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11 July 2014

THE next Archdeacon of Horsham, in Chichester diocese, is to be the Revd Fiona Windsor, Team Rector in the Papworth Team Ministry, in Ely diocese, since 2008, and the Bishop of Ely's Adviser for Women's Ministry, and Hon. Canon of Ely Cathedral, since 2012. Before her present appointments, she served in Guildford diocese and in the Papworth Team Ministry.

BARONESS Eaton is to be a Guardian of the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.


ALLEN.  The Revd Caroline Allen, Assistant Curate of Kesgrave, to be Priest-in-Charge in the Walton and Trimley Team Ministry (St Edmundsbury & Ipswich).

ASHBY.  The Revd Dr Philip Ashby, NSM of the Woodbridge Group (Brimkworth with Dauntsey, Garsdon with Lea and Cleverton, and Great and Little Somerford), now NS Assistant Curate (Associate Minister) of North Swindon (Bristol).

BRATTON.  The Revd Dr Mark Bretton, Priest-in-Charge of Berks-well (Coventry), to be Rector.

BURKITT.  The Revd Paul Burkitt, formerly Priest-in-Charge of St Mary the Virgin, Kingston upon Hull (York), to be part-time Priest-in-Charge.

CARPENTER.  The Revd Giles Carpenter, Assistant Curate of Shottermill (Guildford), now Vicar of St John's, Meads, Eastbourne (Chichester).

CARTER.  The Revd Wendy Carter, formerly Priest-in-Charge of High Wych and Gilston with Eastwick (St Albans), to be NS Assistant Curate (Assistant Priest) in the Salter Street and Shirley Team Ministry (Birmingham).

COLEMAN.  The Revd Julie Cole-man, Assistant Curate of Aylesham with Adisham and Nonington, to be Priest-in-Charge of the Romney Marsh (Canterbury).

COLES.  The Revd Graham Coles, Priest-in-Charge of Cubbington (Coventry), to be Vicar.

COLLINS.  The Revd Philip Collins, Rector of Arle Valley, and Area Dean of Alresford, to be also Hon. Canon of Winchester Cathedral (Winchester).

COOK.  The Revd Stephen Cook, Chaplain to the Forces (Territorial Army), and Vicar of St Barnabas's, Eltham, to be also Lead Chaplain of Greenwich University Multi-Faith Service, Avery Hill Campus (Southwark).

DAVIES.  The Revd Peter Davies, NS Assistant Curate of Worcester City, now NS Assistant Curate of St Nicholas and All Saints with St Helen, Worcester (Worcester).

DESROSIERS.  The Revd Jacques Desrosiers, Rector of Rother and Oxney (Canterbury), to be Priest-in-Charge of St Denys's, Warminster, and Upton Scudamore (Salisbury).

DUSSEK.  The Revd Jeremy Dussek, Vicar of St Mary and St Anne, Moseley (Birmingham), to be Residentiary Canon, Precentor and Sacrist of Chester Cathedral (Chester).

EDMONDS.  The Revd Sarah Edmonds, formerly Priest-in-Charge of Hampton Lucy with Charlecote and Loxley, to be house-for-duty Assistant Curate of Ilmington and Stretton-on-Fosse and Ditchford with Preston-on-Stour with Whitchurch and Atherstone-on-Stour and of Tredington and Darlingscott (Coventry).

ELVIDGE.  The Revd Joanna Elvidge, NSM in the Horsham Team Ministry (Chichester), to be Priest-in-Charge of Hythe (Winchester).

FIELDING.  The Revd Stephen Fielding, Team Vicar in the Albury, Braughing, Furneux Pelham, Little Hadham, Much Hadham and Stocking Pelham Team Ministry (St Albans), to be Canon Treasurer of Coventry Cathedral (Coventry).

GALE.  The Revd Charlotte Gale, Priest-in-Charge of Lilington and Old Milverton, now also Area Dean of Warwick and Leamington (Cov-entry).

GOFF.  The Revd Philip Goff, Priest-in-Charge of St Augustine's, Highgate (London), now Vicar.

GOUGH. The Revd Martyn Gough, Director of Ordinands of the Navy, now Deputy Chaplain of the Fleet (Royal Naval Chaplaincy Service).

GREEN.  The Revd Jonathon Green, NSM of Windermere, Applethwaite and Troutbeck, now Assistant Curate of Grasmere and of Rydal (Carlisle).

HALL.  The Revd John Hall, Rector of Irthlingborough, Great Addington, Little Addington and Woodford, and Hon. Canon of Peter-borough Cathedral, to be also Warden of Readers (Peterborough).

