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General Synod election results

20 October 2010

THE FOLLOWING have been elec­ted to the ninth General Synod of the Church of England. They are elected for a term of five years. Those marked with an asterisk (*) sat in the last Synod.


PROVINCE OF CANTERBURY: the Bishop of Dorchester, the Rt Revd Colin Fletcher; the Bishop of Dudley, the Rt Revd David Walker*; the Bishop of Grimsby, the Rt Revd David Rossdale; the Bishop of Wil­les­den, the Rt Revd Peter Broadbent*

PROVINCE OF YORK: the Bishop of Beverley, the Rt Revd Martyn Jarrett*; the Bishop of Hull, the Rt Revd Richard Frith*; the Bishop of Knaresborough, the Rt Revd James Bell



CLERGY: the Revd James Dudley-Smith, Prebendary Stephen Lynas*, the Ven. Andrew Piggott* (Arch­deacon of Bath), the Revd Susan Rose

LAITY: Edward Armitstead*, Timothy Hind*, Jennifer Humphreys, Cherida Stobart, Felicity Wilson-Rudd*


CLERGY: the Revd Catherine Grylls, Canon Nigel Hand, the Ven. Hay­ward Osborne* (Archdeacon of Bir­mingham)

LAITY: Dr Paula Gooder*, Robert Holgate, Dr Rachel Jepson*


CLERGY: the Revd Paul Benfield*, Canon Simon Cox*, the Revd Peter Law-Jones, Canon Susan Penfold

LAITY: Gerald Burrows*, Vivienne Goddard*, Professor Helen Leathard*, Rosemary Lyon, Susan Witts, Alison Wynne*


CLERGY: the Revd Paul Ayers*, Canon Samuel Randall, the Revd Ruth Yeoman*

LAITY: Ian Fletcher, Malcolm Hal­liday, Zahida Mallard*


CLERGY: the Revd Christopher Dobson, the Revd Dr Emma Ineson, Canon Mark Pilgrim*

LAITY: David Froude, Professor Glynn Harrison*, Jacqueline Humph­reys*


CLERGY: the Ven. Philip Down* (Archdeacon of Maidstone), Canon Clare Edwards, Canon Mark Roberts*

LAITY: David Kemp, Sara Mug­geridge, Caroline Spencer*


CLERGY: the Revd Simon Austen, Canon Nigel Davies*, the Revd Ferial Etherington*, the Ven. George Howe* (Archdeacon of Westmor­land and Furness)

LAITY: Christopher Angus, Charles Hanson, Peter Hine, David Mills*


CLERGY: Canon David Banting, the Revd Dr Timothy Bull, the Ven. Annette Cooper* (Archdeacon of Colchester), the Revd John Dun­nett*, the Revd Jennifer Tomlinson*, Canon Martin Wood

LAITY: Isabel Adcock, Mary Dur­lacher, Robert Hammond*, David Morgan*, Kathleen Playle, Robin Stevens*, Ruth Whitworth


CLERGY: the Revd Ian Bishop, the Revd Alison Cox*, Canon David Felix*, the Revd Dr Jonathan Gibbs*, the Revd Robert Munro*, the Revd Charles Razzall

LAITY: Anthony Berry*, Dr Graham Campbell*, Jennifer Dunlop*, John Freeman*, Peter Hart, Lois Haslam*, John Mason, Elizabeth Renshaw


CLERGY: the Revd Alastair Cutting*, the Revd Jonathan Frais, the Revd Stephen France, the Revd Richard Jackson, the Ven. Douglas McKit­trick* (Archdeacon of Chic­hes­ter), the Revd Rebecca Swyer

LAITY: John Ashwin*, Lorna Ash­worth*, John Booth*, Justin Brett, Joy Gilliver, Mary Nagel*, Jacob Vince*, Andrea Williams


CLERGY: the Revd Mark Beach*, the Revd Martin Saxby, the Revd Ruth Walker

LAITY: Kay Dyer*, Samuel Mar­grave, Dr Yvonne Warren


CLERGY: the Revd Neil Barber, the Revd Jacqueline Searle, the Ven. Christine Wilson (Archdeacon of Chesterfield)

LAITY: Peter Collard, Madelaine Goddard*, Christine McMullen*


CLERGY: the Revd David Brooke, the Revd Graeme Buttery*, the

Revd Dr Margaret Gilley*, the Ven. Ian Jagger* (Archdeacon of Dur­ham)

LAITY: Dr Angus Goudie, Dr James Harrison*, Sister Anne Williams CA*, Frances Wood


CLERGY: the Revd Timothy Alban-Jones, the Revd Michael Booker, the Ven. Hugh McCurdy (Archdeacon of Huntingdon)

