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It sounds like Latin

15 November 2013


Your answers

I once heard a sham grace that sounded like Latin but was a list of household products, including Domestos, Omo, and Paxo. Can anyone recall the whole of it?

"Omo Lux, Domestos Brobat." I learned this from a clergyman (name forgotten) some 15 years ago.
Geoffrey Robinson
Clifton, Bristol 

Should former canons who have ceased to hold office on moving out of the diocese or retiring, and who are not "Emeritus", still be addressed as such? Crockford seems ambivalent about this. [Answers, 20 September]

It seems inappropriate after retirement to continue to use a title that ordinarily denotes an office carrying responsibilities unless it has been officially conferred. Our retired archbishops style themselves as bishops; this clerical example is more suitable and persuasive than the military parallel suggested by Canon Palmer.

Service officers while on a Reserve List legitimately retain their rank. Thereafter, salutations are sometimes courteously accorded in deference to the wishes, and modesty or otherwise, of their recipients. Crockford's Clerical Directory may adopt a similar practice in relation to the clergy.

Interestingly, the senior ranks of the judiciary and the police do not seek to retain distinctive professional appellations in retirement.
Anthony Hewins
London NW8 

Your questions

I remember with nostalgia the days when bishops, archdeacons, and deans wore gaiters - still to be seen on some very formal occasions, such as state banquets. Did the wearing of gaiters extend to any other ranks in the Church - cathedral residentiary canons, perhaps? R. H. 

Christ told us to live in the present moment. How can we forget the past and the future? G. C.

A Sunday-school teacher is to marry a server from the same church and have announced that their wedding will take place during a Sunday parish eucharist with everyone invited to the buffet reception that will follow in the hall. It sounds wonderful, but it is so unusual that I am wondering whether it is permitted. G. F. S. 

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