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Peace in the Balkans?

28 March 2013

ADRIANOPLE has at last fallen, and the victorious Bulgarians have made their triumphant entry into the city. Whether its fall will hasten or delay the negotiations for peace remains to be seen. That peace is within sight Sir Edward Grey assured the House of Commons on Tuesday, as also that the Powers are all agreed that there shall be no more fighting, and that the siege of Scutari must be raised. The Foreign Secretary also stated that the Powers had given warning to the Allies in the sense that, if they made further demands respecting Constantinople or Asia Minor, they would involve one or more of the Powers in the dispute as interested parties, with consequences that the Allies would find by no means to their liking. If, as Sir Edward Grey assures us, the Powers are absolutely united in their insistence on peace, it can scarcely be doubted that the Allies will, though not without reluctance, agree to the terms which they propose. Our own regret is that those terms leave Turkey with a foothold in Europe. True, she is left with a bare minimum of territory, just enough to give her the right to retain Constantinople. But we would hope that, in the not distant future, she will perceive that it is in her interest to be content with being merely an Asiatic Power.


Sat 02 Jul @ 20:42
Persecution of Christians has reached ‘genocidal’ proportions, conference concludes https://t.co/x735nn5tgF

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