LAITY: Janet Perrett, Dr Elaine Storkey*, Stephen Tooke


CLERGY: Canon Deborah Flach*, Canon Ian Hutchinson Cervantes

LAITY: Madeleine Holmes, Ann Turner*


CLERGY: the Ven. Penelope Driver (Archdeacon of Exeter), Canon Andrew Godsall, Prebendary Samuel Philpott*, the Revd Roderick Thomas*

LAITY: Anneliese Barrell*, Antoin­ette Foreman, Emma Forward*, Charles Hodgson, Dr John Shelley*


CLERGY: the Revd Dr Sandra Millar, Canon Michael Parsons, Canon Celia Thomson*, Canon John Wit­combe

LAITY: William Belcher, Graham Smith*, Jenny Tann


CLERGY: Canon Robert Cotton*, the Ven. Julian Henderson* (Archdeacon of Dorking), Canon Barbara Messham, the Revd Dr Philip Ply­ming*, Canon Hazel Whitehead

LAITY: Peter Bruinvels*, Keith Mal­couronne*, Anne Martin*, Adrian Vincent


CLERGY: the Revd Simon Cawdell, Prebendary Brian Chave*, the Revd Clare Sykes

LAITY: Dr John Dinnen*, Dr Martin Elcock*, Rosemary Lording*


CLERGY: the Ven. Richard Atkin­son* (Archdeacon of Leicester), the Revd Amanda Ford, the Revd John McGinley

LAITY: Shayne Ardon, Stephen Barney*, Anne Bloor


CLERGY: the Revd Paul Farthing*, Prebendary Patricia Hawkins, the Revd Maureen Hobbs*, the Revd Mark Ireland*, the Revd Stephen Pratt, the Ven. Christopher Sims (Archdeacon of Walsall)

LAITY: Penelope Allen, David Bes­wick*, Christopher Corbet, Joanna Monckton*, John Shand, Dr Chik Tan*, John Wilson*


CLERGY: the Ven. Timothy Barker* (Archdeacon of Lincoln), Canon Gavin Kirk, Canon Chris Lilley*

LAITY: Rachel Beck*, Sylvia Pounds, Susan Slater*, Carol Ticehurst*


CLERGY: Canon Christopher Cook, Canon Roger Driver, Canon Peter Spiers*, the Revd Jacqueline Stober, the Revd Dr Timothy Stratford*

LAITY: Paul Hancock*, Chris Pye*, Mark Stafford, Margaret Swinson*, Debra Walker


CLERGY: Prebendary Philippa Board­man*, the Revd Stephen Coles*, the Revd Clare Herbert, the Revd Chris­topher Hobbs, Prebendary David Houlding*, Prebendary Charles Marn­ham*, the Revd Jane Morris, Prebendary Alan Moses*, the Revd Philip North, the Ven. Rachel Treweek (Archdeacon of Northolt)

LAITY: Susan Cooper*, Sarah Finch*, Aiden Hargreaves-Smith*, Mary Johnston*, Lindsay Newcombe, Phillip Rice, Anirban Roy, Alison Ruoff*, Clive Scowen*, John Ward*


CLERGY: the Ven. Dr John Apple­gate*, Canon Sarah Bullock, the Revd Sharon Jones, Canon Simon Kill­wick*, Canon Andrew Salmon, the Ven. Cherry Vann* (Archdeacon of Rochdale)

LAITY: John Barber, Dr Peter Capon*, Michael Heppleston, Christine Sandiford*, Geoffrey Tattersall*, James Townsend


CLERGY: the Revd Janet Appleby, Canon John Sinclair, the Revd Dr Dagmar Winter*

LAITY: John Bull*, Margaret White, Carol Wolstenholme*


CLERGY: Canon Steven Betts*, the Ven. Janet McFarlane* (Archdeacon of Norwich), the Revd Charles Read, the Revd Dr Patrick Richmond

LAITY: Robin Back*, Susan Johns*, Geoffrey Wortley


CLERGY: the Revd Moira Astin*, the Revd Jonathan Baker*, Canon Susan Booys*, the Revd Dr Mark Chapman, the Revd John Cook, Canon Timothy Dakin*, the Ven. Karen Gorham (Arch­­deacon of Bucking­ham), the Revd Rosemary Harper, the Revd Hugh Lee*

LAITY: Prudence Dailey*, Julie Dzeigiel, Dr Philip Giddings*, Robert Hurley, Brian Newey*, Gavin Oldham*, Victoria Russell, Dr Anna Thomas-Betts*


CLERGY: the Ven. Christine All­sopp* (Archdeacon of Northamp­ton), Canon William Croft, the Revd Stephen Trott*

LAITY: Dr Dennis Allsopp, Veronica Heald, Andrew Presland*


CLERGY: the Revd Philip Cochrane, the Revd Timothy Jessiman, Canon Robert White*

LAITY: Lucy Docherty*, Susan Rodgers*, Deborah Sutton*


CLERGY: the Ven. Peter Burrows* (Archdeacon of Leeds), the Revd Jon­athan Clark, Canon Kathryn Fitzsimons*