HEASLIP.  The Revd Eoghan Heaslip, Assistant Curate of Worcester City, now Assistant Curate of St Nicholas and All Saints with St Helen, Worcester (Worcester).

HEIGHTON.  The Revd George Heighton, NSM of Bilton, to be Assistant Curate of Willenhall and of Whitley (Coventry).

HICKS.  The Revd Dr Clive Hicks, Assistant Curate of Budbrooke (Coventry), to be Vicar of Ossett and Gawthorpe (West Yorkshire & the Dales).

HOGGER.  The Revd Clive Hogger, Team Vicar of St Anne and All Saints, in the Coventry East Team Ministry, now also Area Dean of Coventry East (Coventry).

HOWARTH.  The Revd Angela Howarth, NSM of Canley (Coventry), to be Associate Minister of Canley and of Westwood.

HOWARTH.  The Revd Christopher Howarth, NSM of Canley (Coventry), to be Associate Minister of Canley and of Westwood.

HUGHES.  The Revd Sheila Hughes, Priest-in-Charge of St John's, Barrow-in-Furness, Chaplain of BAe Barrow Shipyard, and Chaplain of Cumbria Police and Fire and Rescue Service, to be house-for-duty Priest-in-Charge of Lorton and Loweswater with Buttermere (Carlisle).

IRVINE-CAPEL.  The Revd Luke Irvine-Capel, Priest-in-Charge of Christ Church and St Mary Magdalen with St Peter and St Paul, St Leonards (Chichester), now Rector.

JESTY.  The Revd Helen Jesty, formerly Chaplain of Naomi House, Sutton Scotney, now Anna Chaplain for Older People with the Greater Alton Project (Winchester).

JEWELL.  The Revd Alan Jewell, Team Rector in the Halewood and Hunts Cross Team Ministry (Liverpool), to be Vicar of Stretton and Appleton Thorn (Chester).

JOHNSON.  The Revd Dr Richard Johnson, Assistant Curate of Worcester City, now Vicar of St Nicholas and All Saints with St Helen, Worcester (Worcester).

JOHNSON.  The Revd Stephen Johnson, Parish Community Chaplain of Louth, to be Priest-in-Charge of Market Rasen, of Linwood, of Lissington, and of Legsby (Lincoln)

JONES.  The Revd Denise Jones, Co-ordinating Chaplain of Birming-ham Women's NHS Foundation Trust, to be also NS Assistant Priest of Yardley Wood (Birmingham).

JONES.  The Revd Malcolm Jones, Rector of Holy Trinity, Winchester, to be also Hon. Canon of Win-chester Cathedral (Winchester).

JONES.  The Revd Sally Jones, Assistant Curate of Bro Ardudwy (Bangor), to be Minor Canon and Youth Chaplain of St Albans Cathedral (St Albans).

LAW.  The Revd David Law, NSM of Timperley, now NSM (Assistant Priest) of St George's, Altrincham (Chester).

LYON.  The Revd Jane Lyon, Assistant Chaplain of the Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, to be Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) of Marlpool, and of St John's, Aldercar, in Langley Mill and Aldercar (Derby).

MacKINNON.  The Revd Karen MacKinnon, Deputy Team Leader (Spiritual Care Manager) of Southampton University Hospitals Trust, to be also Hon. Canon of Winchester Cathedral (Winchester).

MELLUISH.  The Revd Mark Melluish, Vicar of St Paul's, Ealing, and Prebendary of St Paul's Cath-edral, now also Priest-in-Charge of St Mellitus with St Mark, Hanwell (London).

MILLAR.  The Revd Dr Sandra Millar, Head of Projects and Development for the Church of England, to be also Hon. Canon of Gloucester Cathedral (Gloucester).

MUSSON.  The Revd Joanne Musson, Assistant Curate of St George with St Mary Magdalene, Worcester City, now Priest-in-Charge, remaining Priest-in-Charge of Claines (Worcester).

OLLMAN.  The Revd Elaine Ollman, Priest-in-Charge of Delamere (Chester), to be Rector.

PAINTING.  The Revd Stephen Painting, Chaplain of Lee Abbey (Exeter), to be Team Vicar and Missioner in the Wellington and District Team Ministry (Bath & Wells).

REDGRAVE.  The Revd Christine Redgrave, Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) of the Yoxmere Benefice, to be Vicar, remaining Area Dean of Saxmundham (St Edmundsbury & Ipswich).

ROBERTS.  The Revd Jonathan Roberts, formerly Senior Lecture of Teesside University (York), to be part-time Woolwich Area Parish Development Adviser, and Interim Chaplain of all Saints' Ark Acad-emy, Camberwell (Southwark).

ROE.  The Revd Daniel Roe, Assistant Curate of Clifton (York), now Associate Minister.

