24 October 2014

The Bible


NEWLY translated scriptural commentaries are presented by Ian Christopher Levy, Philip D. W. Krey, and Thomas Ryan in The Letter to the Romans, the second volume in the series The Bible in Medieval Tradition, which seeks to encourage engagement with biblical interpretation in the light of medieval scholarship (Eerdmans, £22.99 (£20.70); 978-0-8028-0976-6).

In The Acts of the Apostles, Michael Mullins, a Roman Catholic priest, presents a commentary for students of theology and more experienced readers, written in non-technical language. The book could easily be read in stages as a study guide (The Columba Press, £19.99 (£17.99); 978-1-78218-020-3.)

Stephen Gaukroger, a retired Baptist minister, presents a guide to the characters and themes of the book in Discover Acts: The adventures of the Early Church. His book is designed to renew appreciation of the Church's heritage, and also to help today's Christian refocus his or her faith. Each chapter ends with study questions (IVP, £8.99 (£8.10); 978-1-84474-903-4).

In Paul and the Law, Brian S. Rosner, Principal of Ridley Melbourne Mission and Ministry College, argues that St Paul re-evaluates the Law of Moses in a polemical way, including its reappropriation as prophecy and wisdom (IVP, £14.99 (£13.50); 978-1-84474-891-4).

David B. Gowler, in James through the Centuries, explores non-exegetical interpretations of the epistle and seeks to present its influence on literature, art, politics, and social theory. He draws on, among other things, Shakespeare, Peanuts, and political cartoons (Wiley Blackwell, £65 (£58.50); 978-1-4051-5114-6).

Edited by Katharine J. Dell and Paul M. Joyce, Biblical Interpretation: Essays in honour of John Barton is a volume of biblical-criticism essays by leading scholars, including Christopher Rowland and N. T. Wright, with a foreword by Lord Williams of Oystermouth (OUP, £68 (£61.20); 978-0-19-964553-4).

The 1963 publication of C. H. Dodd's book Historical Tradition in the Fourth Gospel is commemorated by a series of essays in Tom Thatcher and Catrin H. Williams's volume Engaging with C. H. Dodd on the Gospel of John (CUP, £55 (£49.50); 978-1-107-03566-9).

Soul Survivor presents New Testament in One Year, which presents a brief overview of biblical history before dividing the NT scripures, in NIV translation, into daily readings, starting on 1 September. The book comes wih a CD, "The Gospels with Mike and Andy" (Hodder & Stoughton, £4.99 (£4.50); 978-1-444-79679-7). Soul Survivor has also produced a NIV Youth Bible (Hodder & Stoughton, £16.99 (£15.30); 978-1-444-78606-4). A new edition of the NIV Holy Bible comes in a polka-dot binding and has space for personal notes in the margins (Hodder & Stoughton, £21.99 (£19.80); 978-1-444-74563-4).

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