is called Giant Print. The contact details for these are on the BRF's website; or you can phone them on 01865 319700.

(Miss) J. Kirkland
Stretton, Nr Burton-on-Trent

Your questioner may find that the best route for the young parishioner is to use an e-reader such as Kindle. The print size is adjustable up to very large sizes, and legibility of the e-paper versions is very good, even in bright light.

Andy Rooney (Reader)
London W4

At an Ascension Day service there was no confession and no absolution. When I questioned the priest, saying that I did not think the service was valid, he simply said "Oh." I then said: "Does that not concern you?" and he replied "No." Am I correct in my assumption?

J. E.

I understand that burying ashes after cremation makes the ground sterile; so some municipal graveyards periodically dig out their ashes areas and deposit the ashes and the sterile soil in landfill. This seems undignified and wasteful. Is it not possible to bury with the ashes something that will react chemically with them, so that they break down?

D. B.

I have been invited to an induction and institution that is to be taken wholly by an archdeacon. I feel that a bishop (retired, if need be) should be present. I have been invited to another induction, which a retired diocesan is taking. What do others think?


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