ROSS-McNAIRN.  The Revd Jonathan Ross-McNairn, Assistant Curate of St George's, Gloucester, with Whaddon (Gloucester), to be Chaplain of Trinity School, Teign-mouth (Exeter).

SLEDGE.  The Revd Timothy Sledge, Vicar of Romsey, and Area Dean of Romsey, to be also Hon. Canon of Winchester Cathedral (Winchester).

SMITH.  The Revd David Smith, Vicar of St George's, Gloucester, with Whaddon, and Area Dean of Gloucester City, to be also Hon. Canon of Gloucester Cathedral (Gloucester).

SMITH.  The Revd Michael Smith, Chaplain of All Saints', Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (Europe), to be Priest-in-Charge of Nailsworth with Shortwood, Horsley and Newington Bagpath with Kingscote (Glou-cester).

STANTON.  The Revd Barbara Stanton, Rector of Bildeston with Wattisham and Lindsey, Whatfield with Semer, Nedging and Naughton (St Edmundsbury & Ipswich), to be half-time Priest-in-Charge of Chilton Cantelo with Ashington, Mudford, Rimpton and Marston Magna (Bath & Wells).

TRUNDLE.  The Revd Christopher Trundle, Priest-in-Charge of the Holy Redeemer and St Mark, Clerkenwell (London), now Vicar.

WATSON.  The Revd Adam Watson, Assistant Curate of Alton (Winchester), to be Vicar of Welton and Dunholme with Scothern (Lincoln).

WHITE.  Dr John White, Team Vicar in the Kings Norton Team Ministry, to be Priest-in-Charge of Kingsbury, and of Baxterley with Hurley and Wood End and Merevale with Bentley (Birmingham).

WHITING.  The Revd Graham Whiting, Vicar of Findon Valley (Chichester), to be Priest-in-Charge of Hamble le Rice (Winchester).

WILLIAMS.  The Revd Dr Janet Williams, Tutor of the West of England Ministerial Training Course, and Director of Reader Training, to be also Hon. Canon of Gloucester Cathedral (Gloucester).

WOODWARD.  The Revd Ian Woodward, Vicar of Bere Regis and Affpuddle with Turnerspuddle, to be Vicar of Salisbury Cathedral Close, remaining Hon. Canon of the Cathedral (Salisbury).

WRIGHT.  The Revd Dr Catherine Wright, Director of Vocations and Initial Ministerial Education 4-7, and Dean of Women Clergy, and Prebendary of Wells Cathedral (Bath & Wells), to be Tutor in Christian History and Spirituality, and Dean of Women, of Ridley Hall, Cambridge (Ely).

YATES.  The Revd Lindsay Yates, Chaplain of Westcott House, Cambridge (Ely), to be NS Assistant Curate of St Paul's, Winchmore Hill (London).


ROGERS.  The Revd Patricia Rogers, NS Assistant Curate of Llanrhian and Mathry with Grandstone with St Nicholas and Jordans-ton, to be NS Assistant Curate in charge of Letterston, in Letterston with Llanfair Nant-y-Gof and Puncheston with Little Newcastle (St Davids).


The Revd Robert Wainwright, Team Vicar in the Tenby Rectorial Benefice, now also Diocesan Lay Development Officer (St Davids).

WOOD.  The Revd Carolyn Wood, NS Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) of Cydweli deanery, now Priest-in-Charge of Carew (St Davids).


KNIGHT.  The Revd Dr Peter Knight, Rector of Thurton with Ashby St Mary, Bergh Apton with Yelverton and Framingham Pigot (Norwich), to be Assistant Curate (Associate Minister) of St George's, Tunis, Tunisia (Egypt).

McDERMOTT.  The Revd Fraser McDermott, Vicar of St Cuthbert's, North Wembley (London), to be Vicar of St Margaret's, Hillsborough (Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia).


CZAPIEWSKI.  Karen Czapiewski, Lay Chair of Cirencester Deanery, to be also Lay Canon of Gloucester Cathedral (Gloucester).

HOWELL-JONES.  Sian Howell-Jones to be Chaplain of Birkenhead School (Chester).

PREECE SMITH..  Benjamin Preece Smith, Diocesan Secretary, to be also Lay Canon of Gloucester Cathedral (Gloucester).



(admitted and licensed)

Diocese of Guildford

(by the Bishop of Dorking in St Saviour's, Guildford, on 21 June): Sue Browning, John Cooper, Paul Fenner, Kate Hillman, David Ingoldby, Deborah Lock.

Diocese of Swansea & Brecon

(by the Bishop in his Cathedral on 6 July): Melinda Gould, Bridget Wigley.

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