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Crossword No. 1098 by Paul Henderson

14 February 2011


 9 Pray recent working will be included in curtailed plan (9)

10 Queen having two kings accepting love? That’s sin (5)

11 They deaden part of 13 Down (7)

12 Information is about heart of best part of 13 Down (7)

13 Apostle spurning upper-class friend (3)

14 You mentored changes in part of 13 Down (11)

15 Just beginning Northern path up mountain? (7)

17 Quaker’s movement inculcating a bit of modesty in singer (7)

19 Running near wickets? Knocked for six! (3-8)

23 Negative article skewering US city (3)

24 The Spanish dramas with a missing couple trying to get married? (7)

25 Critical following development of fault around end of nave (7)

27 Leader of church to deteriorate, making minimal earnings? (5)

28 Part of 13 Down showing frivolity running short? I curse endlessly (9)


 1 New material for anointing rising hero (4)

 2 It’s lifted most of Scottish island, America providing a boost (8)

 3 Quaker, say, runs into devilish character (6)

 4 Dead, with vultures circling — not right as encouragement for Crusaders (4,4)

 5 French article’s unclear, but not against association (6)

 6 Thin person to live with a North European (8)

 7 Church painting, say, mostly original, presented to company (6)

 8 President, through endeavour, securing English church district (10)

13 Writer given that cue translated books (10)

16 Prayer leads to enemies nearing conclusion of hostilities? (8)

17 Get the components of 13 Down? Have a rest (4,4)

18 Criticism and frostiness about new church living (8)

20 Most of cattle turned up a lot of dirt in part of 13 Down (6)

21 Slight modification to sin, ultimately (6)

22 Add comments to message about closure of gallery? (6)

26 Sin lets us seem tremendous initially (4)


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