LAITY: John Beal, Nigel Green­wood*, Richard Mantle


CLERGY: the Revd Angus MacLeay*, the Ven. Clive Mansell* (Archdeacon of Tonbridge), Canon Gordon Oliver*, the Revd Dr John Perum­balath

LAITY: James Cheeseman*, Brigadier Ian Dobbie*, Philip French*, Gerald O’Brien*, Angela Scott


CLERGY: the Revd Richard Hib­bert*, Canon John Kiddle, Canon Stephen Lake*, the Ven. Jonathan Smith (Archdeacon of St Albans), the Revd Dr Joanna Spreadbury*

LAITY: Simon Baynes*, Samuel Follett, Philip McDonough*, Dr Edmund Marshall, Christina Rees*, William Seddon


CLERGY: Canon Jonathan Alderton-Ford*, the Revd Andrew Dotchin, the Revd Anthony Redman*

LAITY: Timothy Allen*, Margaret Condick*, Peter Smith*


CLERGY: Canon Jane Charman, Canon Richard Franklin*, the Ven. Alan Jeans (Archdeacon of Sarum), Canon Nigel LLoyd*, the Revd Christopher Strain*

LAITY: Paul Boyd-Lee*, Ian Brom­ilow, Christine Corteen, Christopher Field­en, Robert Key*, Debrah McIsaac


CLERGY: Canon Simon Bessant*, Canon Geoffrey Harbord*, the Revd Jeffrey Stokoe*

LAITY: Dr Jacqueline Butcher*, Jane Patterson, Elizabeth Paver*


CLERGY: the Ven. Brian Smith (Arch­deacon of Man)

LAITY: Laura Davenport


CLERGY: Canon Simon Butler*, Canon Giles Goddard*, the Ven. Christine Hardman*(Archdeacon of Lewisham and Greenwich), Canon Gary Jenkins, the Revd Dr Rosemarie Mallett, Canon Andrew Nunn*, the Revd Mark Steadman, Canon Anne Stevens*

LAITY: April Alexander*, Vasantha Gnanadoss*, Adrian Greenwood*, Peter Haddock*, Robin Hall, Tom Sutcliffe*, Brian Wilson


CLERGY: the Revd Sally Baylis, the Ven. Peter Hill (Archdeacon of Nottingham), Canon Anthony Walker*

LAITY: Pamela Bishop, Nicholas Harding*, Colin Slater*


CLERGY: the Revd Alan Bashforth*, the Ven. Roger Bush* (Archdeacon of Cornwall), Canon Perran Gay

LAITY: Susannah Leafe, Sheridan Sturgess, Group Captain Paul Ter­rett*


CLERGY: the Revd Paul Cartwright, the Ven. Robert Freeman* (Arch­deacon of Halifax), Canon Joyce Jones, the Revd Maggie McLean

LAITY: David Ashton*, Alison Fisher, Mary Judkins*, Paul Neville


CLERGY: the Ven. Michael Harley* (Archdeacon of Basingstoke), Canon Clive Hawkins*, the Revd Rosalind Rutherford, the Revd David Williams

Channel Islands: the Very Revd Robert Key, Dean of Jersey

LAITY: Dr Anthony Bennett, John Davies*, Christine Fry, Kenneth Shorey, Dr Brian Walker*

Channel Islands: Jane Bisson*, David Robilliard*


CLERGY: Canon Matthew Baynes, Canon Stuart Currie*, the Revd Eva McIntyre*

LAITY: Jennifer Barton, Professor Michael Clarke*, Robin Lunn*


CLERGY: the Ven. Paul Ferguson (Archdeacon of Cleveland), the Revd Jeremy Fletcher*, the Revd Andrew Howard*, the Revd Chris­tian Sel­varatnam, Canon Suzanne Sheriff*, Canon Glyn Webster*

LAITY: Linda Ali*, Rosalind Brewer, Richard Brown, Martin Dales*, Jennifer Reid*, Jon Steel


CANTERBURY: the Very Revd Vivienne Faull*, Dean of Leicester; the Very Revd Colin Slee*, Dean of Southwark; the Very Revd Robert Willis*, Dean of Canterbury

YORK: the Very Revd Mark Boyling, Dean of Carlisle; the Very Revd David Ison, Dean of Bradford


Canon Judith Maltby (Oxford), the Revd Duncan Dormor* (Cam­bridge), the Revd Professor Richard Burridge* (London), the Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes* (Dur­ham and Newcastle). Seats for other uni­versities remain vacant.


The Revd Sister Rosemary CHN*, Father Thomas Seville CR*


Sister Anita Smith OHP*, Brother Thomas Quin OSB

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